911 retrospective from Canada’s largest radio station

Interesting discussion about the 9/11 story including reporters walking around the staged scene at the world trade center area.

Here’s a couple clips of the “coincidence” where they were videoing the radio studio at the time for a future documentary.

[CityNews 680: 30 Years in the Rearview] The Day The World Changed #citynews68030YearsInTheRearview
https://podcastaddict.com/citynews-680-30-years-in-the-rearview/episode/159215266 via @PodcastAddict

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9 months ago

woman saw a man falling with a red tie
red tie means war baby
and a diner full of waitresses wairing alice costumes ,it’s like listening to a child describe seeing there favourite characters at disneyland , obviously a shit ton of character actors running about making themselves seen

all them masonic firemen disappeared, liber oz

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