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1 year ago

She’s correct In the pitchforks and torches idea. This is to encourage harsher and harsher policing, laws, surveillance, and censorship. It dovetails nicely with mainstream whites as they have essentially asked for similar things after annual summer urban peaceful protests complete with bricks. Libs want all this too, just directed at MAGA White Nationalists. One thing also worth considering is the idea of this current hysteria scaring away investment in the USA. If a certain ethnic group sees the US as unstable and liable to explode, that ethnic group will stop pouring money in. Perhaps move to riskier junk like… Read more »

dave j
dave j
1 year ago

A Polly gets into being a “spiritual murderer” (she says if one “hear’s about…) in the video as well.

Glad this IDEA is getting out more

dave j
dave j
1 year ago

3 levels of JEW”ish law (G)ewish Law…

moral, ceremonial and civil (or judicial)
3 levels of the False “(G)overnment Structure
3 card monty
SHELL (G)ame
LAW of the (C)