FAC1420-Sunday Sermons

Featuring another all star cast of

esoterick_, rezmuttjeff, livingman1, anounceofsaltperday, velo4077, fakeologistv8, dwrex_, tobysfreedom, farcevalue, zero_one_fakeologist, lindac33andcounting

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18 days ago

Zero_one…I’ve been listening back again to your interaction with the one called ‘farce-value’, who of late is living up to the literal meaning of his avatar. You are sharp as a tack!!! I hear people coming at you with pathetic reasoning, emotional, fallacious, just ridiculous statements,,,wasted dead air… But amidst all the shite directed at you, you manage to hold your focus and position… you are the blacksmith, you are sharp as a knife and you do hold your edge… WELL DONE MAN!!! But,,,, hold off on the ‘Farce’ comments about blacksmiths building guillotines…just work on your own ‘edge’ and… Read more »

19 days ago

@zero_one. I hear you and feel you brother. Your anger is your strength (imo) And your correct, of course… either that (get angry) or end up an impotent, spineless jellyfish out of water… I can give you my 10cents worth, but Iv got at least a buck fifty.??? Gotta try and harness that energy, temper it, like working steel. You take mild steel, strong malleable, versatile, then put it through the flame, beat on it, quench in water or oil, then repeat,,,(wholly shite, am i high:) work with it and the strong malleable becomes a hardened plate, A knife that… Read more »

20 days ago

At the end of the show Ab asked anyone listening to msg him if they could…I was and did… Then Ab emailed me back asking if I could post my response on the show comments. Here is the email I sent to him…funny, because I can’t seem to find what I thought I listened to…lol I’m very tired… I and Linda chatting at the end, I was asleep and I woke to you and Linda chatting at the end, and you mentioned my retail,,, And then you, Linda summarised my main point. They don’t want us to have family. And… Read more »

20 days ago
Reply to  strangebird

Ab, some strange shit is a foot, ^^^^
This has been messed with…
It was a cut paste from my email and it’s wrong…
Seen this shit before on the Facebook…
Can iy be taken down please so I can try again,,,when I have time…??? Please

20 days ago
Reply to  fakeologist

It’s just the top one,^^^ ie the email sent to you… just found time to look at them properly and I guess it’s not too crazy altered. I have a life time of paranoia and emotional triggering with spelling typos, so that adds to my aggravation… I had one bugger of a time trying to post it, it kept dropping the first paragraph from my cut paste…. I would hand fill the missing paragraph and then all kinds of shite would unfold, basically it wouldn’t upload/ disappear…then copy paste and repeat Now it appears that a bit in the middle… Read more »

20 days ago

Near the end of the of the call Ab and Linda mentioned sewing and sewing machines and how women and TRANSMEN should start relearning the art…. it hit me hard,,, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A TRANSMAN,,,, is this not an oxymoron ¿ Can we stop using this ridiculous language? Please… It is not premonition of shitzOphrenic fallacious language? Leading to a schizophrenic fallacious society? This is mental illness 101…these so-called people don’t exist…they are poor broken schizophrenic mentally ill MEN or WOMAN. FULL STOP….We need to stop feeding the fake narrative. Ps. My new mum/partner does sew, we… Read more »

23 days ago

At around 2:15 ab and co are talking about dialectics. I recently wrote this about the dialectic ‘trick’: — I think its a variation of the hegelian dialectic – thesis > antithesis > synthesis or problem > reaction > solution. The trick is that the whole dialectic already contains the assumption you want to proceed with. And that the assumption you want to be accepted can be false. That is the trick, and how people swallow the lie. And why – if you are the controller of the proposal (aka “they”) – you don’t care what is chosen, only that a consensus is… Read more »