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napoleon wilson

so that is why nolans movies are basic wizard of oz programming .

inception which is the acuteness of star wars and its obtuce angles put into a dream world where the goal is to put an idea in someones head without them knowing you did it , inception

prestige is about the filming of 911 and the fact that everything was doubled right down to the smallest detail , cloned by tesla ha ha ha just a miniature probably 1/38 size , the answer in the prestige is there was a double all along shhh, the prestige

tenet is inversion we get oz programming ha ,mask wearing . gun grabbing in fights .i dont wann ruin my vids , cant ruin tenet theres people whov seen it and dont know what its about . its finale is in an abandoned mine yellow in colour with agreenish mountain next to it ,emerald city? with trump ozs tower being rebuilt and demolished by red and blue flying monkeys , tenet

interstellar is the an amagamation of different hustlers and predictions , from onestone to clarke but because of the coming covaids nolens adds a bat spaceship doing a leap into the blackhole social distancing especially at the new york base ball game and an effort to save theworld called lazarus ,( operation warpspeed)

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