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    Tom Dalpra

    Xilef, no way is the very interesting and worthy of exploration: Bethnal Green Tube crush related to football. Haha. (your yellow man was a genius spot, if you ask me).

    Call me a pedant, but ”I won’t have it!”
    You know the drill captain 😀

    The thing is – valued research partner – you’ve contributed a lot to this football thread and I’d like to think your work is presented in an order that does it justice.

    All that said, all these things are informative of each other, I’m sure we’d agree. The small-world. The Anfield Crematorium burials of a key Policeman from Bethnal Green.


    tom, have you ever heard of joe meek?

    I like the Adidas Telstar observation. I’ll have to look at the ball.

    Then number one smash promotional record Telstar.

    These popular culture references. Very powerful.

    We definitely need a rock’n’roll thread.


    Tom Dalpra

    This caught my eye – Jon-Paul Gilhooley, aged ten, cousin of future Liverpool F.C. captain Steven Gerrard, was the youngest person to die. Gerrard has said the disaster inspired him to lead the team he supported as a boy and become a top professional football player. The oldest person to die at Hillsborough was 67-year-old Gerard Baron, brother of the late Liverpool player Kevin Baron. -wikidpedia

    Well it makes a tidy story doesn’t it? It’s 25 th anniversary of Hillsborough little Stevie G just turning 9 years old when his cousin tragically died there, the youngest victim. It was the disaster that inspired him to be Liverpool captain. He’s always said that.

    It’s the 25th anniversary of Hillsborough. Liverpool look good to win the league this year at the moment. Gerard has scored 11 penalties this season…

    Steven Gerrard – like Andy Murray. They’re both great players…connected with a famous tragedy ( Murray with Dunblane) …both about 9 when their respective incident occurred…are you thinking what I am?

    Great sports players – as in actors, or maybe spactors (sorry). Bred for success. Controlled entities, penciled in from childhood, with scripted sporting lives. To go along with a big themes and linked to a psyop. Did their families help with the ops and do deals?

    Steven Gerard( England Captain) just put Luis Suarez through with a big ‘accidental’ back header, for Uruguay to go two-one-up in the big World Cup game.


    Steven Gerard: I’ve said he’s an agent. That ( Uruguay 2 England 1) game was rather a big example of what might be making me think that.

    Just prior to making the back-header Gerard was pictured in close-up, shouting orders to his team. Rallying the troops like the main-man.

    mmm next thing the Uruguyan keeper punts the ball out and Gerard puts his arch opponent here (domestic clubmate), a world-class finisher, directly through for a goal. BIG ERROR. Like that slip in the key game of the season against Chelsea that I posted above…I’ve seen more…you look at it and it looks so accidental and of course one ‘slip’ doesn’t make a ringer, but they add up.

    After he made the mistake in the game tonight, he made one terrible over-played pass at a crucial moment and
    then at the death he might have messed-up a headed chance. I couldn’t tell. They didn’t replay that chance.

    Looks like the goal was accidentally on purpose, to me. We have to see football, as effectively, controlled theatre I think. Game over, anyway.

    Steven Gerard owns an island. He’ll be alright. What a ‘player’.

    Extra stat. Manchester Utd had no more than one penalty (kick)awarded against them at home in 21 years. 400 games, roughly.
    Then this season they had three in one game awarded against them. The recipient? Liverpool Captain, Steven Gerard. Go figure.



    i’m no futebol aficionado; but i do like to watch talented athletes at their craft, so i am familiar with some of the big names.

    the thing is, except for the occasional goalie, the united states doesn’t produce the type of talent that should be able to hang with a team that is bringing michael feckin essein off the bench. i know dempsey was ok in england and bradley played for roma (came back to north america to get some run), but come on, i even recognized a lot of the ghanaian players.

    and to my untrained eye some of these players just don’t look like they are athletic enough to hang out there. i know they supposedly have good ball skills and what not, but players like gerard and pirlo seem more performance artist than athlete to me.

    Tom Dalpra

    Yeh, effectively that. Pirlo is a real stroller. Gerard is a fit guy, but I start to see them built more like soldiers with some of these agents. Not athletes as you suggest.



    Football, or Soccer, and the U.S. is an interesting one. It occurs to me that control of major sport is a chosen tool of propaganda by the globalists and linked directly with major psyops like the Boston Marathon hoax and Woolwich(DLR) and that it appears that it would be a benefit to global interests to have a global game that could influence everybody.

    The will seems there. In the UK, we see certain US ‘Players’ like John Henry ( Boston Globe et al) owning English football team Liverpool ( Gerard’s team ), then the Glazers at Manchester Utd and
    a big Walmart connection at Arsenal.

    Much of the world has Football now. Massive in Asia, all of Europe, Africa, South America…but NOT the US. It’s still not massive in the U.S.

    The thing is, North America has ‘Soccer’. The word ‘soccer’ is half the problem, I think. For North Americans to embrace the ‘World Game’ they have to get their heads round the word ‘football’.

    Mass-communication works on a broad simple level.

    What’s in a name? Well if you’re from anywhere else in the world, you can’t have a conversation with someone in North America, about something you call ‘football’ without it getting confusing. You have to call it soccer. It’s totally understandable because North Americans invented a new game – “Gridiron” football developed in the late 19th century out of the older games related to the games now known as rugby football and association football – winki
    and it’s is massively popular. The very emotions that the controllers tap in to through sports, like loyalty and passion help the name stick firm. People love their football in North America. BUT it’s not the World’s ‘Football’.

    There’s nothing wrong with the word ‘soccer’. It was and is, accepted as ‘short for football’. It was a natural idea to call it that originally to avoid confusion. Gridiron kept the football name – and why not?

    The thing is if you want a global game
    association Football nearly fits the bill. Nearly…

    You can try and get ‘soccer’ into a culture through the women…where does it get you? Lots of ‘soccer’ mums…USA famously winning the women’s World Cup?..David Beckham in Hollywood? Yes, yes, yes…


    But you’ve still got the problem of the name. The truth is you literally can’t get ‘football’ into North America. It’s already there.


    What if the USA were fixed to win the World Cup? That would be a good way of promoting the game in North America. I’m gonna ‘have a pound’ on them just in case! I want to make it clear this in not a prediction. I’ll be betting them on the exchanges for a very small stake as a ‘trade -able’ outsider. I fancy a decent run maybe.

    Who will it be fixed to win it? Well I do continue to wonder. Furthermore, what narratives will be presented along the way?

    Here’s one maybe:


    Spain – with their red shirts -have won the last three major championships- 6 years of international supremacy -right in sync with their economic crisis – it’s the end of an era for them now though, knocked-out last night….quirky how a new Spanish King was all over my television here in the uk today. Yes today saw the swearing-in or whatever of a new Spanish monarch.

    The nations united sense of pride, was ‘up for grabs’ today, I would suggest. Out with the old…


    Tom Dalpra


    Ah, yeh, I thought so. Gerard. He’s been doing it for years. Here’s the 2004 European Championship. Same deal! Gerard makes a mistake late on and passes to Zidane to score and England lose that BIG game 2-1.

    Amazing. How much proof do you need? And who notices?

    Go to 3:15 of this youtube for the commentary.

    In my understanding, goalkeepers are crucial in fixing games. It would make
    sense in retrospect that the guy called ”Calamity” James – the England goalkeeper there ^ was also a career agent of fixing and earned his nickname
    by pulling a few deliberate stunts.

    This one from another BIG game – watch from about 6:30:

    And this big game – laid on a plate (AGAIN) for a star player again on the opposing team to score the winner.

    And not forgetting this quite recent example – posted earlier.


    Tom Dalpra


    smj highlighted the ADIDAS TELSTAR propaganda a few posts back. I found it interesting to look at the balls in view of what a simple, wide-reaching way of promoting something they were. What can I say? ”I like balls.” I’ve cut and pasted from the link above with a few of my thoughts in bold. I leave it here as a reference.

    Since 1970, a new one comes out every World Cup ( four years) and ‘everyone in the World uses it until the next one comes out.

    So what have we had over the years?

    smj’s Telstar : Mexico, 1970

    Adidas started to make soccer balls in 1963 but made the first official FIFA World Cup ball in 1970. This is the first ball used in the World Cup to use the Buckminster type of design. Also, the first ball with 32 black and white panels. The TELSTAR was more visible on black and white televisions (1970 FIFA World Cup Mexico™ was the first to be broadcast live on television).

    This speaks for itself. A racy new design and the first official FIFA ball. Satellites…

    Made in France too- the French connection. FIFA was founded in Paris on 21 May 1904;

    The Telstar 1970


    Telstar Durlast R : West Germany, 1974
    Two match balls were used in 1974 – adidas Telstar was updated with new black branding replacing the gold branding and a new all-white version of Telstar named adidas Chile was introduced. 1974 was also the first time World Cup match balls could carry names and logos.

    The white Chile version? Post ‘revolution’ 9/11/73 – Pinochet’s Chile gets a racy bit of a boost?



    Telstar Chile 1974.


    Tango Durlast: Argentina, 1978 The ball design represented elegance, dynamism and passion.
    Tango Durlast by Adidas was the official match ball of 1978 FIFA World Cup in Argentina.It introduced a new design which would be used for the next twenty years: Twenty identical panels with ‘triads’ created the impression of 7 circles. It was the most expensive ball in history, at the time, with a £50 price tag. Like its predecessors, the adidas tango durlast was made of genuine leather and boasted the shiny waterproofing durlast coating.

    £50? In 1978? That was a lot of money. Triads, seven circles? The Tango would last through Argentina to Spain. An understandable name perhaps? I can’t read anything into it. Maybe it was a soda advert. ”You’ve been tangoed”.

    Excuse me, I’m being silly. It’s not a serious suggestion.

    The Tango: Argentina ’78


    Tango Espana: Spain, 1982
    Adidas introduced a new ball which had rubber inlaid over the seams to prevent water from seeping through. The first ball with water-resistant qualities. General wear from kicking however meant the rubber began to wear after a short time and needed to be replaced during the game. The last genuine leather world cup ball
    TangO – sPAIN ’82

    As the broad reference again perhaps, we see the consistency -’78 Argentina -’82 Spain, with the name Tango and the design of the ball asserting a link between Argentina and Spain – common ground if you will – linking them. The broad latin promotion of old, new World Order perhaps?
    Italy Won The World Cup in 1982 – bringing the Latin feelgood factor, back ‘home’.


    Azteca : México, 1986

    The FIFA World Cup Mexico, saw the introduction of the first polyurethane coated ball which was rain-resistant. The first synthetic match ball, with good qualities on hard and wet surfaces.

    The ball was the first to include designs inspired by the host nation. The Azteca was elegantly decorated with designs inspired by Mexico’s Aztec architecture and murals.
    Azteca -1986

    Etrusco: Italy, 1990
    The first ball with an internal layer of black polyurethane foam. The name and design paid homage to Italy’s history and the fine art of the Etruscans.

    Azteca and Etrusco…two ancient history references related to…balls. An appeal to a broad latin base? Hijacking those ancient people and aligning them with football.

    Estruco 1990

    Questra: USA, 1994
    – FIFA World Cup USA, 1994, official ball which was enveloped in a layer of polystyrene foam.

    This not only made it more waterproof but allowed the ball greater acceleration when kicked. The new game ball felt softer to the touch. Improved ball control and higher velocity during play.

    The ball’s design represents space technology, high velocity rockets and America’s “quest for the stars.”

    Haha. The USA – So spacey racey. ‘ Developed in a layer of polystyrene foam’. What the hell does that mean? It reminds me of lunar modules covered in foil. Following Azteca and Estruco -Questra by Adidas was the official match ball of 1994 FIFA World Cup in United State. The name was derived from an ancient word meaning “the quest for the stars.”
    Questra 1994
    Tricolore: France, 1998

    By 1998, FIFA World Cup France was played with a ball which sported the French red-white-blue tri-color. A complete departure from the old traditional black and white pattern. The first official World Cup colored soccer ball. The TRICOLORE used underglass print technology with a thin layer of syntactic foam.

    Ooh COR, wow. They put colour on the ball for the first time in 1998.
    I don’t know about you but I love a thin layer of syntactic foam.

    Tricolore 1998

    ICON Women’s World Cup 1999 Match Ball

    The first ball specially designed for the Women’s World Cup

    Fevernova – introduced Women’s 2002 – Japan.

    Fevernova TM : Korea Japan, 2002
    For FIFA World Cup Korea Japan, 2002, Adidas created a new ball made up of thicker inner layers to increase the accuracy of the ball in flight. Fevernova included a refined syntactic foam layer that allowed for more precise and predictable flight path. Asian culture inspired the revolutionary colorful look.
    Fevernova – Korea/Japan.

    Teamgeist Germany, Berlin and Final Ball 2006
    A radically new configuration reduced the amount of panel touch points forming a smooth and perfectly round exterior that improved accuracy and control. Prior to the Teamgeist, the surface of World Cup match balls had notable differences depending on where a player would strike the ball due to seams, ridges and other imperfections where panels come together. The revolutionary propeller design of the Teamgeist minimized corners and created a smoother surface for improved play. The ball was designed with traditional colors of the German flag and was accentuated with the golden color of the World Cup trophy.

    The plus sign in its name was introduced for trademark purposes, since the regular German word Teamgeist, meaning “team spirit”, could not be trademarked.

    Team spirit – nicked.
    Teamgeist 2006

    Jabulani – the Official Match Ball for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

    The Jabulani ( a Zulu word meaning ‘rejoice’) featured a new grip n groove technology that provided players a ball with stable flight and grip under all conditions. With eight thermally bonded 3-D panels that were spherically molded for the first time, the Jabulani was more round and accurate than its predecessors.

    Now that was the blurb, but in reality this ball turned out to be a bit of a joke. Far from providing stable flight, it flew all over the place making it a nightmare for goalkeepers. While it was fun to play with to an extent it was seriously questioned.
    Jubulani -2010

    2011 Women’s World Cup Official Match Ball – SpeedCell



    2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Adidas Brazuca

    Brazuca was confirmed as the match ball name after a public vote in Brazil, participated in by more than one million soccer fans in the host country.

    ”The word “Brazuca” has a double meaning, used as a term for Brazilians living abroad — including its many footballers — but also as slang used to describe national pride or anything “Brazilianish.”

    Brazuca 2014

    Some may say this post is a load of balls about a load of balls. I say, ”bollocks.”



    Tom – are you ready to look into the “2010 Duisbury Love Parade disaster”?
    Plenty of footage – but I don’t see anything going on. Fuzzy images, jerked cameras, relaxed people…
    starting point:

    It’s ridiculous. I think you’ll appreciated the imagery at 8.48 et seq…straight out of the Libyan People’s Bureau reciple book.

    Tod im Tunnel….Death in the tunnel….Hmmmm
    A total of 21 people died, 13 women and eight men, aged between 18 and 38 years. 14 were reported to be Germans, 7 men and 7 women. Among the seven casualties of other nationalities were two Spanish women aged 21 and 22 years, a 38-year-old Chinese woman living in Germany,[18] a 22-year-old man from the Netherlands,[19] a 21-year-old woman from Italy,[20] a 21-year-old woman from Bosnia-Herzegovina, and a 27-year-old woman from Australia.[21][22] Fifteen died at the site, six died in hospital.

    I came across this through an Australian – Maltese disaster evacuation scientist at Greenwich, Ed Galea, who has, er, studied evacuation of the North Tower WTC…;jsessionid=6A2115B5091A17C5629FDBCD5BD37E8C.f02t03
    . A data elicitation tool designed for the purpose comprised a pre-interview questionnaire followed by a one-to-one interview protocol consisting of free-flow narratives and semi-structured interviews of WTC evacuees.

    This paper briefly describes the methodologies employed in the collection and storage of first-hand accounts of evacuation experiences derived from face-to-face interviews with evacuees from the World Trade Centre (WTC) Twin Towers complex on 11 September 2001 and the development of the High-rise Evacuation Evaluation Database (HEED). The main focus of the paper is to present an overview of the preliminary analysis of data derived from the evacuation of the North Tower with an emphasis on frequency of occupant stoppages on stairs, occupant stair travel speeds and occupant response times. The paper also describes some of the evacuation modelling analyses of the evacuation of the North Tower undertaken as part of project HEED


    This is relevant to the Hillsborough study.

    Galea also has pronounced on the curious case of the Wilhelm Gutsloff in 1945…the deadliest of all maritime disasters…

    with “eyewitnesses’ recollections”

    Tom Dalpra


    Just a Coincidence? Wednesday 18th June the big story – run in harmony with the omni-present World Cup in the mainstream press here in the UK – was: ”ISIS and a mass shooting.”

    Vague varying figures ‘tens’, ‘hundreds’ the word ‘alleged’, the usual signs, in fact, we knowit’s bullshit.

    The psyop narrative, spelled-out to us in big colour pictures, was that the good guys were being rounded up by Isis guys and shot en masse.

    In prominent images we saw a red football shirt with a number 17 and Nani written on it.


    Sunday 22nd 5 minutes into the game USA V PORTUGAL number 17 Nani of Portugal bears down on goal and brilliant goalkeeper Tim Howard bizarrely sits on his backside and, boom, Nani scores.

    Well…was that on purpose? Was that staged picture of ( I hope ) fake victims foreshadowing that Nani goal? I think my stance is, I have to seriously consider it.

    We understand the power of these images. The men being led to their deaths, one in a football shirt, red, it says 17 Nani, there’s blood.

    Yes, I think about it and I’m pretty sure this is a clear example of sports foreshadowing in psyop media and that Nani’s goal was always meant to happen.

    What does it mean? It’s a reference, for one and it would have to mean the football is controllable to that level.

    That the equalising goal in the last moment of the game came from number 18 on the Potuguese side, depriving the USA an historic automatic qualification, I have to ask: Is this designed to wind you American chaps up?

    Here’s the another ominous from that op narrative – next pic after the Nani one on the thread I read…

    And I just couldn’t help noticing that this was the early Reuters picture – the only one available, I could find, of Varela from the match…’Funny’ I thought, ‘why isn’t it of him scoring or celebrating? Not because of the eleven… surely they couldn’t have attention to that much detail, could they?


    How prominent were/are these images in the States, I wonder?

    Maybe it’s just a coincidence…

    For the record. Numbers 13 and 8 scored for the US.
    No.8 Dempsey is the US Captain. In my understanding the International Captains are very likely key ‘players’. Dempsey was a class act at times in England. Excellent footballers make excellent key players. Christiano Ronaldo supplied the cross for the last minute thriller. It takes a special player to pull that move off. He delivers. There’s still skill to admire.

    Nugget: Today is the Birthday of Zinedine Zidane, Patrick Vierra and Papin…


    After pre-tournament match fixing accusations regarding Nigerians we now get the Ghanayans being implicated. As I suggested earlier on the thread it seemed a deliberate attempt to misdirect and discredit Africans as perceived cheats in harmony with other Hoko-Bunkum , mumbo-jumbo.

    I spoke to that on the thread at the bottom link. It’s worth looking at theprice1’s video following my post as we see a great example of : ‘did-he-make-it-look-obvious-on-purpose? -own goals’.



    Yorath = 7+6+9+1+2+8 = 33


    Murray = 4+3+9+9+1+7 = 33
    Gerrard = 7+5+9+9+1+9+4 = 44
    11 on 11, 22 players at a time.

    Nice observations, I believe the reason actors and athletes are paid as they are is for the incentive of suppressing the truth.

    Tom Dalpra

    Certainly works like that, I reckon Z.

    On the numbers

    – Andy Murray ( from Dunblane Scotland) won Wimbledon – the first Brit for 77 years to do so – on 7/7/2013 – tidy.

    – USA drew 2 -2 with Portugal on the 22nd. A memorable game. Nice programming.

    – Regarding the shirt numbers I saw in the photographs. I also did see a number 19 further down on the story board of pictures from that day.
    After the yellowman shot there was no sign of football numbers until
    a white shirt with a number 19 on it.

    (It’s perhaps worth noting the blue shirt behind with the obscured number.)

    The 19 does follow sequence – it could be this is merely a coincidence again, but with the realisation of the 17 and 18 it’s worth considering, I think, for those interested in such things.

    The 19 is on a white shirt – if we are to perhaps continue the presented narrative to the next USA game I now sense it could mean that 19 knocks them out. Some kind of broad subliminal, but what do i know?, I’m just supposing.

    This shirt is not on the back of a victim in this instance. I don’t know if this would make a difference. It could be just a subtle hidden detail.

    19 in a white shirt. USA PLAY Germany on Thursday. Big stakes. The white shirt is interesting. Who will wear the white 19 shirt ( they both wear white as first choice)? When we know that, we’ll have a name and a player to watch. It might

    be the hat-trick.


    19 – Arab hijackers


    Tom Dalpra

    Tonight Brazil just scored the 100th goal of the World Cup in their 100th World Cup game.

    Things do happen like that, no doubt, sometimes, but if we consider that it may have been planned like that, then that would imply a serious level of control.



    poor chicharito couldn’t score for exactly a year.

    lot’s of stories about the mala racha.

    i’m sure there will be just as many about the dry spell ending.

    Tom Dalpra

    I don’t think this photograph is foreshadowing of Suarez’s bite but I thought I’d just mention it. I suggested it just may be related to the USA – Germany




    Tom Dalpra

    got computer issues will return!


    Tom Dalpra

    SOCCER WORLD CUP LATEST more No.19’s and those last minute goals.

    The knock-out stages are here. The Last 16.

    With Brazil and Columbia through yesterday, today we had Holland winning in a dramatic stoppage time thriller. Holland won a penalty amid justified accusations of diving, deep into injury time, and No.19 Klaas Jan Huntelaar scored the winner.

    Then, this evening we have another stoppage-time goal – from another number 19 Sokrats of Greece.

    I’m fairly confident on the fix of these last minute goals. I talk about that in an Ibrox Disaster part of this thread. That was when a dramatic last minute equaliser was said to have caused a crowd surge. ‘Last minute goals are a speciality of the fixers’, was, and is, my firm impression.

    (The stats alone say that the 90th minute and beyond is the most likely time to score a goal. It is actually true that the longer a game goes on, the more likely it is that a goal will be scored. Football is a rigged game. They simply like to rig late goals. Maximum impact. It makes s sense. )

    On the numbers, I don’t know. It’s easy to see numbers and patterns when they’re all over a field.

    I flagged-up number 19 , as suggested in the ISIS psyop picture narrative -relating to the World Cup – and then a couple of dramatic goals turn up and it’s number 19 again.

    Maybe it’s a theme?

    The late goals certainly look like more classic signs of the hidden hand.


    On number 19’s

    Check out this interesting number 19 from Stoke City in England – Jonathan Walters. I’ve been following him a little bit and he seems like another agent. He’s got a solid enough if unglamorous journeyman-pro image, but he’s a dark horse, I reckon if you really look. He the non-celebrity/shadow half of a double-act with limby celebrity footballer, Peter Crouch.


    Walters having ‘recently’ missed 4 out of eight penalties for a team scraping for every point, the question was raised: ‘Is Jon Walters the worst penalty taker ever?’ And still he kept the job. This wasn’t some high value superstar with an ego or a clause in his contract – this was just illogical.

    If you’re fixing games, it would seem like a good cover if you could have the referee award a penalty to a side ( not the favoured team) in order to give the impression of impartiality. Penalty missing seems very much part of the fixers’ art, this in view of the great prominence of penalty shoot-outs in the game.

    Here we see Walters with a couple of headed own goals in the same match and a missed penalty. The second ‘blind’ header I thought was quite skilful.

    In match fixing terms he certainly appears have played a blinder here:


    Tom Dalpra


    With only 10 days and 7 meaningful games to go in the World Cup 2014, we’re poised at the quarter final stages.

    Friday 4th –
    1.France V Germany
    2.Brazil V Colombia

    Saturday 5th July 2014-
    3. Argentina Vs Belgium
    4.Netherlands V Costa Rica

    ( The draw. The winner of game 1 plays the winner of game 2 in the semis etc.)

    So, what have we got? How will this be played-out? Who is written to win it?
    With the World-wide television audience, you can be sure it won’t pan-out by accident. ”This is PR Gold, Baby”.

    The World Cup is the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world, exceeding even the Olympic Games; the cumulative audience of all matches of the 2006 FIFA World Cup was estimated to be 26.29 billion with an estimated 715.1 million people watching the final match, a ninth of the entire population of the planet.
    ( from Wonkypedia )

    THE FIX IS IN, BUT WHO IS TO WIN? Some pre-quarter final conjecture and a case for Brazil.

    Brazil are an obvious candidate. The host nation. The 5 times winners. The football nation of football nations could bring it home. A popular choice of many a neutral worldwide perhaps, with their rich history and open joy for the game. Why not go the whole hog? Win the lot in an explosion of yellow at home. Hurrah! That’s impressive. Keep it simple. Everyone’s happy – ‘It’s Samba-time baby!’

    Brazil win- it’s a feelgood fix.

    There has always been an American winner of the World Cup when the competition has been held in the Americas. That’s 7 times out of 19 World Cups.

    That no European team has ever won in the Americas keeps football strong at home there, if you will, in the broad picture. I don’t like the expression, but it’s a reason for Americans to ‘feel proud’.

    It’s between Brazil, Argentina and Columbia unless the trend is bucked.

    – In the last 12 World Cups 4 home nations have been fixed to win it. The last one was in 1998.

    – There’s only ever been two all-American World Cup Finals -1930 and 1950 when Brazil hosted the competition and were beaten in the final by Uruguay.

    – 8 of the 19 finals have been all-European. There’s been at least one European team in the final for the last 15 World cups – 64 years.

    Brazil has a strong case. Maybe that ‘Yellowman’ I saw for the English FA Cup is a global theme too? Why not? It’s a big football Cup. Ties-in. The actual yellow shirts holding the trophy aloft. It’s an ‘into the light’ moment of mass-mind-control – perhaps? A theme used domestically in subliminal referencing here in the UK in the full knowledge this would translate to the yellow shirted Brazilian win in a July Summery burst of sun-worshiping yellow (it shouldn’t be forgotten that Columbia too, play in a yellow shirt!)?

    Best guess right now?
    (As an exercise – not a tip! see how wrong I am :-)).

    Looking at the stats, I can make a case for Brazil making the final to face either The Netherlands or Belgium – forget the other 5 teams.

    The truth is, anything could be planned.


    Tom Dalpra


    xileffilex noticed the ‘Yellowman’ in the ‘shocking’, ‘graphic’, ‘haunting’ and ‘disturbing’, images released ( by ISIS – good PR department there. They can get their stuff right in the mainstream) to run alongside World Cup coverage in the newspapers a little over a week back. Young men supposedly being led to their execution by ISIS. Mass execution. The football shirts were used to enrich the message.
    The elevens here. ”The eleventh hour, of the eleventh day of the eleventh month – we shall remember them.” Yes, thanks, I got it. The black shirts? Very nice.


    There was a clear image of a red shirt with 17 NANI in the set, as previously posted. This one was shown in sequence and I pointed to the 18 shirt.
    With NANI 17 scoring the first goal against the USA and then number 18 scoring the dramatic last minute equaliser there was certainly some strong evidence for this being foreshadowing. The Nani goal certainly. The 18 was less compelling to me but seemed possible.

    I’ve been keeping half an eye on any themes still with these images.
    An obvious shirt. Number 10 Brazil. NEYMAR. Ok, he’s a big player – an obvious shirt, as I say but remember these pictures are very contrived. Why would Neymar be shown as a victim? Is it relevant?



    All these red shirts. Red is seen as a colour of aggression.
    Teams with a red shirt have been fixed to win in the UK for years. Psychologically it’s seen as powerful.


    Neymar was apparently nobbled by the knee to the back from the number 18 in the Belgium side. In view of the punishment young Columbian main man James Rodriguez had taken during the game, this was understandable in one way.

    But I now have to ask, what if it was fake? What if this is THE BIG EXCUSE for Brazil NOT winning it? My mind goes to Ronaldo’s panic attack on the eve of the 1998 final which Brazil lost.

    I have to wonder.

    I saw an Israeli flag shown in the Argentinian crowd in their quarter final today. Aligning Israel with Argentina? In view of Neymars injury, the return of the blue and white shirt maybe?



    check up the Yorkshire police surgeon involved here – three years later he just “invited himself” to Lockerbie and did the business there again! Astonishing. I’ve not finished here yet…


    Lockerbie, now…..7/7: look who happens to be in the BMA building when the bus goes boom right outside the door and is a star witness for the official narrative at the “inquest”:
    Dr Peter John Pashley Holden

    Dr Peter Holden was already there and had taken charge as Silver medic and was clearing casualties from the bus.
    you can read his contribution to the “inquest” there.

    Essentially, we heard a loud bang. I do remember everything going salmon pink at just about the same time and, in the main office, some of the staff beginning to make a lot of commotion, and came out of the office and could see the white smoke and the tree canopy gone.

    I have never seen any satisfactory explanaton for the prevously unknown phenomenon of everything going salmon pink yet.

    He said: “I looked out of my window and right down on to it.
    “If I hadn’t had the training it would have been chaos and lives would have been lost.
    “I’ve developed a skill-set from working alongside the emergency services and outside in an environment where I have to make-do and get a result.”
    Thanks to his work with the charity, Dr Holden knew how to oversee the emergency situation and cope with a shortage of equipment.
    He took charge of a team of 16 British Medical Association doctors who happened to be in the building, in Tavistock Square.
    Together, they created a “holding station” for casualties, where they gave medical help to wounded people.
    It took more than two hours for the ambulances to arrive because of the huge pressure on the emergency services.
    During that time, Dr Holden’s team was responsible for keeping the patients stable.
    He said: “I sat in a corner for two minutes and wrote down all the points I could remember about managing an emergency situation and then I said ‘I want you to do this, this and this’.”

    It was the second major incident he had dealt with during his 27 years involved in immediate care. The first was the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, when 96 Liverpool football fans died at Sheffield Wednesday’s stadium.
    By the time he arrived at the scene, about an hour into the incident, he said it was too late to save any more lives.
    Instead, it was Dr Holden’s job to certify the deaths of people whose bodies had been taken to the stadium’s gym.
    He said: “It was more than four dozen people. I lost count.”
    Throughout the weekend, Dr Holden coordinated a team of people who worked 12 hour shifts, took 12 hours off, and then returned to continue dealing with the aftermath of the disaster.
    He said: “I was subsequently involved in dealing with their relatives.

    “There are lots of horrible things in life but you need to put on a hard-nosed, clinical viewpoint.
    “Of course it hits you when you go to bed at night, but you get on with the job.”

    Most of the doctors who volunteer with East Midlands Immediate Care Scheme are unlikely ever to deal with an emergency situation where the number of casualties is on the scale of the Hillsborough disaster or the London bombings.
    Volunteers are called to situations by East Midlands Ambulance Service and can be paged at any time.


    that was lucky wasn’t it?

    Note his involvment in BASICS – where, at the first national symposium in Cardiff in 1978, disaster planning was discussed:
    [vice chairman 2009 onwards, press oficer and EC member since 1992] a Col. I Greaves is the “military representative”

    * taking part in major exercises organised by the charity including public catastrophe – after all, the doctors who attended at 7/7 were largely BASICS UK doctors

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