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    Another excellent video showing the absolute nonsense of V1/V2 rockets

    Wicked History part 7 : German v1 & v2 Fictional City Bombs
    •Premiered Nov 28, 2019


    in parallel with

    The V2 Make Believe Rocket – 100% Fear!!
    •Nov 25, 2019
    Matrix Breakout 8

    Mega hoax indeed..


    ething I had missed until now. What better way to make people believe that rockets were landing on London and the surrounding area yet had been leaving next to no discernable residue [apart from the odd scattered motor and the massive devastation]

    In 1945, a V2 rocket allegedly captured whole in Northern France was brought back to London and mounted in Trafalgar Square. An ideal media stunt.

    It was discussed in a couple of Reddit threads [surprised JLB hadn’t jumped on them]

    V2 rocket on Trafalgar square in 1946
    byu/vitoskito inDamnthatsinteresting

    V2 rocket on display in Trafalgar Square, London, showing what was hitting them, ca. 1945 [969×759] (colorized)
    by inHistoryPorn

    As discussed also in the Mail, on the 70th anniversary of the start of the hoax, October 1942

    The first V-2 to be fired at Britain landed at Chiswick, west London, killing a 63-year-old woman, a three-year-old girl and a member of the Royal Engineers on leave

    Be very scared.

    For reference there’s a whole tranche of V2 attack data here

    Place Names for where the V2’s Exploded

    From the website

    In his book “Bolts from the Blue” subtitled “S.E. London and Kent under V2 Rocket Attack”, published in 1990, Lewis Blake writes about a deliberate government policy to deny the enemy any news of the V2 campaign especially in the first couple of months including any admission that there was such a campaign. This has led ultimately to a distinct lack of newspaper reports even after the campaign had finished, local newspapers never reported anything more than a selection of the worst incidents. With regard to this attack Lewis Blake states:

    With the exception of a V2 in fields at Tatsfield on 12 January an incident-free period of five days followed Adolphus Street. It was broken at 4.13pm, 14 January, at Panmure Road, Sydenham. Once again burning coals set fire to the debris of fallen houses. *** Rescuers tried to cut through a party wall to reach a trapped child endangered by the flames, but tragically the flames were fanned by a sudden gust of wind and the child was burned to death. 14 people died altogether, mostly at No’s. 4a, 9 and 6-14, and there were 80 injuries. Admiral Evans visited the site later and saw for himself how a row of houses had simply caved in from the rear where the rocket had fallen in the gardens.
    i.e the usual big hole.

    *** suuuure

    From a comment at Reddit…

    It surprises me that the Germans diverted potential resources away from proven technologies like warplanes and tanks to pursue the uncertain development of these massive rockets. Each one of these single use weapons needed a jet engine, fuel and a payload. That is a lot of resources going into a shot-it-the-dark styled attack. Not to mention all of the rockets that failed on the launch pad.

    and another

    As a weapon it was utterly hopeless. Cost the Germans more than the Manhatten Project cost the US, and what they got for their money was a single use weapon that was incredibly delicate, cost as much as a medium bomber, and could deliver a single one ton warhead to within a few miles of a given target (maybe). The fact that it ran on liquid oxygen (which the Germans could only make in very small quantities) meant that even if they solved all the problems associated with its development it could never have amounted to more than a tiny fraction of the hellfire that was raining down on Germany on a regular basis.

    The whole thing was so obviously stupid that British intelligence largely ignored early reports of a large range German rocket program.

    Yes, it makes no military sense. A very clever hoax.

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