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    Now, you mentioned brollies. Black umbrellas

    I hate to spell things out, but I think the connotation is “this is a covert/black Op.” It belongs right there in the same category as the blue and white striped shirt.


    Have these people got purple bands on?

    You get to wear these things on all-inclusive holiday resorts. Or when you are involved in an op. Or both.


    Here’s another clutch of Northern English actors –

    Olivia Leathley, who was on holiday in Sousse, said she saw “hundreds of people running and screaming from the beach,” before she managed to hide with her boyfriend, Mike Jones, in a small security lodge.

    The drama started on Friday when Olivia, from Burnage, head chef at Cellar Key restaurant in Chorlton, heard what she thought was the sound of fireworks as she was in the room of her hotel, Bellevue Park, in the resort of Sousse with her boyfriend Mike Jones, 24, a trainee solicitor from Crewe.
    [check the 37 second video there for real crisis acting….]

    Olivia Leathley, 24, from Cheshire, and Mike Jones, from Crewe, spent nearly two hours barricaded in an office after fleeing the sound of machine gunfire outside.
    The drama started on Friday when Ms Leathley, heard what she thought was the sound of fireworks.

    Where were they at mid-day by the Med? They were in their hotel room. Of course they were. And what a great time for a fireworks party in the mid-day sun!

    “It was lucky I was waiting for my phone to charge or we would have been on the beach too.”

    [clearly a two-person job]

    Ms Leathley’s father Glenn told ITV News that he was speaking to his daughter on the phone as she ran.

    Thank goodness the phone was now charged. You hear gunshots – what’s the first thing you do, get your mobile phone from the charger so you can ring dad.

    Glenn: “because she was listening to an audio book and, you know, needed her phone to be charged to listen to it…an absolute miracle really that she was spared”


    [lower video]
    no, an absolute miracle she was in her room.

    She said: “We heard all these really loud bangs and we joked it was probably the hotel reps letting off fireworks. We just thought they were messing around…..There was loads of whistles going from the reps.” .

    It’s insane. Hotel reps letting off fireworks at mid-day. To simulate the dinner gong?

    The young Briton praised the “incredible” response of hotel staff, saying: “I don’t how they are so calm. They are so unbelievably calm.

    Of course, everybody was incredible in this drill.
    June 27 2015

    Glenn received three dramatic phone calls from Olivia, on holiday in Sousse, Tunisia. In the first call, at about 12 noon on Friday (26 June) she was crying as she told of the gunfire on the beach. Glenn told her she must find somewhere safe.

    Five minutes later, there was another phone call from Olivia. She said gunmen were in the hotel lobby. She and her boyfriend began running to find a hiding place. The final call, some time later, said they were safe.

    Glenn’s firm, Chronicle Accountants, has been based in Market Street, Whaley Bridge for a number of years.

    Glenn is a familiar face in Whaley Bridge….On his LinkedIn page, Glenn writes: “I have eight children and one lovely and quite amazing wife, Cathy. This / takes up quite a lot of my time.

    This? What, 24 year olds with boyfriends? Or hoaxes?

    His daughter looks very uncomfortable in this zero content Channel 4 TV interview with dad:
    htt ps://ww w.faceb

    She rings him and says there’s “ gunfire on the beach”

    Er I thought it was reps letting off fireworks. That’s right, ring dad long distance to say there’s an unannounced reps’ mid-day fireworks party going on….

    Can anybody believe this hocum?

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    Short segue. Talking about “covert”.

    In case you haven’t noticed: Nasa’s doing a Pluto flyby.

    Names are often so revealing in our line of business. The guy doing the reporting on this event, here in the Netherlands, is a popular scientist/journalist, supposedly from German origin, called Govert Schilling. [Need I spell it out?]

    During Apollo there was, of course, the immensely popular Patrick Moore. [Need I spell that one out?]

    Here in Holland, we had the enormously famous and wacky Griet Titulaer. (I probably need to spell this one out, but I’m not going to).

    After all these years, I wonder if these aren’t just fake names. It’s almost in your face.

    Back to Tunesia.


    Did someone say purple wristbands… ❓

    Tom Dalpra

    in the Netherlands, is a popular scientist/journalist, supposedly from German origin, called Govert Schilling. [Need I spell it out?]

    I’m thinking ‘C’ instead of a ‘G’ there. Am I close? Serendipity, if not entirely deliberate!


    Did someone say purple wristbands…

    Yes, it’s clear ( I think) that people allowed on the beach after the event were given them. Quite, what the criteria were for that, I haven’t heard.
    It may well be – as rgos possibly suggests – normal for a private beach to issue wristbands, anyway. I don’t know; it’s a long time since I took a holiday on a private beach. In fact, I never have! I’ve never needed to wear a wristband outside-of-a Music Event or a swimming pool, that I can think of. It may be a requirement in places?
    It doesn’t really matter, it’s only that IF that wasn’t a system already in place on that beach, it would look extra stage-managed, to me.
    Text-book event organisation -”Get the purple wristbands”
    Certainly we see a detail of the controlled environment here, regardless of it being a system in place before or not.



    What was in place before, in Tunisia? I thought it was time for a review.
    I pulled this from a Yahoo reply from 2010. This appears to be from the months leading up to the Tunisian Jasmine revolution that led the US State Dept sponsored Arab Spring back in Dec 2010.
    It draws from something called the -2009- 2010 World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report and some publication called International Living magazine. The presented reality, at least, appears upbeat.

    Tunisia continues to shine in international reports. Following the latest 2009- 2010 World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report which ranks Tunisia for the third consecutive year, as the most competitive economy in Africa and in the Maghreb, Tunisia is ranked on the top of Arab countries in terms of quality of life by the American magazine “International Living”.

    The magazine which provides rankings for 194 countries, credits Tunisia with an overall score of 59points out of 100.

    The 2010 ranking is set on the basis of ten criteria that relate to the environment, health, cost of living, economy, culture, leisure, infrastructure, risk, security and climate

    Tunisia ranks ahead of Jordan (55 pts), Kuwait (55 pts), Lebanon (54 pts), Morocco (54 pts), Bahrain (54 pts), Syria (53 pts), Qatar (52 pts), Egypt (51 pts), UAE (50 pts), Algeria (50 pts) and Libya (48 pts).

    By sub-headings, Tunisia achieved an excellent score in terms of risk and security (86 pts), climate (85 pts), health (73 pts) and cost of living (63 pts).

    “International Living” is among the leading American magazines when it comes to advise people to find the best place to retire.

    The structure of Tunisian society is characterized by the predominance of the middle class (around 75 to 80% of the population). There has been a continuous rise in the standard of living of Tunisia’s citizens thanks to sound development policies and to the implementation of a series of measures and actions which have promoted business initiative and economic opportunity, and ensured the access of all citizens to basic amenities.

    More than 70 percent of citizens are in the middle class and enjoy a comfortable standard of living.

    In Tunisia you will not be confronted with scenes of extreme poverty such as in Egypt, as the country is in relatively good economic condition compared to most of the Orient.

    Now, contrast this with a conversation I had last evening with a fond friend of mine. She’s a well-travelled British girl of 43. Perhaps a happy dupe to the real nature of power, she’s also very honest.

    She went to Sousse last year. She said it was the worst place she’d ever been to and the most unsafe that she’s felt in any country. She ended up not leaving the hotel and the private beach for fear of aggressive harassment in the streets. She does look like she’s got money. She’s got that look, but she hadn’t expected it.

    This is not how I remembered things were and how I’d somehow imagined Tunisia to be…pre revolution…



    I looked at this Al Jazeera article from 2013:
    ”Tunisia’s Arab Spring: Three years on

    “The Tunisian revolution was the result of dictatorship and oppression,” said Mourad Bouselmi, 44, who was jailed for a year as a political prisoner under Ben Ali. “Whether the first ousted dictator or the second, the Almighty God puts them all in the trash can of history.”

    But it doesn’t seem a bed of roses for this newly liberated country.

    Three years after setting off what would become known as the “Arab Spring”, Tunisia continues to struggle with overlapping economic, security, and political challenges. But Tunisia’s transition – at times promising, often stalled, and at several points near collapse – seems poised to pass another milestone with the expected completion of the constitution in the coming days.

    Yeh, so it’s basically been shit, except for this silver lining a new constitution ! Hurrah!!
    Now get this analogy hahaha
    “The people have become free, but we must pay for this freedom with this hard transition,” said Mahmoud Boualif, a 68-year-old retired professor in a cafe in downtown Tunis. He compared the new freedoms Tunisians now enjoy to a berserk bull released from its pen.

    Oh yeh, fine then Proff. That’s to be expected. It’ll calm down, no doubt.
    Bullet in the head? Heavy sedation?

    Violence has rattled the transition, with multiple attacks, including a suicide bombing, shocking the country. Homegrown extremists have propagated the instability and next door, chaos in Libya has made border security more difficult. Since last year, Tunisia’s armed forces have fought militants on Chaambi mountain along the country’s western border with Algeria. The military has suffered casualties and regularly reports arrests and killings of suspected militants in bombing and raids, although details are often hazy.

    Unemployment continues to drive Tunisians’ simmering frustrations, especially among the youth. Roughly 35 percent of young people are jobless in Tunisia, compared to about 16 percent of the whole population. “Tunisians are fed up,” Imen Ben Ali, 22, told Al Jazeera. “Half of the factories have closed; there are no jobs.”

    The crisis is worse in the interior regions, which are deprived of the public and foreign investment that developed the coastal cities. It was, after all, in the central town of Sidi Bouzid where Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in front of a local government building, overcome by police oppression and lack of opportunity – a grim act that led to Tunisia’s revolution.
    Professor Boualif continues with the narrative:

    There’s no doubt that Tunisia is in a financial noose,” Boualif said. “The West does not have much trust in Tunisia since Islamists took power. They do not trust these people.”

    Well okay, but they were the ones cheering on the Arab Spring. We ‘all’ were in the West. The US State Department sponsored it.
    The Arab Spring sure was a massive coordinated cross-region coup.
    It’s not a secret.
    The mainstream alternative through characters like Webster Tarpley identified the familiar fist of Optor and the nature of the Revolution business. Neo-Imperialism at work, in our faces.
    The revolution industry.

    (Note the Globe of Journeyman pictures bottom right on this channel. Just sayin)

    How ’21st Century’? ‘Sub-out’ your services to the revolution industry.
    We all buy into it and have no-one to blame but ourselves.

    I think in retrospect the Arab Spring was an amazing success on one level.
    On another, I’m genuinely concerned that it really has led to a worse standard of living across a ‘large’ part of the World Map.

    Of course the presented reality would tell us that anyway.


    Post 9/11, post Afghanistan and post Iraq, we were Bushwhacked. We needed ‘Change’ along with Barry Obuma.

    Neo Imperialism pulled a brilliant coup right across North Africa with the Arab Spring. We were in no mood for War at that time. No, this time those people would get what they deserved. We cheered on the Arab Spring across the Western world as huge throngs of people were portrayed on our television screens in Egypt.
    It was a thriller.

    Thanks for listening, if you did. I sense this may be a ramble and not clearly presented. Sans edit time I’ll go with it. I hope there’s something there to help build a perspective which is what I’m attempting to do with my amateur fumblings.

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    I’m thinking ‘C’ instead of a ‘G’ there. Am I close?

    Nailed it.


    I realise I have neglected the additional 3 English speaking “victims” from the Irish Republic, making 33/38 with this mother tongue.
    Simon omits to mention this further significant number in his warranted attack on the silence over at his forum over such a large number of “terrorist deaths” from Western countries.

    Anyway, here they are
    july 1 2015

    L-R: Martina Hayes 55, Laurence Hayes,56 aka Larry Hayes, Lorna Carty.

    We have an echo of realism from the British contingent of “deaths”, in that Mrs Carty’s husband Declan Carty survived. The Hayes couple leave a daughter Sinead, 30.

    Here’s where it goes all predictable

    Catherine McMahon @CatherineEMcM [Fun loving NQT history teacher. Running, dancing, surfing, music and martial arts keep me sane.
    Braunton, North Devon]

    Missing in Sousse, my uncle, Laurence (Lonny) Hayes and wife Martina from Ireland. Pls RT, maybe twitter can help with news #TunisiaAttack
    5:52 am – 27 Jun 2015 [1:52 PM June 27]

    Another couple with no passports or means of identification a day later, a niece who follows all her uncle’s movements….but sure as night follows day, they are identified 8 hours later.

    Independent.ieVerified account @Independent_ie
    #BREAKING: Irish couple who are feared dead following #Tunisia attack named locally as Laurence & Martina Hayes 1/2
    12:38 pm – 27 Jun 2015 [8:38 PM BST]
    27/06/2015 | 15:06

    The families of an Irish husband and wife have been informed that it is highly likely they have lost their lives in Sousse tourist massacre.

    The Department of Foreign Affairs have been in contact with the couple’s family, informing them of their “strong suspicion” that they are among the 37 tourists killed in terrorist attack.

    how absurd.

    Of course the community is devastated – they don’t know any different.
    July 3 2015

    They loved their holidays and this was their third trip to Tunisia”
    Michael Hayes, Larry’s brother, spoke of a “happy, smiling couple” who had been married 32 years. They loved their new home in West Point.

    Their only daughter, Sinead (30), had phoned her parents less than 24 hours before the killing to hear how they were enjoying their latest holiday in the country.
    Meanwhile, Michael Hayes revealed some family members were unaware that Larry and Martina were back in one of their favourite holiday destinations until they were given the devastating news of their deaths on Saturday.
    “The last time I spoke to Larry was a few weeks ago, when I met him on the street,” Michael said. “We spoke very briefly. He was in good form, but he actually didn’t say a word about their upcoming break.
    …. but we believe they were walking near the beach waiting for their airport transfer.
    It is understood the couple moved to Athlone’s West Lodge estate over a year ago.

    Publishe 29/06/2015 | 02:30

    So the niece knows, the brother doesn’t. OK….


    Here’s another photo of Lonnie/Larry/Laurence

    Lorna Carty’s handling is slightly more complex, involving a daughter or two, and husband who survive.

    Hazel Carty was understood to be holidaying in Kusadasi with school friends when she was told on Friday that her mother had been killed.
    mother-of-two from Robinstown, Co Meath was enjoying the last day of her holiday in the sun when the gunman opened fire on the beach at the popular resort town of Sousse, massacring 38 tourists.

    Lorna, a nurse, was on a break with her husband, Declan, a well-known dairy farmer, when she was cruelly murdered. She took him on holidays to help him recover following a recent heart operation.
    Local people said it appeared that Lorna had gone to the beach to soak up some last hours of sunshine while her husband stayed in his room.

    Another one in his room at mid-day. You might as well stay at home. How would “local people” know anything?

    Declan Carty, Lorna’s husband and childhood sweetheart – whose recent recovery from heart surgery inspired what was supposed to be a dream holiday for the couple – walked frailly into the church, embracing their children.

    Now let’s get this right – Mrs Carty

    took her husband on holiday to help him recover from heart surgery – and was set to leave just hours later – her friends have said.
    Lorna Carty from Robinstown, County Meath, had gone to the beach by herself when the depraved gunmen opened fire on holidaymakers in the popular resort town of Sousse.
    ‘Lorna rushed her husband to hospital about a fortnight ago after he was getting pains in his heart… He had to get stents in,’ a family friend said.

    So he’s had heart surgery and two weeks later is jetting off to the sun? OK.

    Ms Carty has two adult children, Hazel (18) and Simon (21). Hazel has just completed her Leaving Cert and was holidaying abroad when she heard the news yesterday of her mother’s death in the terrorist attack.
    Simon was at home on the family farm in Robinstown when news of the attack emerged. He is a student at University College Dublin.
    Ms Carty was working as a private medical practice nurse in Meath. In 2005, when five children lost their lives and a number of their school friends were injured when their school bus crashed and overturned in Kentstown, Co Meath, Ms Carty was among the staff who treated them on the day.**
    ** drill or no drill? Plenty more low res images like this one… worst-ever road accident of its kind in Ireland just before 7/7, May 23 2005


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    I’ll close this brief examinaton of the Emerald Isle Government’s contribution to this hoax.
    July 3 2015

    The Hayes…

    went everywhere together, tended to their strawberries and flowers and kept a house so neat and tidy that no fingerprints could be found in it for identification purposes.

    Absolutely insane and unbeliveable.What do they need fingerprints for? Don’t they have faces? They were certainly “identified” a day later, perhaps they left fingerprints somewhere else, carelessly?

    ..her heartbroken brother Billy Kelly has spoken out to condemn those who carried out the attack.
    “To just open fire like that on a beach…you wouldn’t gun down dogs like that.”

    Tom Dalpra

    xilef quoted:

    ” kept a house so neat and tidy that no fingerprints could be found in it for identification purposes.”

    Haha! They must have worn gloves of some sort. Snooker referee gloves at all times, I’d suggest. Highly unusual, but perhaps the only explanation?

    ”Absolutely insane and unbeliveable.What do they need fingerprints for?”

    Quite. How ludicrous was this incident for bizarre victim identification?
    We’ve seen these absurdities before, of course, but this one was close to home.

    If this had been real, someone would have complained. The idea of families waiting for days with the news that their relatives weren’t identified yet, but were highly likely to be victims, would be totally inappropriate in real life.

    However, as we know: it isn’t real life.

    I’m not sure what the angle is with the fingerprints. It’s perhaps a good cover for there being no trace of them whilst affirming the op and drawing-out the anxiety of not knowing.

    Just like Mh370 was lost for weeks or Jules Biachi was in an induced coma. Part of it is about dragging out the anguish and the message;
    keeping us soft.

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    Tom Dalpra

    Having noticed the ‘slash and the dot ‘ of the Tui logo asserted in this Op…



    And having noticed the recent promotion of the semi-circle tattoo…

    I was intrigued to notice the new (I think it’s a new style) spinning symbol that appears every time we search for something on a Windows computer.
    It appears to have gone from being a solid line to having a dot too. There’s a bit of the slash and the dot thing, going on there.

    I’m probably having a mad moment, but it just jumped out at me.
    Is this possibly another allusion to this semi-colon type thing we’ve been shown? I just wondered.

    The below image shows a solid line, but when I search for anything now, you get a dot and a line as the search completes.


    Tom Dalpra

    I keep looking at my computer ‘thinking’ and seeing the slash and the dot.

    The contrived Tui logo in the Tunisian flag,
    the tattoo campaign: ‘Our story isn’t over yet’.

    What could this ‘slash and dot’; this semi-colon, possibly be leading to? If anything at all.

    I indulge the idea.
    Some event? Possibly,
    involving some kind of bomb?
    Something with a trail ? Like a meteorite?…
    Islamic fundamentalist terrorism is favourite, so probably not a meteorite…
    Some king of missile attack?

    Tui..? it’s possibly like all those pre-9/11 company logos that had a suggestion of ‘9/11’ in them. They had their finger on the pulse.

    (I believe this was a pre-9/11 logo)

    Every time I open a new window…the slash and the dot…swirling there on the tab…maybe it’s just my imagination, running away with me, once again.



    This story got me thinking. That particular stretch of Mediterranean coastline is littered with budget Western hotels; competing for too few pounds and euros.

    We visited a decade ago, it was still a naturally very beautiful and cultured place to go, the average local wage for tourist workers was, however, abysmal: a waiter told us he was paid just £40 (US$60) a week; female housekeepers doubtless got even less. Infant child urchins worked the streets; pointing at their impetigo scabs or pleading to polish our shoes, before thrusting petals into our hands, and begging in broken French to spare them a few cents.

    So what’s the psyop about? Maybe start with the cui bono? The two big London-listed tour operators, and the insurance industry, ostensibly had nothing to gain. Or did they?

    TUI TRAVEL plc and THOMAS COOK plc plunged nearly 10% when the news of the tewwor awtack broke.

    Future options for TUI are traded on London’s ICE exchange (was LIFFE). Forensic accountants in the City (if they exist beyond nominally) would be looking for unusually large volumes in Put Options for TUI Travel; those put options acquired in the weeks and months prior to “the event”.

    The insider-investor would be looking to profit from a plunging market – turning a profit from that 10% crash in the TUI/T.COOK stock prices. That’s what Put options are about.

    The Put Option is the right to exercise a Sell transaction on or before some pre-agreed date, at some pre-agreed price. A single put option only costs a few pennies. Thus the leveraging and profits from such a trade can be huge as, consequently, can the losses.


    But maybe this is more about re-defining the north African tourist market. With the Jasmine-coloured revolution all but secured, with the old guard largely removed from political power, Tunisia is now an Anglo-American protectorate.

    Maybe this is a medium- to long-term operation. In the immediate future, the task-at-hand is to tease those hotel businesses from their local owners; acquiring the beach-side hotel businesses all the way along that beautiful coastline from the city of Sousse, up to Port El Kantouia and beyond. Doing so through forcing the hotel owners’ hands, with the threat of evaporating trade and ultimately bankruptcy. After all, who’s going to buy a bucket-seat package holiday to Tunisia for a few years hence?

    Maybe this is also about playing the insurance market, where once again, the City of London dominates. We’re talking about Holiday Curtailment claims, Cancellation Insurance, Lost Trade and Life Insurance claims, and so on. Probably not that much risk, all said. Thirty Vicsims – even with maximum “Ogden Table” parameters, they’re worth only a few tens of millions.


    This psyop feels like it’s to redefine the whole tourism industry there, turning Tunisia into a more exclusive destination by 2020; the Monte-Carlo of North Africa; a new haven, perhaps with tax-concessions for wealthy ex-pats from Europe. Achieved by trashing the existing tourism businesses first; forcing fire-sales of hotel assets along the coastline; demo-clearances of what stands there today; mainly 1970s-80s concrete blocks with poorly-ventilated cell-like bedrooms; public hotel areas straight out of a 1970s hotel sitcoms; swirly carpets, stench of tobacco, and weird ‘modern art’ displays from pre-formed concrete. Pretty grim. Not to mention the child beggars in the streets.

    Just a few thoughts. Were they worth sharing?! Or am I still psyopticon the pariah?!


    Heads-up on a British court case of a ‘fakeologist’ who faced trial in criminal harassment test-case (Drummer Lee Rigby story).

    Defendant, Christopher Spivey summarily convicted today (Fri 31 Jul) of two counts harassment; two of malicious communications; sentencing deferred until Mon 27 August.

    The defendant was asked by the judge about his other “conspiracy theories”..

    “During the trial, District Judge Woollard quizzed him about his theories on other major news events, including the recent attack in Tunisia, all of which he suggested were fake.”

    According to member of public who attended the trial, Spivey’s website must, by order of the court, be taken down immediately (by midnight tonight, Fri 31 Jul).


    Thirty Vicsims – even with maximum “Ogden Table” parameters, they’re worth only a few tens of millions.

    Interesting timing…
    July 29 2015

    Applications can be made to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) under the Victims of Overseas Terrorism Compensation Scheme 2012 by those victims injured, or the families of those killed, in the attack.

    Real people, psyopticon?

    What about the two German victims? They’re easy to do, because they were never named and the Germans seems very incurious to know. The German press even reported that a memorial would be erected in Sousse to the British victims, yet omitted any mention of their own nationals. Crazy.


    Payouts from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) are capped at £500,000. Potentially, minuscule payouts compared to the cash bonanza that could be gouged from the insurance Names who underwrite risk for the Tour Operators, Hotel Owners, etc.

    There’s another “small-world” curiosity: The Foreign Office minister who formally announced the terrorist atrocity in Tunisia is Tobias Ellwood.

    Ellwood, a former Green Jacket and City bankster, is today the Tory MP for Bournemouth East. His brother “Jonathan was killed 13 years ago in the (first) Bali Bombing.”

    It’s awful how tragedy follows some people around; it must be very painful for them.


    You ducked the question, psy. Am I surprised?


    As ever, keeping an open-mind, Xilef. What makes you of this trial?:–

    Lee Rigby murder: ‘Deeply unpleasant’ internet troll Chris Spivey found guilty of harassing fusilier’s mother and sister

    Delivering his verdict District judge Andrew Woollard said Spivey believed a number of key historical events did not take place.

    He said: “He told me that there was no attack on Pearl Harbour, 9/11 did not take place, 7/7 was fiction and the killings on the beaches of Tunisia did not happen.

    “I find that he is not a journalist, that he’s obsessed by internet research.”

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