Who is Arnold/Arnie really?

If you can’t come up with anything that amazing, that’s OK. I will start by reminding you of some
things you already know, and some things you may not. As usual, Arnold is said to have come out of
nowhere, a poor boy from Graz, Austria, living at the gym since the age of 14. Prominent people took
him under their wings for no given reason, gave him piles of steroids, and by age 20 he was Mr.
Universe. That was allegedly his ticket to fame and fortune. . . because all poor muscle-heads from
Graz who can barely speak English become major movie stars, marry Kennedys, and serve as governor
of California. Right? Hello?

Click to access arnold.pdf

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1 year ago

well there it is – thank you.
the only thing left to find out
for sure is if he’s ftm.