FAC1321-Lewiston ICE

We talk about the Lewiston Maine shooter and other topics of the day.

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7 months ago

The Bay City Rollers were introduced to be
the beatles follow up band but it all fell apart because they tried to use regular working class blokes who were managed by a rampant paedophile called
Tam Paton

7 months ago

Ab, any reason why this audio chat is being republished when it was originally posted on Saturday? Was something updated?

7 months ago

frank says ori – ginal around 220 ,i laugh everytime haha ,and a great summary from ken in relation to a.i. and the beatles new song

then we have some beatles talk ,

7 months ago

the ben affleck voice on ptrippah does put a face to the voice ,and do you know in ten years still not put a face to voice with ab or farce or a few others ,and i expected couple of good ol boys on chris kendall and john adams whiskers n shit i reckon ptrippah is better looking than ben affleck anyway i wandered ,ptrippah does finding out no one died on 911 and the buildings being empty help you digest that fireworks display we saw then ab asks battfleck about the schofield bible ,i am not familliar so heres… Read more »

7 months ago

a really great chat between ab and cck,cck asks what band replaced the beatles ,and tells us about elvis possible double amongst others ken really enjoyed your and abs musings ,yes it all matters ken lies are lies ,and i would enjoy you and a volunteer maybe addressing any of the topics you hit upon,ken years ago fakeologists would put together audios on blog topics this is what made fakeologist audiochat really special was bowies heterochromia duplicated so what band did replaced the beatles? i’d say abba or stones ,but the manc in me will always associate the 70s with… Read more »

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