Alex Jones revealed operation lockstep in 2010

Alex said “pick a side” long before I did.

Chris Sky made the show and is back on today.

Alex has been right on too many topics to ignore, even if he’s accused of being CO.

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Active Member
3 years ago

He’s right because he has a draught of the script

3 years ago

I was in line outside the post office behind a very angry lady– she swore at someone walking in ahead of her and as he left her eyes followed him and landed on me, no mask. She told me to get back six feet, which I did, and we had a brief exchange, and I was polite, suggesting she should not be so angry. I was still in line when she was at the window, and she turned to me and said that I must listen to that Alex Jones guy. I said calmly “You don’t know me.” And that… Read more »