It’s door #3 in the hostage story

Miles Mathis reiterates that the whole hostage story is a hoax (on top of a hoax).

File this one under “they aren’t even trying”. I have been telling you this whole war in Israel is staged, with no one killed and no one kidnapped by Hamas. I know because I know Hamas doesn’t exist. It is a fictional group manufactured by Israeli intelligence and CIA just for times like this, when they need eyes off other things. Same as the old PLO, same as Hezbollah, same as Isis, same as Al Qaeda. More war theater.

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6 months ago

Always remember you are treated like dorothy in oz ,jfk ozwald and ruby on two 7’s psi symbol dealey plaza which means oz proves that ,as does 911 and the millenium fall-con ,and covaids or spacebats ,i show their religion is reenacting yours you gullible apes “a woman sitting on a scarlet beast is a (magentatainment lie ,a thrice great lie as was 911 three stories oz ,osama,and jupiter giving a hiding to castor and pollux a story encapsulated in star wars all the characters and architecture and sequence ) ,and who has business in all three worlds ? that’s… Read more »

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Dave j
Dave j
6 months ago

War is a hoax war is controlled demolition and strategic relocation. If you stop forgetting this every time you wake up in the morning you will never fall for these related hoaxes. Learn your lesson today Beaver so that you do not relive tomorrow in the ignorance relieved today Show that you are able to put a precept upon A precept and stand upon your own to feet what do you see why is it that you are in continual confusion. Anytime you see a war related story even if it is coming from some old gray hair in the… Read more »

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