FAK779-Fakenukes Phil on Gaza Fakery

  1. Justin Trudeau Draws Backlash for Posting Son’s ‘Beheaded’ Halloween Costume
  2. Fakenukes
  3. Phil email <fakenukes48@gmail.com>
  4. Uploaded to Phil’s channel read the comments https://www.bitchute.com/video/eiX4CM99MyNs/

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7 months ago

so phil jayhan is lets roll forums ,they are the hollow tower fucks i take it .does that resolve the miniatures collapsing in houseclowns eyes ? we didnt see any pink elephants in the collapse so we can conclude the towers were emptied of all pink elephants same as the clues forum muppets trying to resolve the ejected dust outwards with cgi , if you boys ever decide to watch the collapse ,imagine a piston pulling down and ejecting the dust and miniature beams to scale outwards ,c.g.i. hhaah sorry i do larf at the shambolic explanations because you can’t… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by napoleon wilson
7 months ago

33.33 motorized mannequins from the temple of doom with flailing arms and legs ,

bo selecta
fake nukes phil is phunny,so will he progress ,can he break his programming ? phind out next week.

Last edited 7 months ago by napoleon wilson
7 months ago

Great show! Speaking of bombing events being used for redevelopment projects, you got to see the Nashville’s renewal plans for 1st and 2nd avenue after the 2020 Christmas bombing. Agenda 21 compliant? -you bet your ass!


But you got to love the hoaxsters’ sense of humor with connecting the Christmas bomber with national lampoon’s cousin Eddie coming to ruin Christmas in his crappy rv! The bomber even looks like a younger Eddie Money which probably no coincidence to hint at the name “Eddie”.

“That there’s an RV”

Nashville bomber’s headshotcomment image

Younger Eddie Money headshot

7 months ago

The audio cuts out at the end. Was there more show than 1 hour and 27 minutes?