Vaccines are poison summary

Fake medicine.

The moment you figure out that vaccines have never been about health but rather a highly sophisticated operation designed to poison humanity, EVERYTHING begins to make sense:

Why there’s the coverup that vaccines cause autism, seizures, neurological disorders, ear infections, asthma, death and hundreds of other chronic ailments.

Why vaccines don’t confer immunity.

Why vaccines fail (and then blamed on antivaxxers).

Why unvaccinated children are healthier.

Why the CDC will never fund a study comparing health outcomes of the vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

Why there are vaccine mandates.

Why mainstream media attacks parents, medical professionals and others who challenge vaccines and vaccine mandates.

Why the vaccine industry has no financial liability for injury or death.

Why pediatricians lie to parents about vaccine efficacy and safety.

Why pediatricians are paid bonuses to vaccinate kids.

Why pediatricians ignore parents who have vaccine injured or killed children.

Why medical examiners refuse to look at vaccines as a potential cause of death.

Why Democrat legislators ignore parents who have vaccine injured and killed children.

Why “SIDS” is used as the coverup when vaccines kill infants.

Why I and others like me were booted off of all major social media platforms.

Why real doctors are discouraged from properly treating vaccine injured children.

Why infants get so many shots in the first year (so parents won’t notice the changes /poisoning).

Why the vitamin K shot for newborns has a massive amount of highly toxic aluminum in it.

Why CPS is called if parents don’t vaccinate at the hospital.

Why hospitals require vaccination for every conceivable procedure.

Why the highly toxic and unnecessary HepB shot is given at birth (destroys motor function / ability to latch / nurse).

Why Dr. Andy Wakefield was demonized.

Why The Daily Beast ran a hit piece on me today.

This list goes on and on and on and on.

Vaccines do not confer immunity. Which means they don’t work. They never worked. It’s a LIE. A really well told lie.

Vaccines never saved us. Better nutrition, sanitation and other factors dramatically reduced death from infections, not vaccines.

Vaccines overstimulate the immune system to create antibodies to injected antigens – that’s not immunity. What that is is an ONGOING overstimulated immune system that leads to systemic failure and chronic or even acute health conditions.

Vaccines are poison. They always were. And their primary purpose is to force humanity into submission to the ruling elite. The insane profits of multi billions of dollars is just an icing on the poisoning cake.

Wake up to what is actually going on, get educated, and then join the fight to protect the incoming souls. They will save the planet.

Good vs Evil.

Check my Bio for my link to more resources.

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