Are quaxxines the new hail Mary’s?

The China Class continues its ruthless ways to subjugate their territories and possessions (including you) and set them up for future takeover.

A nonprofit organization tied to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration paid to charter the flight that carried her to visit her father, but Whitmer paid for a seat, her administration said Friday.

I note this story to point out that they seemingly add “they were quaxxinated” in order to absolve them of any wrongdoing – a type of penitence.

“Tonight’s revelations raise additional questions and concerns surrounding the financial arrangements of Gov. Whitmer’s secret, unvaccinated trip to Florida on a private jet,” Goodman said.

The governor received her doses of COVID-19 vaccine in mid-April and April 29.

We really are moving to the Covidian Cult world.


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