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    Wanted to mention something i noticed here relating to the technical side of the forums.

    The box of text with something like ‘reason for joining’ you have you fill in to register here.(to prove you are human?). Well it is very small for starters but,
    This text is excactly what was placed under my profile.(i deleted it)
    However when i replied to the registration e-mail :

    The text i replied with was the text that is now in my intro topic.

    Not sure if this is some glitch or deliberate on your side because i had a different register text than ‘reply e-mail intro text’.

    Just something i noticed.

    Also, is it possible to edit posts after 15 minutes?
    Or only if you are the maker of a topic?

    Oh i so love the edit function.
    I also nocticed that a post i made under the topics on the main page, are those even editable or findable via the forums?
    Also my name links to
    but that goes nowhere…(when clicked on via the replies accessable via the main page)
    Thats enough for today, don’t expect me to reply until later tomorrow.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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