Tribute to Miles Mathis

Having just finished binge-reading my way through some fifty articles by researcher Miles Mathis, I go into 2017 with zero confidence that any news from the corporate media is real. The timing is ironic, given the hissy fit that the same mainstream media, led by the New York Times, has indulged in, over so-called “fake news.”

Source: The Last Curtain: How Miles Mathis Destroyed (and Gave Me Back) My Life

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1 year ago

mathis sets off my bullshit meter

1 year ago
Reply to  arcadia11

and im not having a dig ,but even the architects and engineers fail and they are apparently men of science ,look no one is get together in a group of other “concerned men citizens patriots whoever the official investigation is now ,and condemn all the live coverage as controlled ,because you need to show september clues ,or show the media’s collusion and stupid witnesses ,and all the anomalies frrom the media but mathis is not tied to saving his career and keeping a pension is he? ,he can do what we do and figure out whats what,and which truthers are… Read more »

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1 year ago
Reply to  napoleon

and lets put this into perspective ,heres some easily available 911 choices thermite as threatened by liea in return of the jedi thermal detonator ,spacebeams from dr judy wood she’s a character complex enough for me to understand psiriously ,with my orion is oziris spacebeam jovian interloper opera, or behind door number two ,we have the persian abridged version of star wars ,which is the official story by the way ,and our ozma has a handful of his helpers and some went special egyptain schools ,like them apes at the start of 2001a space odyssey . monolith paid them a… Read more »

1 year ago

miles solves everything and fails on 911,like all the others

all the brightest and the best fall short on solving 911

i don’t buy that ,and it’s no different than accepting judy wood or not ,accepting the official story or not .

911 was the great reset ,you think some redneck masons are upset your pointing out anderson cooper is a vander bilt ,seriously

no wonder they wanna talk jet fuel,get dorothy in to talk about jet fuel,odd might make an appearance ,poor show to say the least

liber oz

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