Fear kills

1/: Avicenna was a Persian scientist, who lived 1000 years
ago. He put two lambs in separate cages, which had the same health conditions. But only one lamb could see a wolf that was put in a third cage. The observations were astounding. (h/t @farmer_student) ??a thread??Image
2/: Both lambs were provided with the same feed. Also, the weight was exactly the same when the experiment started. Several months later, the lamb with sight on the wolf became cranky, restless, weak, and showed a significant weight loss and signs of poor development. 
3/: The lamb that was under chronic stress as it was placed in a situation of constant apparent danger died eventually. ?? In fact, the wolf did not pose a danger at all, but this was beyond the lamb’s perception. 
4/: This experiment showed that increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol have a bad impact on the metabolism of mammals. And 1000 years after this experiment, we are facing a similar situation again but with the difference that we are aware of the impact of stress. 

5/: Currently, we are overwhelmed with medial and governmental propaganda with respect to a common cold virus (that might hypothetically be more lethal though) that doesn’t do harm to the majority of the people. Extreme global measures are taken.

6/: These measures include:
?? Being locked away (#StayHome, curfew, etc.)
?? Closing all sports facilities
?? Restricting social life
?? Destroying livelihoods (i.e. uncertain futures)
?? Promoting social divide and destroying families
?? Using unsufficiently-tested vaccines 
7/: Almost everybody on this planet is living in constant fear. Feer and internal unrest is the dominant feeling that people have, especially as media constantly outdo themselves with respect to #fearporn and #gaslighting methods.

8/: As Avicenna showed, this method is totally counterproductive. The mammal homo sapiens requires the feeling of security and comfort to strive. Constant stress leads to cytokine storms that cause chronic inflammations and thus a weaker immune system. This is general knowledge.Image
9/: It is surely not about our health, otherwise we would not observe the following events:
?? Censorship
?? Suppression of evidence
?? Constant vaccine commercials/propaganda (people would take them voluntarily in a real pandemic)
?? Closed schools and restaurants [continues] 
10/: [continued]
?? Introduction of the new normal
?? A test that actually creates cases
?? Testing asymptomatics
?? Destroying the middle class
?? The ‘Event 201’ and Gov. Panic Papers
?? Re-labelling of dead people
?? Empty hospitals and dancing staff
?? Survival rate of 99+% 
11/: The survival rate is an important factor. It is very high, compared to the observed one in the lamb-experiment. Given the stress, it is very hard to determine the root cause of the observed slightly above-average death rate. But was it due to the measures or the virus? 
12/: I am convinced that the majority of excess-fatalities is caused by the measures. I think that if we had tested the global population for the (currently extinct) flu using a similar high-Ct PCR test, then we would have observed much higher flu-related facility numbers. 
13/: And now imagine a Western country that totally forewent spreading medial fear (and no, Swedish media did so too) but instead promoted healthy food, doing sports, fought loneliness, and thus took away the fear from the citizens. A better outcome for society? Yes, I think so. 
14/: My assumptions are underpinned by a high amount of scientific publications. This one written by Glaser and Glaser (1999) deals with chronic stress and mortality among older adults. jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/…
16/: It is definitely time to enlighten people that the measures are most likely designed to cause social and economic destruction instead of keeping us healthy. The only class that profits from the current events is the top 1% and their political servants – our shepherds.Image
17/: And yet, most of the sheep keep on trusting the malicious shepherds, although there is considerable evidence that unmasks their underlying objective.Image
18/: I think the main problem is that science is currently being misused. The pandemic became a matter of belief and it usually requires severe events to lose faith in something that one really believed in. This is why even persuasive arguments won’t convince COVID’s witnesses. 
19/: The good news is that the upcoming events will cause many personal misfortunes. Whenever we observe such an individual fate, we can provide support to that person to eventually bring back sanity and rationalism to this beautiful planet to ensure a worthwhile future.???
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Active Member
3 years ago

save your energy for the gulag , keep smiling

3 years ago

This is really fascinating. In a way, those of us that can see the evil might be more negatively affected than those that cannot. I admit that I am often overwhelmed by all the evil the perps are doing and I recognize that it is negatively affecting me. I make sure to exercise and do things that will help and I hope it is enough.