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    When I read these words

    ” In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, there was intense media focus on the events of that day for many, many weeks, but never any mention of those who survived with life-altering injuries. There had to be a number of people who lost limbs that day, or lost their sight or hearing, but we never heard a word about any of them.”

    I had forgotten that a few “survivors” with “injuries” were paraded before the media. But very few.

    From the book Compensation for Losses from the 9/11 Attacks By Lloyd S. Dixon, Rachel Kaganoff Stern
    we read on p. 30 that 215 civilians were “seriously injured” in the attacks.
    And on p.134 that 14 per cent of the “dead and seriously injured” were emergency workers. Almost universally, the dead and “seriously injured” are never separated.
    The quoted 250 injured on p. 25 may include alleged emergency services “injuries”.

    And the injured total continues to rise
    September 9 2015
    Once again, deaths and injuries are lumped together
    First responders at the site of the decimated World Trade Center towers in New York City — more than 5,300 in all — represent the bulk of the approved claims and payments to date.
    The total dollar value of the claims now tops $1.44 billion, an increase from $493.8 million in September 2014, the data show.
    So, in one year, the claim has jumped from 0.5 billion USD to 1.5 USD!

    So who was injured? Well, 7 years later, this article was published

    Lauren Manning, 47; Elaine Duch, 56; Harry Waiser, 57

    Lauren and Greg Manning in 2002.

    Video [January 2014] – http://insider.foxnews.com/2014/01/15/911-survivor-calls-military-court-not-release-rest-ksm-manifesto
    Lauren on “The mastermind of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed”.

    Who else? Manu Dhingra

    A good laugh all round by the look of things.
    roker Manu Dhingra is visited in the burn unit of New York Weill Cornell Medical Center by his coworkers who escaped from their 83rd floor office at 1 World Trade Center when a hijacked terrorist plane hit the building. Dhingra’s face, both arms, his stomach and back are so badly burned that doctors must excise his dead, charred skin in painful operations to keep him alive.

    Any other named “injured”? Not many. There’s a small UK interest story here
    Water gushed down the stairs where they walked, the eerie silence broken only by the sounds of coughing and sobbing. The woman in front was bleeding heavily from her arm and Janice [Brooks] realised blood was seeping in between her toes as she trod in her footsteps.

    She was finding it difficult not to panic but a colleague of hers – Bob Mahon – calmed her down. He eventually carried the injured woman on his back from the 12th floor to the ground floor plaza.

    ‘It’s terrorism, Janice,’ Bob replied. It was 9.39am.

    But not as we know it, Jim….and who was the “injured woman”? No reunion for Bob?

    9/11 Remembrance
    18 April 2015 ·
    I recently received a request to share a daughters story of her Father… His Name is Lieutenant Robert Mahon of Engine Company 225 of the FDNY..He is suffering from Stage 4 Renal Cancer and also had to have a kidney removed all due to 9/11 …..This AMERICAN HERO sacrificed himself and rushed towards OUR, ( YOUR), Twin Towers without regard for himself…He did Rescue and Recovery on the pile and the surrounding areas.. He is still with us , but if you can take a moment to realize this, as only one persons dedication to his call of duty, I believe it puts a little more perspective as to the Greatness of all OUR 9/11 HEROES…God Bless Lt.Robert Mahon off Engine 225 FDNY, And also his family..Prayers and thoughts help a bit but remembering sacrifices help UNITE us.. NYPD/FDNY NEVER FORGETS OUR SICK OR FALLEN….
    Sincerely Bobby Bell NYPD Detective (Ret) and fellow 1st Responder..

    Still no mention of the woman’s name.

    PS the subject was broached in October 2002 on this forum
    A now dead FEMA link quoted there listed 5124 “injured” on 9/11.

    A recent photo article on injured

    Sarah Rudder
    May 10, 2016,

    Rudder wears a prosthetic on her left leg, which was amputated below the knee after a cement block fell on her during the September 11, 2001 attacks. Rudder was being promoted to Lance Corporal in front of the Pentagon when American Airline Flight 77 crashed into the building. She was part of the rescue operation immediately pulling survivors and non-survivors from the building.

    Finally, another military story
    [Jeennifer] Raineri, a nurse at Parkland Medical Center in Derry, called a fellow nurse, Lori Silva, 49, of Londonderry, and the two started planning a trip to New York to help out.
    The women focused on treating rescue personnel for injuries such as eye abrasions and lacerations, but they had some trouble along the way.

    No mention of any civilian wounded.

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