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    Black Dog

    Women have been conditioned to work against men … Thoughts programmed into us over the past few decades. We have been manipulated to endure our differences more than we ever had in the history of our existence. All and any tactic has been devised to keep us all biting at each others backs. Women competing with men at every turn. Our culture, the European, is the biggest threat to the hidden rulers. European, or white men are being duped from all sides. There is no unity, all races are allowed unity except European, we are being flooded with foreign cultures that want what we had. That want what doesn’t even exist anymore and at the same time we have lost our gender roles, a man means nothing to a woman anymore, her man is the state.

    Women now too easily rely on their sex to get what they want, or what their materialistic conditioning has made them think they want … or what the corporate state hasn’t provided for them.

    Men, up until very recently, when having any kind of serious discussion, did not include women. Not because they were ‘sexist’ but because women were a distraction, simply by their presence. Women are different than men and even more different now in our current corporate culture. If men lose a battle to an enemy, which we have already, wake up. Women will need to adapt to be the women of that enemy. Men will fight to the death but women will seek compromise.

    * The term “sexist” is elitists propaganda. A word to further divide and disempower us. A woman knows she is different than a man but instead of realizing this, and her true enemy, she is directed to view the man as her oppressor.

    In exclusion of the exceptions that may exist now as well as then, women today are even more of a distraction in such settings than the more modest women of the past. Women today are less hesitant to exploit a man’s weakness, and have little hesitation to use their femininity, real or pseudo, to their own advantage. Or in the other extreme, many woman today lack femininity and are often envious of a man’s masculinity or dominance, as well, the modern feminine woman also has this underlying envy or disdain indoctrinated in her. In the past women were not thrust into such affairs and I do not believe they have had time to adapt, if they even should or could.

    Not to mention the multi-faceted even abstract dimensions of the challenges we are facing today. So daunting that men have yet to even form a consensus that I’m aware of. All the while this being simultaneously complicated by the woman … seeing the whole thing as little more than a form of entertainment or clique.

    It has just been another divisive measure the elites have altered our society with. Furthermore, this is not about survival of a tribe member’s ability to pass on their genes, this is about the survival of the tribe! Or the mass awakening to the bigger picture at hand.

    Some women proving the exception for me:

    ABOUT THE SKY (Sofia Smallstorm)




    Anita Whitney, AntiCorruptionSociety.com

    Dr. Suzanne Humphries, vaccines, drsuzanne.net, disolvingillusions.com

    Nancy Deville, death by supermarket


    Kim Dortch, David and Kim Dortch, Riverside, California incident

    Tami Pepperman

    JANICE VERCELLO, birthofanewearth.com, modern medicine, vaccines

    Rebeka Roth, Methodical Illusion


    Please forgive me if I am somewhat off track here. I know I have something important to relate here but putting it in the right words is not easy. And, as is often the case now, even mentioning some of these topics is taboo, or so politically incorrect we have to keep them to ourselves, or insanely–illegal! Or on the verge of being illegal! But many of us are thinking a lot of these thoughts, as we are systematically being programmed not to! Not to bash women, I love women and need to see them by our side disclosing these revelations, focusing on the matters at hand; and if not, then wisely by our side just the same.

    Black Dog, October 6, 2015.

    Black Dog soundcloud.com/blackdogsongs

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