SV40 red herring

Katherine Watt calls out Kirsch and Malone as DoD agents of deception.

Best use of red herring, in my view, is to use it to point back to kill box laws, Congress, Department of Defense, and World Health Organization.

That’s what Malone and his colleagues are tasked with hiding…

SV-40 promoter inserts are real.

What Malone, Steve Kirsch and other DoD spokesmen are doing is a distraction maneuver to keep attention away from the intentional toxicity of the biochemical weapons, the DoD/WHO control of the programs, and the fact that “biodefense” is camouflage for straight-up State-sponsored biowarfare, conducted by bringing pharmaceutical companies into the military-industrial-Congressional complex, calling bioweapons “vaccines,” and terrifying people into taking them under “public health emergency” and “pandemic” narratives.

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7 months ago

thank you. not the first pfizer red herring i have seen. this is important mainly because it is so subtle. and i just want to add that malone is an effing bottom feeder.