Nuclear Not Now 

Every myth in the book recounted and recalled by major propagandist Olly Stone.

I watched (and dozed) through this puff piece on the phony nuclear power myth.

Once more I ask: if nuclear power was so magical the solution to all our problems, why wouldn’t it be ubiquitous? The excuse of “nuclear waste” is so weak they never dive into it, happy to leave that part of the lie unexplained.

Olly brings in myths like JFK, Stephen Hawking, Einstein, e=mc2, Mme Curie, fusion, fission, small miniature reactors for the home to help sell the lie that if we don’t use this magical power than we’ll all die from climate change. How many hoaxes can only movie hold?

Olly insists on inserting his rumpled old man persona in all the scenes he’s not droning on narrating.

I really don’t know what audience he’s trying to reach, other than filling the 2023 news cycle up with nuclear lies to pile onto the summer super propaganda film Oppenheimer due out this summer.


Director Oliver Stone passionately presents the possibility of meeting the challenge through the power of nuclear energy.

Source: Nuclear Now Film | Official Website


New olly stone movie…. 106 mins

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11 months ago

you should have been looking at nolans films since i said in march 2020 earlier really ,then the script might have been more apparent
cos a bunch of houseclowns ignore the blog you think that will work !!foolishness

never piss on a gremlin

truthers ha

Last edited 11 months ago by napoleon wilson