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ipr9723 ?? 2023-09-07 • ? 01:22:58 • ? 221 MB Podcast: INFINITE PLANE RADIO on Odysee Author: INFINITE PLANE RADIO Web player: https://podcastaddict.com/infinite-plane-radio-on-odysee/episode/163364127 Episode: https://player.odycdn.com/api/v3/streams/free/ipr9723/6f390ceb22ea6fc5a5d723977e4a47dda79bf3e5/e9f845.mp4 “Wooz News on Infinite Plane Radio” 9/7/23 Today the IPS Think Tank was joined by Rafa of Wooz News to discuss ACT 2 of his “EVERYTHING WRONG WITH THE CAPITOL RIOT”. We discuss the J6 simulated riot, fake martyrs, squibs, agent povacatuers, the enourmity of the psyop and why truth matters. They, like the IPS, are facing the same egregious, Kafkaesque censorship machine, and just recently had a channel with 15,000 subscribers WTC7’d. Additionally, we take a few comments and questions from the chat and Rafa discusses his deeper investigation into the tragic circumstances surrounding David Crowley, why reality is more important than our media-feeds, and the future of Wooz News. Thank you for supporting Infinite Plane Radio. Tim Ozman, IPR HostMore info about Wooz News: EVERYTHING WRONG WITH THE CAPITOL RIOTS IN 889 ANGLES | ACT 2 https://www.bitchute.com/video/TCI1C9xxfDrA/ *IF you found this video beneficial, please consider supporting our channel: Cash App: $wooznews Venmo: @wooznews PayPal & Zelle: wooznews@protonmail.com (For friends & family) GiveSendGo Donation Page: https://www.givesendgo.com/wooznews The simulated riots in DC was a powder-keg long in the making. The evidence for preplanning and setting up a situation for disaster is overwhelming. In Act 1 we applied the Homeland Security and Evaluation Program and how a little stage direction and fake blood were instrumental in the Capitol shooting. Here in Act 2, our two and a half year investigation starts at the beginning of the Jan. 6 event; in chronological order, and through the lens of 889 angles. Strap yourselves in- it’s going to be a bumpy ride… down the Babbitt hole. ACT ONE: Everything Wrong With The Capitol Shooting In 21 Minutes Or Less https://www.bitchute.com/video/DYlb92zMkj41/


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9 months ago

Shill v Shill v Shill

NWs friends indeed

dave j
dave j
9 months ago

Shill v Shill

9 months ago
Reply to  dave j

Put down the bong DaveJ.

dave j
dave j
9 months ago
Reply to  timozman007

For your news Tim I did not have one today however being you are such a good sport I’m going to load one up cheers.