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6 months ago

It’s amazing how massive this Psyop was. OJ Simpson totally played everyone. Also all these players/actors whether Marcia Clark, Judge Ito or Ron Goldman’s father. What a cast of characters acting out this show. Has any other Psyop Show Trial ever had a better cast?

The OJ Simpson Trial Psyop Hoax made all the participants better. Everyone went on to benefit from that deal.

Was this a Freemason Ritual too?

Last edited 6 months ago by Grand Illusion
Dave j
Dave j
6 months ago
Reply to  grandillusion

Take a look at this video I did in 2014 at around the 4 minute and 30 second mark it is called space hoax Coast to Coast just wait until you see who’s out in the audience


Dave j
Dave j
6 months ago
Reply to  fakeologist

Almost “anybody” butt/\face it, not all “nobodies”….and thus hear/\here we are