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    Felix has already flagged-up today’s air crash as a probable hoax. Most likely that’ll prove true.

    The crashed aircraft was identified as an Airbus A321-231, built 1997. Accumulating 55,772 flight hours, it was nearing the end of its lifecycle.

    Owned by AerCap, the world’s largest aircraft leasing company, and leased to Kogalymavia / Metrojet, a tiny Russian carrier. Kogalymavia Airlines, according to wiki, was spun-off from the TUI Group in late 2014. The carrier had a fleet of just six aircraft; four Airbus A321-200 including this one, as well as two Bombardier Challenger 850 operated on behalf of a charter company.

    The plane’s tail number was EI-ETJ and the flight code was KGL9268 / 7K9268 / 9268

    It took off 03:58Z (05:58 local time) from Sharm El Sheikh destined for St. Petersburg. Soon after take-off, the crew reported engine problems, and the Airbus came down over the Sinai Peninsula at 04:12Z (06:12 local time), with the loss of all onboard – 217 passengers and 7 crew. Near capacity for the aircraft. 138 of the passengers were women and 17 were children aged between 2 and 17. Most were tourists, reports the BBC.

    Here were the first photos released from the crash scene. There are no visible landmarks.

    But we can observe immediately — that in the time-worn tradition of aircrash disasters — the carrier name, in this case METROJET, is clearly visible in the wreckage. As is the aircraft model number (A321) — for the benefit of any doubt.

    Yet for an aircraft of some 45 metre length with a take-off weight of 90+ tonnes, the photographs show surprisingly little debris.

    Nor are there any signs of bodies “still belted to their seats”. Nor indeed any of the “50 ambulances despatched to the crash site”, according to Reuters:

    Reuters quotes an Egyptian Offical involved in the ongoing rescue operation, that the aircraft has broken up in two major parts, a small part being the tail plane caught fire, the other larger part impacted a rock.

    Bodies still belted to their seats are around the crash site, around 100 bodies have so far been recovered, the rest still inside the wreckage, however, there are also voices heard from inside a part of the wreckage. 50 ambulances have been dispatched to the crash site.

    Any thoughts?


    The image below was reportedly the very “first impressions” from the crash site.

    It appears to show a very different view of the crash scene, compared to the images above:


    Russia Today (RT) offers very brief – just 37 seconds – footage of the crash scene. It’s low-quality upscaled to 1080p. Again, does it correlate with other imagery from the supposed crash site?


    . the strange haziness in the middle foreground at 0m10s and 0m25s. Is that meant to simulate smouldering from the wreckage? Or a helicopter dust-cloud? Or is it an artefact of compositing / an attempt to disguise compositing?

    . large number of ambulances. Their crews just stood and staring. Is that realistic? Are they layered on top? Study the mens’ shadows. Are they all cast uniformly? Especially the suited man at 0m24s.

    . the fuselage ‘stump’ at 0m25s, and the debris around it. Does it match the ‘stump’ and debris shown at 0m29s?


    An Egyptian news source Ahram Online is reporting that of 217 passengers aboard Flight 7K9268, 214 of them were Russians, 3 Ukrainians. Putin has declared that tomorrow (Sunday) will be a national day of mourning.

    Will this become Russia’s version of MH17? With “conspiracy theories” abounding? Rumours of a missile? Accusations of terrorism? A bomb aboard? With blame pointed at Russia’s “enemies” – to stoke international tensions, just as the MH17 hoax did?


    Good work, Psyopticon. All the tell-tale signs of an in-your-face psy-op, without even touching on all the fake grieving.

    Lol at all those amassed ambulances at 0.18 in the “RT First Video” posted above. Totally absurd.
    Under the AV Herald article, the standard shill post –

    It is not more satisfactory to wait for the reports (preliminary & other) from the official Investigation Team & Authorities ?

    Yes,the same authorities worldwide who will fashion a narrative to support any staged aircrash as a real event. It’s their job. Note also the support given to the news media by Flightradar24 in all these fake events – another controlled organsation.

    I see the plane is registered to an Irish company, Wilmington Trust which is based in Delaware but has offices in London and Dublin [4th floor, St Georges Dock] , inter alia. This company also owned one of the “Rendition Express” planes used in the ongoing Guantamo Bay psy-op.

    The Oirish connection led me to descend sharply and veer off-course to find this 1961 video of what looks like a very early Eire plane crash psy-op. Perhaps for another time, along with Air India….
    No sound in this video. They’ve been at it for decades.

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    First report, well before the BBC

    kareem sh3ban @KimSh3ban [Cairo]
    ???? #????? ????? ?? #?????
    Translate: Downfall Russian #Plane in #Sinai
    11:45 PM – 30 Oct 2015 [7:45 AM UTC]
    Giza, Egypt

    Here’s our unlikely friend who seemed to know more than most:

    perhaps he got it from local news?

    Zaid Benjamin ?@zaidbenjamin [Radio Sawa Washington Correspondent]
    ???? ??????? ???? ?????? ??????????? ??? ???? ????? ????? ?? #????? – ????? ??????
    11:57 AM UTC October 30 2015
    translate: Prime Minister canceled his visit to the Ismaili after the fall of a civilian aircraft at # Sinai – the seventh day

    Zaid Benjamin ?@zaidbenjamin Oct 30
    Russian civilian aircraft has fallen in #Sinai #Egypt
    11:59 AM UTC October 30 2015

    ?????? ?????? @thenewkhalij
    # # Alkhalij_aljdid urgent
    The fall of the Russian civilian aircraft in the middle of the Sinai and the authorities #
    Egyptian conducts extensive search for wreckage
    8:04 UTC

    Zaid Benjamin Verified account @zaidbenjamin
    Egyptian fighter jets are searching for the wreckage of the Russian plane in Sinai
    12:14 AM – 31 Oct 2015 [8:14 AM UTC]
    Someone asks him for the source, he doesn’t answer. [this is before the end of DST in the US], Up nice and early, perhaps Zaid can’t sleep, or he knew it would be a busy morning? But if you watch his tweets, he’s doing it 24 hours around the clock if he’s a real person. Does he not sleep?]

    Zaid Benjamin ?@zaidbenjamin Oct 31
    200 passengers were in the Russian plane which went missing in Sinai
    12:15 AM – 31 Oct 2015 [8:15 AM UTC]

    Zaid Benjamin ?@zaidbenjamin Oct 31
    Egyptian Official: Russian airplane has left the Egyptian airspace – Reuters
    [8:27 AM UTC]

    Zaid Benjamin ?@zaidbenjamin Oct 31
    Missing Russian plane had safely left Egyptian airspace & made contact with Turkish air traffic control – Official http://m.sputniknews.com/middleeast/20151031/1029377194.html
    [8:39 AM UTC]

    Zaid Benjamin Verified account @zaidbenjamin
    Arab Media Reports: Russian passenger plane with 212 people onboard crashes near Al Arish in North Sinai – TASS http://tass.ru/en/society/833083
    12:44 AM – 31 Oct 2015 [8:44 AM UTC]

    First mention of the number of passengers, retweeted minutes later by Benjamin

    ?. ???? ??????? @alethary [Professor of modern arabic literature in Iraq]
    @zaidbenjamin Good morning But 224 passengers
    12:50 AM – 31 Oct 2015

    Bahrain media

    8:19 AM UTC
    Egypt | 200 passengers, mostly Russians missing after
    The fall of a Russian airliner over the Sinai Peninsula and research is ongoing from By the Egyptian authorities [translated]

    Beating FlightRadar24:

    8:32 AM UTC
    Media is reporting about a Russian airliner missing over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. We are looking for more info

    Lisa Hills @BabybusBabe [“Professional flight stalker (AKA Miss Swanwick)”]
    @flightradar24 Sky News reporting that the plane is ‘safe’
    12:38 AM – 31 Oct 2015 [8:38 AM UTC]

    Zaid Benjamin ?@zaidbenjamin Oct 31
    The wreckage of the Russian plane has been found in #Sinai. Investigation teams on the way to examine it – Egyptian Media
    23 retweets 8 favorites
    9:40 AM UTC

    Latest from The New Khaleej – 163 bodies recovered from stricken Russian jet….

    Seems very very unlikely.
    So, Flight 24 doesn’t now what happened to the plane at the same tme as Arabic media has already reported it crashed. Hmmmmm.

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    It looks like this was an Egyptian – Bahraini production.
    The president Sisi was in Bahrain at the time.
    October 24 2015

    From Abu Dhabi, the spokersperson said El Sisi will head to India where he will attend the 3rd India-Africa Forum Summit and hold talks with his Indian counterpart Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi before he returns to Bahrain where he will confer with HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa on regional challenges and terrorism.

    And here he is on the BBC site rushing back from Manama

    Back to the BBC: first post
    Plane crash latest Posted at 08:37 [pUTC]

    Good morning. We’ll be bringing you live updates from Egypt, where the prime minister’s office has said a Russian airliner, which had more than 200 people on board, has crashed in central Sinai.

    source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-34687309

    Tom Dalpra

    So how is this incident being presented here in the UK? I’ll go with my go-to PsyOp rag. The Dail Mail.

    First the comic-book map with the proximity to Israel made clear.

    No brightly coloured holiday clothing here (as per MH17 ),for this Happy Halloween Op we’re shown a dark garment and what looks like possibly part of a toilet mechanism. Is it being suggested that the poor unfortunate who was wearing these clothes was blown up in the toilet ?

    The word ‘land’ is framed on the brand name ( i’ll have to check what the brand is ). How appropriate. Yes it did land.

    Now this one. The wing. Have you ever seen the wing on a crashed plane look like this ? To me, it looks like it’s been on fire while on the ground, at first glance. This doesn’t seem consistent with a plane having been blown out of the sky, is my impression. I don’t know.

    The lettering here is something I would expect to be presented in a way that might suggest something. I see ‘Niet’ which means ‘not’ in Dutch, and I think it means ‘He’ in Russian. I really don’t know/


    I’ve been going on about the ‘slash and the dot’ symbolism since the Sousse Op.

    I’m thinking this perhaps ‘O’ and ‘J’ presentation, fits the bill…maybe…?
    Not that I know why particularly why it would be such a theme.


    This is contrived credibility building as the caption tells us- ”In this image released by the Prime Minister’s office, Mr Ismail, third right, observes the plane’s flight data recorder with officials”
    Oh right, the man in the black and white suit from the prime ministers office was there, and the guy in the black and white checked shirt was holding it. It must be legit!


    Is this an emergency number in Egypt? 123 ? It’s just that it mirrors the airbus 321.

    Now, check out this bullshit and a Happy Halloween to ya!
    ”This 10-month-old baby (pictured, left, gazing out of an airport window ahead of the disaster) was among those killed” Gimme a feckin break! What’s that horror film with the baby in it ?


    Now, in a further attempt at dragging on your heart strings, we find >
    Aleksei Gromov and his wife Tatiana among the victims.
    We get this absurd caption – ‘‘It is unclear whether Mrs Gromov was pregnant at the time of the deadly crash”.

    Unclear? Yeh, right, it’s all unclear here. They tell us that they’ve been given a picture of a young couple, who died on the plane, the woman obviously pregnant and they don’t know if the woman was pregnant at the time of the crash or not? This is all very weird isn’t it?


    There’s the obvious parallel to MH17 as mentioned and what this presentation brings to the world narrative. We feel sorry for the Russians, here.

    There are said to be 17 children killed with this incident.
    Happy Halloween.



    Looks like it was landed in the desert at some time before and blown up. The wing looks like it has been set fire to on the ground.
    Now about the Gromovs. I am sure the autopsy [ho ho] will show that Mrs Grmovoa was pregnant. However, someone called Olga Romanova has helpfully put this tweet up:

    ????? ???????? @_orom
    ?????? ???????, 1 ???? 1988 ????
    ??????? ??????, 26 ??????? 2014 ????
    ??????? ???????, 9 ??????? 1988 ????
    8:31 PM – 31 Oct 2015

    [translate: Alexei Gromov, July 1, 1988 Gromov Darin, December 26, 2014 Tatyana Gromova, December 9, 1988]

    So, they have a child Darina aged 10 months. So they must have got down to business again quite quickly.
    This tweet by Romanova says that the child against the window is Darina Gromova

    4:41AM UTC
    Who is alleged to have taken that photo? Ans= (Image via Facebook/ East2WestNews)
    source: http://www.openeduusa.com/2015/10/31/russian-plane-crash-leaves-224-dead-isis-claims-responsibility-but-moscow-says-technical-difficulty-to-blame/
    There is no such facebook page.

    But immediately we have even more problems, because the 10 month old is said to have two older siblings!

    Its passengers included a 10-month-old baby girl flying home with her parents, as well as two siblings aged two and three. Numerous other children aged under 11 also perished in the disaster, according to a manifest of passengers published by the Association of Tour Operators of Russia.


    As you say, Tom, heartstring tugging. Who can call this a hoax when there are…..children….involved?

    A very carefully controlled stream of images too.

    Where have we encountered East2west news before? MH17! A very fake looking outfit.
    The Mirror attributes the Gromov daughter photo to East2West/Will Stewart

    Here’s the happy couple – let’s hope it wasn’t a ‘shotgun’

    Source: http://kobown.com/125_aleksei_gromov_wife/
    Who’s rooting out all these photos at this peak ‘grieving’ time?

    Here’s another heart breaker from the Mirror

    Iurii Shein and 3-year old Anastasia which miraculously appears on the Russian facebook equivalent VKontakt of “dead” mum Olga, ready for the MSM to “find”.

    Just to round off my earlier post:

    Najat Alshafie @najatalshafie
    @zaidbenjamin it is announced officially now it crashed
    12:55 AM – 31 Oct 2015 [8:55 AM UTC – just in time for the news on the hour round the globe]

    …by the Egyptian government, no doubt.

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 9 months ago by xileffilex.

    Looks like it was landed in the desert at some time before and blown up. The wing looks like it has been set fire on the ground.

    Yeah, and maybe this wasn’t even staged in the Sinai desert. Instead, somewhere more accessible, maybe, with a runway to land on? Saving a logistical nightmare of carting all the debris crap to the middle of nowhere.

    Perhaps stage it near to an Aircraft Boneyard somewhere else in the world? Many of them are in desert zones any way; places where worn-out planes are stored for years, being slowly butchered for spare parts. Often places under military control. Ideal venues to blow-up this one. Besides, who can tell one desert from another?

    A few more photographs for the album:

    This one from the Beeb. Remember the aircraft supposedly broke-up at 31,000 feet (10km); falling to earth “at up to 6,000 feet per minute”. That’s 70mph. Which seems very low. The terminal velocity, according to our trusty friends at NA$A.GOV, of debris falling from that altitude, being perhaps closer to 250mph.

    Using either figure (70mph or 250mph) for the speed at which the aircraft debris struck the ground – does this image – of one of the two inner engine housings – look remotely realistic? Falling from that height, wouldn’t the whole housing be squashed almost flat on impact? And that pipework on the right – would it still be hanging on like that?

    And this image. It looks more like a collection of metal junk parts which someone has scattered around a small area. Look at the loose smaller components; clothing even. Did they supposedly break away on impact? Wouldn’t they have been thrown much farther afield? Or did they break away mid-air? If so, how could they fall from such height, but land with such proximity to the largest mass of debris?

    One more. This arty-farty image shows the fan of one of the two IAE V2533 engines. Incredibly, the fan blades, made of lightweight titanium – very vulnerable to damage – even from bird strikes – remain intact. Not even buckled. Hmm..


    Is this an emergency number in Egypt?

    Possibly, but we also have the obligatory 666 coded at the back of the ambulance.


    217 passengers and 7 crew. Near capacity for the aircraft. 138 of the passengers were women and 17 were children aged between 2 and 17

    It’s a 2nd MH17. It’s a copycat crash.


    Aircraft boneyards – stage any crash you like, we have the parts you need. Ideal. The Wiki link brought up this off-topic page

    just dump it all in the ocean. Out of sight, out of mind. Next home for the ISS

    What’s there? Probably nothing.


    One more – the nose cone. Whipped clean off. Like the top of a boiled egg.

    You’d think – under normal rules of aerodynamics – it would land nose down.


    You’d think – under normal rules of aerodynamics – it would land nose down.

    In air crash theatre, those rules are suspended. Anything can happen.

    Tom Dalpra

    Sandals, quite a popular prop. Always tell a story…

    The shoe seems too dirty. Smeared with mud ? How?

    The panel there I’m somewhat familiar with. In 1990 I worked for a year at a place called Henshalls Bonded Assemblies in Milton, Nr Cambridge, UK. One of my jobs was to make and cut that sort of panel for aircraft.

    It doesn’t look like a panel that’s come out of an aircraft to me, it looks like one that’s been rotting somewhere. It wouldn’t come straight out of an aircraft and degrade in that way at all, I don’t think.

    We’ve seen this before, the whole site looks like a load of old rubbish.




    We’ve seen this before, the whole site looks like a load of old rubbish.

    Fly tipping was the proper term we used back then. Here we’ve got a case of fly tipping in the desert.



    You beat me to it with the shoe, Tom. There’s always the shoe photo. Don’t forget the lucky escape story as well
    1:24 n the video – a touch of duping, no less. Can it be any other way?

    Going back out the same way it came in – the big container truck

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 9 months ago by xileffilex.

    At 2.56

    Ha, she said vicsims.


    Ha, she said vicsims.

    BTW That bird is so erm ah um weird. Or should I say erm ah birds. For at erm 2.34 there are two birds in frame. Which is an erm ah obligatory feature in these ops as we erm ah have seen before. Erm ah uhm.

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