The Musk construct with Alan sparring with Chat GPT

Great post with even better comments.

The title of Allan’s epistle is, “Who or what is Elon Musk?” It’s an excellent question.

Let’s start with the “who” part of the question. IMO, Elon Musk is almost certainly a construct of the U.S. national security state. By construct I mean that his proffered professional identity, e.g. brilliant, science savvy, captain of industry, entrepreneurial titan, and, richest man in the world, is utter hokum. Musk is, in effect, an actor who’s been cast to portray this very grand and extraordinary character. What are his qualifications to play this part? What are any of these very public fakes’ qualifications? Start with a willingness to do play the role for life. That’s at least half the battle. Are you willing to live the part, because that’s what’s required. It’s not the role of a lifetime, it’s a lifetime role. It strikes me that it’s permanent undercover work, except it’s all, or mostly all, taking place in the public purview.

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