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1 year ago

Great interviewer and sounds very much like Barbie Chop Shop lol. I loved this Jim West guy. I like how he lays out the possibility viruses aren’t what we are told. He ties a lot of old viral diseases to different pollutants and this totally makes sense. I got from this that he doesn’t just say outright viruses do not exist but dismantles individual viral diseases. The only thing is most past viral problems were from physical poisons or pollutants. Tying disease to EMF and AC power is a different hustle though and people can’t seem to tell whether they… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  fakeologist

Sam laughs a bit too much for me, but she doesn’t interrupt. I prefer Mark’d stone-faced delivery, but they’re both sincere and go back to primary sources [or discover that the whole of virology is built on nothing] Virusus are merely postulates on top of which a whole shaky system of disease has been built. Rather like ‘atoms’.

1 year ago
Reply to  xileffilex

yes her laughing through questions was annoying because I couldn’t really understand what she was saying. I admire Jim and wish Sam would stop being so cutsie. however, I’m trying to gain as much knowledge as I can and will take what I can get piece by piece