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    I saw by chance a TV review of the best of the year on a UK TV morning station. More like the best of the year’s hoaxes and staged events. For this Tunisian escapade, this couple was wheeled out, well their earlier interview was shown, which focussed on a hoax twist which was used again at the Bataclan: the brave male partner taking a bullet for the female partner by lying on top of her….[not forgetting the use of KALASHNIKOVS, of course]

    A hero Brit was shot repeatedly as he shielded his fiancee from an evil IS gunman on a Tunisian beach.
    Matthew James, 30, told Sarah Wilson, 26: “I love you babe. But just go.”
    She managed to escape after Matthew shielded her,taking a bullet in the hip, one in the chest and one in the pelvis.

    Sarah fled back to the hotel, hid from the full horror of the terrorist massacre, and later hunted for Matthew for two hours, even looking under sheets in makeshift hotel morgues.

    IT’s Saera Wilson in the above report, btw

    The best of British….

    Now, GoFundMe….

    Now a group of fellow gas engineers, who have never met Matthew before, have come together to launch a fundraising drive to support the dad-of-two and his family while he recovers from his injuries.
    Organiser Ian Spedding, 53, from Burnley, who has seen the page raise more than £2,500 in its first few hours, said they were keen to look after “one of their own”.
    He said: “We heard about the story yesterday and were discussing it on some gas engineer forums

    That’s gas engineer solidarity.


    Not sure if this week’s developments are to keep the story in the public domain, or because the ptb require more time in order to get their ducks all in a row. Note how the legal profession is getting its cut.

    The first story was almost word for word from the BBC downwards.

    The inquests were due in November this year but judge and coroner Nicholas Loraine-Smith said there was “an enormous amount of work to be done”.
    He told a pre-inquest hearing at London’s Royal Courts of Justice he was “sorry” the date had been moved.

    The coroner will also consider the “adequacy” of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s travel advice for the region.
    Another pre-inquest hearing is expected on 25 May and the full inquest from 16 January 2017.

    [reported elsewhere as 26 January]
    At least it gives them a chance to regurgitate the list of “victims”
    February 29 2016 [no new content]

    The lawyers can get stuck into the advice of FCO travel plans and how the travel companies responded.
    March 1 2016

    Lawyers representing the families of 16 British citizens killed in the atrocity in June last year alleged at the Royal Courts of Justice that Tui did not pass on Foreign Office advice to customers before the attack warning of a “high threat from terrorism, including kidnapping. Attacks could be indiscriminate including places visited by foreigners.”

    The personal injury law firm Irwin Mitchell alleged Tui was still encouraging customers to holiday in Sousse this year, with up to 40% reductions despite the Foreign Office advising against all but essential travel.


    Suzanne Richards, from Wednesbury in the West Midlands, who lost her son, brother and father in the Sousse attack last year, said: “We were left distraught and heartbroken following the tragic events in Tunisia and I think it is likely we will never fully come to terms with what happened.

    “We just hope the inquest process can shed some light on exactly what happened so that my family and all the grieving families can begin to understand how their loved ones died and whether more could have been done to protect them. Nothing can turn back the clock but it is important to us to find out if any lessons can be learned to try to prevent similar heartbreaking devastation in future.”

    The court heard how the Metropolitan police are building a 3D model of the attack site that would allow families to follow a reconstruction. The Met said it continued to receive material from Judge Lazhar Akremi, who is leading the investigation in Tunisia.

    Lawyers advising the coroner said the Met held copies of data from approximately 40 electronic devices, including computers and mobile phones, amounting to 4.6 terabytes of data. It would take five full-time officers and about six months to view the material and many years to translate it, so officers would have to take a “proportionate” approach, the court heard.

    Lots and lots of overtime….

    Seven months after the [March 18 2015 Bardo] attack, travel companies were still promoting the resort offering 40 per cent discounts.

    Not long until “anniversary” coverage of Bardo begins.

    Agents encouraged customers with discounts, sold travel insurance that excluded cancellation and then discouraged cancellation by penalising customers at up to the full costs if they learned of terrorist atrocities, the families of victims claimed.

    Tut Tut! [allegedly]


    A newly opened thread at Letsrollforums has got me curious again…
    a member called Millertime claims it was real and that he even knew one of the victims, Stuart Cullen

    I strongly doubt Millertime’s claims and would like him to present any proof of his claim here. Photos of he and Cullen together, any further evidence that Cullen even existed or died?
    My doubts stem from the fact that there are only two photos of Stuart Cullen online, and one of them appears to be an Adam Lanza-esque, straight necked photoshop fake.
    His daughter works at Fremantle Media also. A major UK TV production company.
    Emma Jayne Cullen’s linkedin page proving she works in television/propaganda/mind control/pretend reality
    Christine Cullen, some executive type wench for Thomas Cook

    I’m not sure why the writer’s default is that Cullen didn’t exisit It’s standard MO to distribute just the one shoddy low resolution, often ancient photo of a “victim” [and sometimes wearing dark glasses! See below] whose death has been faked.
    e.g. Suffolk Police confirmed the death of Mr Cullen, 52, from Lowestoft.
    His wife suffered injuries but survived and has returned to the UK.
    A spokesman said: “The family has asked that their privacy is respected as they try to cope.”
    Translation – try to Skype, I suspect….

    source –

    The LRF discussion turns to another badly photographed “couple” of retirement age, who have also been mentioned en passent on page 2 of this thread,

    July 16 2015
    Eileen Swannack, 73, and her partner John Welch, 74, were among 30 British tourists killed in Sousse on 26 June.
    The Wiltshire couple had been together for eight years and had visited the country annually since 2011.
    Her family paid tribute saying she “had a heart of gold and was always first to offer help to others”.
    Mrs Swannack, who was one of five siblings, moved to the village of Biddestone with her husband Eddie in the 1960s.
    She met Mr Welch, a former plumber from Corsham, having been widowed in 2005.
    “John Welch had become her close companion and the couple enjoyed holidaying together,” her family said.
    “They had visited Sousse, in Tunisia, for the preceding four years, loving the resort and sunshine.”
    St Nicholas’ Church in Biddestone, Wiltshire
    Image caption
    Hundreds of mourners filled the small Church of St Nicholas in Biddestone for the funeral
    Brought up in Bristol, Mrs Swannack worked in the stores at the Westinghouse in Chippenham before taking a job at a local pub.
    “Eileen was always full of energy. She exuded youthfulness and had a real sense of fun and mischief,” her family said.
    “She played an important role in the lives of all who knew her.”
    ‘Bent over backwards’
    Following her funeral at St Nicholas’ Church in Biddestone, her family thanked family and friends for helping them “get through this incredibly difficult time”.
    They also thanked the team at RAF Brize Norton, Thomson Holidays and the Counter Terrorism Unit among others, for bending over backwards to “make the difficult process as trouble free as possible”.
    “We offer our particular thanks to the professional way that Eileen was repatriated back into the UK with compassion, professionalism, dignity and care. This has been of utmost comfort to us,” they said.
    Mr Welch’s funeral is likely to take place next week, the BBC understands.

    [2011, year of the Libyan excursion…]

    Here comes the casket..

    Back in Lowestoft

    CASINO NIGHT! – Sat 9th July, Doors from 19:00
    Tickets Available to purchase from King Alfred:
    £5.00 Advance
    £6.00 On door
    With your ticket you will receive £5.00 worth of casino chips to start you off!
    This event is part of a day in Memory of Stuart Cullen who lost his life in the Tunisian terror attacks last June. We’re holding a fundraiser for Meningitis Now to mark the one year anniversary, a charity very close to his heart.
    Attire: Dress to Impress!
    Christine Cullen
    Lowestoft, Suffolk
    United Kingdom<

    Christine Cullen posted a status
    Have cruised as a family for over 14 years, since my daughter was 5 years old, we have cruised with many companies but our favourite is P&O”
    Aug 15, 2011/em>

    The choice of the Meningitis charity has its roots here…
    Family and friends chose to support Meningitis Now as it was a charity very close to Stuart’s heart after his daughter, Emma, contracted meningitis as a baby.
    from a previous September 2015 fundraiser. [see LRF thread for details of Emma’s career]

    And back at the Swannocks..

    Karen Swannack Bridgeman It was a wonderful and very emotional service. They all laughed at me because I put my arm around David to have our photo taken. Lol xxx
    2 · 12 April at 18:30

    Karen Swannack Bridgeman Ooooowww that’s two family that’s friends with him then! He was really nice apparently he wanted to meet some of the families and the lady from the foreign & commonwealth office came and found us to take us to talk to him (she’s spoken to us lots on the phone and we met her in Birmingham when we went for a big meeting with Tobias Ellwood MP). Xxx

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    Eileen Swannack’s husband Edwin died in 2005
    Last November Mr Swannack took a trip to Mauritius with his family, which he greatly enjoyed, but in February his health started to fail. He was diagnosed with cancer in May.
    “He will be greatly missed by all the village,” said Mrs Swannack. “He was very well known.”
    Mr Swannack had two sons, Keith and Des, and two grand daughters, Lucie and Lorren. He also leaves a sister, Rita.

    December 12 2005
    Lorren is more correctly a step daughter.

    The trip to Mauritius was for the wedding of Desmond and Karen, nee Bridgeman, one of seven children.
    with her younger daughter Lorren Ashly, nee Evans who was born 15 years after her two siblings.

    On December 18 2014, Keith and Karen opened a limited building company

    Neighbours and friends say that her son Desmond Swannack, from Sutton Benger, has told villagers he was rung by the Foreign Office to be told of her death last night.
    June 29 2015

    Keith and his wife briefly ran a company in Bath, Roman International

    Keith has made no comment publicly on his mother’s death.

    “Eileen was always full of energy. She exuded youthfulness and had a real sense of fun and mischief,” her family said.
    June 28 2015
    John Welch, 74, from Corsham, Wilts, and his partner Eileen Swannack, 70, were also missing feared dead. The couple have not answered their phones since the attack. Mr Welch’s grandson Daniel Welch, 29, from Swindon, said he had been told by the Foreign Office that officials had been unable to locate the pair.
    He added: “You know that we’re going to get some sort of news at some point, whether it be today, tomorrow or the next day, and you know it’s probably not going to be great, because they haven’t been able to make contact themselves by now.”
    Daniel said the hardest thing was “not knowing”. He added: “We are at a bit of a loss and we can only expect the worst.”

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    It is now patently obvious that the Bardo “attack” and the Sousse beach “attack” were inseparable parts of the same psy-op, the “inquests” for the latter being played out in London at present.
    Only one Briton allegedly died in the Bardo incident, although it was reported rather late in the day, a retired solicitor named Sally Adey aged 57. Her surviving husband Robert, 52, was the only witness to survive….

    I parked some research on the Bardo nonsense in the comments here

    The Cluesforum thread is here [only three pages]

    So, what happened to Robert?
    February 24 2016
    Dad-of-two Robert’s harrowing account of the massacre in the Tunisian capital Tunis on March 18 last year was heard for the first time during an inquest into his wife’s death.
    In a statement read to Shrewsbury Coroner’s Court , Shropshire, Robert – the only known witness to his wife’s attack – said: “There was shouting and shooting and people screaming. Tourists were in the verge of hysteria.
    “I could see a little blood and I checked her bag. She was sliding down the wall and I held her.
    “She never said anything else. Her breathing was all funny, she was breathing shallowly.”

    Robert, 52, a partner at a Birmingham law firm, told of his own pain and panic as he was squatting on his heels against the wall in a balcony room on the first floor of the Bardo National Museum.

    Beside him and his dying wife of 30 years lay the bodies of two Japanese women.
    Robert, who is still too traumatised to relive his ordeal by giving evidence in person, said: “A couple of people had been hit and then a bullet hit the wall above our heads.
    “She was hit at the same time as two Japanese women fell to the floor. One didn’t move, I think she was dead, and the other was moaning.”

    Sally from Shifnal, Shropshire, was one of 24 tourists killed – the only Brit – during the mid day rampage.

    Sally Adey was in the terror attack in Tunisia. It is believed she may have been a passenger on the MSC Splendido (pictured) cruise ship, which arrived at La Goulette, Tunis, on Wednesday morning

    Video footage of their bloodied bodies was shown to the inquest.
    No members of the victim’s family was present. Suicide belts and packs of Semtex were found on them.
    Sally died from a single gunshot wound to the abdomen and pelvis. John Ellery, Coroner for Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin recorded she was unlawfully killed.

    Robert, who was hit by flying debris on the shoulder which he had feared to be a bullet, told of his own fear and cramping discomfort as he held his wife for two and a half hours while crouching beside a window.
    In his evidence read by Coroner’s Officer Julie Hartridge, he explained: “I tried to stand but had to keep low.
    “My feet were going strange and it was really hurting. I was talking to Sally but I don’t know if she could hear anything.
    “I looked out of the window and could see security guards and terrorists with guns.
    “Out of the blue a bullet came through the wood from outside and there was a smoking hole.

    “I thought it was near my head and I kept very still while holding Sally.
    “Another tourist shouted: ‘Where the Hell are the bloody authorities? There are people dying.”
    When armed police stormed the museum Robert and other survivors were led to safety.
    He said in French “My wife is injured” and he didn’t want to leave her.
    He added: “We were told the place was boobytrapped and had to leave and were helped out by officers, being passed from one to another.
    “I kept asking about Sally but no one knew anything.”

    He described “the revolting bit” when rescuers were “mopping up blood and picking up bits.”
    He recalled earlier seeing one of the terrorists, who he described as “a big dark figure with a gun.”
    Robert later had the grim task of identifying his dead wife in a hospital morgue.
    The couple had been on a dream Mediterranean cruise aboard MSC Splendida,stopping off for an excursion when the terrorists struck.

    A UK travel advice warning issued the month before had highlighted the increased risk of terrorist attacks on Brits in Tunisia.

    She leaves son Harry, 24, and daughter Molly, 21.

    Here’s one of the fake wounded trio of Japanese actors in the Bardo charade being visited by the Tunisian prime minister
    source –

    So what became of “widow” Robert Adey?
    No sign so far

    family photo kindly uploaded for the benefit of the MSM, April 8 2015

    No grieving here

    A separate memorial for all British victims of terrorism is to be located at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, said Prime Minister David Cameron.
    A panel headed by former overseas development minister Baroness Chalker will now be appointed to select an artist and design for National Memorial Arboretum memorial.

    The announcement follows a public consultation on the choice of location for the memorial which will be formally unveiled in the summer of 2017.
    A separate consultation is to be launched for a memorial for the victims of the Sousse and Bardo Museum terrorist attacks.
    “An attack on British people anywhere in the world is an attack on us all. But these memorials will also stand as proof that we will not give up our way of life in the face of terrorism wherever it may be.”

    National Psy-op memorial

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