Cat McGuire and John Friend on the Gaza operation

Good interview with an interesting writer.

The AFP Report – Cat McGuire ?? 2023-11-01 • ? 01:17:05 • ? 36 MB Podcast: The Realist Report Author: The Realist Report Web player: Episode: On this edition of The AFP Report, we’re joined by Cat McGuire, who describes herself on her Substack page as “a grassroots truth and freedom activist in opposition to the globalist agenda.” Cat joins us to talk about her background and experience in the alternative media, her involvement in anti-war and medical freedom activism, her views about the nature of power in America and the unipolar world order, the conflict in the Middle East and Zionist power in the world, and much more! Below are relevant links for this podcast: Israel agrees to U.S. request to delay Gaza invasion- WSJ – Reuters U.S. Quietly Expands Secret Military Base in Israel – The Intercept Al-Aqsa Storm Was Not a False Flag – Dr. Kevin Barrett Netanyahu rejects calls for ceasefire and resignation as he calls war against Hamas ‘battle of civilization against barbarians’ – Jewish Telegraphic Agency White House convenes meeting to address spike in campus antisemitism during Israel-Hamas war – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Hundreds arrested at NYC’s Grand Central as pro-Palestinian rallies take place across the globe – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Corporate media censors mass protests against Israeli genocide in Gaza – World Socialist Website Subscribe to America’s last real newspaper today!

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