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Tucker Carlson and Thomas Massey it’s the Jews and the military industrial complex

As usual, follow the money.

AIPAC is the most powerful non-registered foreign lobby group in the entire United States. It appears they’re using the Jews and playing the Jew card every single day.

Candace Owens speaks truth about vaccines

I’m glad John at the No Agenda show trashed Candace because it made me look up what she actually is saying and what she is saying is the truth. So good to see.

They started talking about her at the 8 minute mark. John is just wrong about polio. Polio is simply a branding of symptoms of chemical poisoning that caused paralysis. It is the same modus operandi as AIDS and covid. It is not a virus.

[No Agenda] 1523 – “Tank Talk” ? @adamcurry via @PodcastAddict