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3 years ago

right now the Corona committee (Reiner Füllmich) is streaming their current meeting, extremely interesting as always. They do it live every Friday between 11:00 and 17:00. Today we learned the Covid vaccine is not a vaccine, but a genetic manipulation and that Wikipedia uses a network of people working full time to put dirt on any critics. In Germany the media already wrote, the vaccinated people will have no advantages at all in comparison to the non vaccinated people. They are not safe from getting covid, they can infect others as well as non vaccinated people, they will get no… Read more »

3 years ago

I believe he is suggesting that NO vax insert or evidence would convince the fearful traumatized public otherwise. I agree with him. We must be careful not to blame the traumatized victim, but re-direct any blame to the enemy who has abused mankind for lifetimes. The NPC meme is another false devious enemy technique to create division and animosity among us, feebly attempting to obscure the system that has created the victims. He is also very accurate describing the details of medical training, as a clear example of trauma-based mind control. That is also why states require “continuing medical education”… Read more »