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    Dear Seneca and All


    1. Mission Statement: As agreed in last discussion: Seneca is going to write one based on the existing and his own post.
    2. Clearing the psyop list: taking out the events that do not constitute psyops. E.g. Birth of Adolf Hitler, publication of National Geografic and many more.
    3. To add the characteristics of the psyop narrative to the list (proposal by Seneca). Maybe better: to integrate this information in the page of the psyop? We would have more space there to write also a little text about it instead of only the term? (proposal by Faye)
    4. Template for psyops pages created by Faye (is on the psyop list at the top). The aim of that template would be to make the work easier for newcomers and to have some standard fakeological chapters in the pages, e.g. -Fictims names list
      -Hoax management (subchapters to be discussed)
      -Conspiracy narrative genre
    5. Zal rule: Zal rule is part of the Hoax management of psyops and should be called like that. And it is not a rule, it is an operational element in order to uphold, reinforce, embedd, etc. the psyop narrative. My proposition: to integrate it in the pages of psyops, under the chapter “hoax management” – subchapter: Entertainment: Literature, Movie, Music.
    6. To ask Fakeologist if we can have a Forum Category on the website for discussions about topics.

    15.5.2018/Notes by Faye

    Date proposals: Thursday, 17.05.18 – 21:00 Brussels Standard Time
    Friday, 18.05.18 – same time
    Saturday, 19.05.18 – same time

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    Hello Faye

    Thank you for the list. From the proposed dates, only Friday, 18.05.18 works for me. For the others: 21:00 Brussels Standard Time is 19:00 GMT/GMT

    Some remarks:
    1) will probably not be finished by then but that’s ok
    2) instead of just deleting those events I would propose to move them to another page (cut and paste). So that we can use them again in another list. If nothing else we could use them to look for dates that are meaningful for the hoaxers, for example birthday of Hitler
    3) I think one proposal doesn’t have to exclude the other. The main advantage of having it on the main page is that people new to fakeology looking at the list will immediately see that the list is not made by people believing in one big conspiracy theory blaming only 1 group of people (or aliens).
    5) To be clear: my concern is about the wording used in the rule. Zal found also that he was misquoted.



    Hi Seneca,
    Thanks for your thoughts and cool that you can on friday.

    1. No problem, we discuss it when you are ready, unless there is something that you think must immediately be done on the frontpage „declaration“.

    I hope also that we may get more input by other fakeologists which you can maybe use for your text.

    2. Yes, why not… could be something in form of “other meaningful hoaxery dates”…

    3. Sure, the problem is only that the main list does not have enough space for all the important info. In my opinion the list is already to loaded with links and references.

    I would prefer a list with only the basic data and a page for each event with extended basic info + the space for individual research.

    4. I can live well with the form it has been implemented as yet.. but if we want to improve it, we should discuss more than cosmetics 🙂

    The information about movies, books, tv series etc. is a main content of the psyop planning – with no exception. Of course, the honour of recognizing the connection between movies and hoaxes goes to Zal and it should be attributed to him. But it is not the only connection between hoaxes and entertainment products or even other products (clothing, decoration stuff, etc.). The “Zal rule” is for the psyop analysis one of many sets of connections of the hoax management.

    Date fixed:
    Friday, 2018-05-18
    Brussels 21:00
    GMT 19:00


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    The discussion of Friday, 18.05.18 can be listened to here:


    Seneca, DaveJ and Faye talked only about the topic of creating sublists to the main list of psyops.

    Here is now the link to the separated lists as a basis for further discussion:


    Next discussion is Sunday, 20.05.2018 – 21:00 Brussels Standard Time / 19:00 GMT


    This is some sick May 20th joke I presume?

    You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason:

    Your username or IP address has been blocked.

    The block was made by Faye. The reason given is no reason given.

    Start of block: 23:05, May 20, 2018
    Expiration of block: infinite
    Intended blockee: Gaia
    You can contact Faye or another administrator to discuss the block. You cannot use the “email this user” feature unless a valid email address is specified in your account preferences and you have not been blocked from using it.

    Or is this the New Wave of Fayescism at Fayekopedia??

    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    The latest discussion can be listened to here:


    State of things:

    1 Mission Statement: Not yet discussed, Seneca works on the text

    2 List of PsyOps: We discussed the draft_V1 (link above) and decided to go on with:

    -Main list

    -Sublist: Nuke Hoax

    -Sublist: Plane crashes

    -Sublist: Space fakery

    -NEW: Sublist: DCP

    -NEW: Sublist: Technology

    -NEW: Sublist: Various

    Seneca is reviewing the entries and preparing draft_V2.

    3 To add a column to the list of psyops (Seneca) – Open

    4 Zal rule – Open

    5 Template for psyop pages: Standard chapters, etc. – Open

    Proposal for the next discussion:

    Thursday, 31.05.18 – 2100 Brussels Time / 1900 GMT
    Friday, 01.06.18 – 2100 Brussels Time / 1900 GMT
    Saturday, 02.06.18 – 2100 Brussels Time / 1900 GMT



    The latest discussion of June 1. 2018 can be listened to here:


    State of things:

    1. Mission Statement: Open (Seneca works on it)

    2. Lists of psyOp

    • Main list – ongoing
    • Sublist: Nuke Hoax – ongoing

    • Sublist: Plane crashes – ongoing

    • Sublist: Space fakery – ongoing

    • Sublist: DCP – created, ongoing

    • NEW: Sublist: Technology – to be created

    • NEW: Sublist: Various – to be created

    3. Restructuring of columns in the main list of psyops – Open

    4. Zal rule – Open

    5. Template for psyop pages – created, ongoing

    Next Fakeopedia discussion:

    Friday, 8. June 2018, 21:00 Cairo Standard Time

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    • This reply was modified 5 years, 11 months ago by misommisom.

    Hello Faye

    Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. I am fine but I have had a lot on my mind. Thanks for the patience. Trying to talk on Discord gives me a lot of stress. As you noticed it is hard for me to isolate myself from my family both physically and acoustically. But that is not the only thing. I find it easier to express myself in writing and the fact that it is recorded and streamed on the internet doesn’t help. So I want to ask if we could do future discussions in writing.


    Dear Seneca, thanks for your answer, glad that you are fine :).

    Well, of course it is possible to do every discussion here on the forum but this form does not allow real discussion and common research on terms, contents, etc.

    I understand though the difficulties you mentioned. So, let’s try it in written form and maybe we can later switch again to audio for longer discussions or such.

    For your info:

    I created already the sublists we had decided in our last discussion. So when you are finished with your review and update, please try to integrate the data directly into the lists.

    If it is too much work and you need to share it, contact me here or on discord or search another person that would like to help.

    Best greetings


    Dear Seneca
    Actually I can not know what it means that you have not written for a while. In my understanding you were working on the “Mission Statement” and the Lists.

    I do not want to stress you or such, just have to manage my time and am therefore continuing the work.

    There are some new pages and also the categorization of psyops and events in reference to the grande narrative to which they belong, discussion needed


    Hope to hear from you


    Hello Faye

    I am fine. It is just that I am very busy with other things. And since I was the only one who was asking for a mission statement, I haven’t bothered to write it yet.

    I have started a discussion on the page with a few comments, hope that it is helpful.


    Dear Seneca
    I answered you on the faekopedia, here is the link.

    Kind regards

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