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6 days ago

Outstanding conversation between Sarah and ZeroOne. Typo also is terrific and a knowledgeable contributor, when not overtalking others. I am only 130 minutes in, but this is top notch stuff. The discussion of artificial intelligence, the nature of the place in which we exist, sex, immigration, and the nature of the controllers was excellent and unfortunately rarely discussed topics. Sarah’s observation of sex being used as a weapon for both men and women was on target. Very good rapport with Sarah and ZeroOne, each of them pushing the limits of the discussion with the other while remaining respectful. Thanks to… Read more »

6 days ago

Wow .. next level. Sarah is quite the feminine voice here, balancing true femininity with true anger against all the fake influences maligning us all for too long. Yes, “Women!,” what’s not to love? Well, that is, until they’re corrupted by the world. Which, guess what ladies.. You ultimately lose. You lose the real beauty as well. You trade a BMW, a condo, whatever, pimping yourself, selling yourself for financial security? Health is more important, mental, physical, beauty, truth, approach-ability, innocence, as we were created. God forbid you are ever “poor,” financially “destitute”, you can’t fly to the Bahamas on… Read more »

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