God, how I hate Germans


Here’s a story of hate that I never learned about. This is what probably inspired Eric Blair’s 1984.

As usual, inversion in what we are told happened in WW1-2. Will revealing anti German hate speech be hate speech in 2024?

It was in this context that Eisenhower so famously said, “God, how I hate Germans”, and it was in this context that 1.5 to 2.0 million Germans died in American concentration camps in Germany AFTER the war, as James Bacque discovered. Many were executed outright, and the rest died by starvation, it being a capital offense to even attempt to bring food to the prisoners.[4]


It was also in this overall context that between 10 million and 12 million Germans, mostly civilians, died in many other circumstances after the war, including the result of forced migration.

H/t DD

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22 days ago

Don’t let him get you down Adolf….err Tim….. Sieg heil! Go burn some biscuits in the oven that’ll teach him…..

Your glorious fourth Reich is just over the rainbow son you keep on dreaming of the dream…….

By the way war is a hoax it is controlled demolition and strategic relocation anytime someone uses staggering numbers of so-called death to make a so-called point it’s best if you can possibly manage to do it to go the other way and pay it no mind.

21 days ago
Reply to  Davej

Glorious Jesus.

Fkn halfwit