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    This was another which passed me by in my previous dreamworld when everything the MSM brought me actually happened, the complete inverse of what actually obtains.
    This one was flagged up to me by a throw-away item in a radio programme about trauma medicine, a branch of the health service which has a signficant budget to spend on crisis actors so it seems.
    The media savvy doctor – an anaesthetist who is also

    an expert in … medicine in the UK and is the co-director of the Centre for Aviation Space and Extreme Environment Medicine (CASE Medicine), University College London (UCL)….at University College Hospital London was talking about the Boston Marathon like there was really a bomb there. Big give-away.

    Trained and worked with NASA at Johnson Space Center, Houston and Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral
    Advisor to the British National Space Centre


    He said his first big trauma job was at the 1999 Admiral Duncan nail bomb attack. which allegedly left three dead.


    There is some absolutely stunning work by Euphoria at Cluesforum which proved that the perp existed and received warm praise from Simon Shack
    I won’t reproduce the imagery from CF, but will nerely add that the injuries of John Tyndall there scream out fake moulage.

    The radio broadcast is available here for a limited period

    The father of trauma medicine is James K Styner who was interviewed for the broadcast. His story about losing his wife in a plane crash in 1976 is here
    Have a read. Sound familiar?
    So good to have trained trauma medics around when your plane dives into a forest as in this 2013 California “crash”

    The pilot leaves behind his wife, Karen, who was also onboard the plane at the time of the crash. However, she was able to escape the wreckage after an off duty nurse, who was passing near the crash site, came to her aid and offered her medical attention.

    Beth Frisby, who is an off-duty California Shock Trauma Air Rescue flight nurse, has reported that she saw the crash and rushed to the woman’s aid. She explained that once she reached Karen she provided her with medical attention and remained with her until the Lake Valley Fire Department arrived and was able to get her out from the plane wreckage.

    amazing luck


    Forgive me for digressing briefly – but these trauma specalists are key personnel at any fake terror event. Head trauma surgeon at Boston Medical Center Peter Burke and the centre’s trauma program manager US Army Reserve Colonel [!] Joseph Blansfield “tourniquets saved lives” were both interviewed by space doctor Kevin Fong for BBC London.


    Straight afterwards Boston University showcased Burke’s brilliant team in a six part series. Here’s a sample

    some more videos of Blansfield
    here and here


    Another of Fong’s Boston interviewees Andrew S [Andy] Ulrich the vice-chair of the BMC emergency department was recently awarded the AMA Medal of Valor for his life saving work after the “bomb”….[Nov 14 2014]

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