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    BBC reports today:

    Adrian Lamo, a computer hacker best known for passing on information that led to the arrest of Chelsea Manning, has died aged 37.

    In online messaging conversations, Manning confided in him, describing confidential military material Manning had sent to Wikileaks.

    Wikileaks published the video of a US helicopter strike that killed seven people, including a journalist working for the Reuters news agency.

    The cause of Lamo’s death, confirmed to the BBC by the Sedgwick County coroner in Kansas, has not yet been made public.

    On Facebook, his father Mario wrote: “With great sadness and a broken heart I have to let know all of Adrian’s friends and acquittances [sic] that he is dead. A bright mind and compassionate soul is gone, he was my beloved son.”

    Lamo’s own record as a hacker included some high-profile targets, such as Microsoft and the New York Times.

    BBC News Technology

    Ars Technica reminds on Lamo’s part in the Wikileaks play:

    When Manning told Lamo that he leaked a quarter-million classified embassy cables, Lamo contacted the Army, and then met with Army CID investigators and the FBI at a Starbucks near his house in Carmichael, California, where he passed the agents a copy of the chat logs. At their second meeting with Lamo on May 27, FBI agents from the Oakland Field Office told the hacker that Manning had been arrested the day before in Iraq by Army CID investigators.

    Ars Technica: Adrian Lamo, former hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning, dead at 37

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