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    There’s no mention of this photographer David Monderer anywhere I can see in the usual places
    who on that “particular morning” just happened to be about nice and early with a brand new medium format camera taking pictures…
    then, job done, he hears a loud crash at 8.46 am… “flight 11” naturally. Strangely he doesn’t hear “flight 175” hitting the South Tower at 9.03 although one photo is allegedly taken at 9.20 with the smoking towers. Just one, as opposed to the long sequence of the rather more boring “before” photos. And then just one more at 10.20 after the second tower was demolished. Hmmmmm

    Here he is speaking in 2012

    These photos were recently mentioned at Skyscraper City, a source of many photos,but a key playground for agents and useful idiots pushing the idea that planes were involved.
    The following Ground Zero video was also mentioned some time ago and which has been around since 2011, a classic piece of “officially sanctioned” footage.

    It doesn’t get anywhere near ground zero of WTC1/2, which is hidden behind WTC 5, we are treated to the money shot of a small piece of 1/2 wreckage which has toppled into Church Street behind the demolished WTC3. The whole area looks like it was due for clearance, which did happen. We would expect the invited photographer to be kept away from the site of WTC1/2 with all those hundreds and hundreds of “bodies” poking through the wreckage amid all the office furniture and equipment…. [not]
    The surprisingly collapsed [i.e.demolished] WTC 7 can be seen between the Old Post Office building and the Verizon Building as the camera scans down Vesey St. e.g. at 3:17, with the abandoned truck in front of the wreckage of WTC7, with the same absence of office equipment.

    As a side issue, a “learned” paper was published about the alleged “internal collapse” of WTC5 after it was burnt out, which, according to the modellers, resulted from the fire. Suuuure. It was conveniently demolished in December 2001, no doubt time expired after 30 years.

    Click to access JFPE_2009_4_1.pdf

    Failure Analysis of the World Trade Center 5 Building by Kevin LaMalva et al of ?Simpson Gumpertz & Heger [a national engineering firm that designs, investigates, and rehabilitates structures and building enclosures…]
    Fire protection and civil engineer.

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