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    The US atomic bomb testing in the Bikini Atolls of the Marshall Islands was a bit like destroying paradise. All the inhabitants were removed and expropriated, and if the nuclear bombing did not irradiate the area as we’re told, there would be some very attractive land left to whoever planned what really happened. I guess natural paradises like the Bikini Atolls are only possible if you are in the club.

    A strong emphasis throughout the news coverage of the Italian Amatrice Eart Quake is the fact most inhabitants will have to leave the area. If they don’t leave from the get-go, i guess 6months in a tent will help them reconsider. What is less known about the the province of Rieti in the Lazio area, is that it is partly a natural reserve and really beautiful. Amatrice is only 150km from Rome, and it strangely reminds me of a small natural paradise. Much like the Bikini Atolls, it could very soon be deserted by its population, and who knows what Renzo Piano really will be building thereafter ?

    Amatrice Rieti


    Eyepatches. All the rage during Italian earthquake ops.


    Put a kitten in, put a kitten in!


    However, he said he recognised that corruption was a perennial obstacle in Italy.

    Get outta here.


    You just gotta love the Dutch media.

    L’Aquila earthquake in 2009 possibly gave the one in Amatrice a nudge

    The earthquake of 2009 in the Italian city of L’Aquila worked as a catalyst for possible shocks which last week destroyed the village of Amatrice.

    You can say that again.


    Worth reading, if you haven’t already done so, thanks to EvilEdna
    Quake killed my friends in their paradise
    Sunday Times – by Peter Gaston Conradi,

    [Anita is his sister]

    who had a jointly managed company with the deceased friend

    Address shared by
    who tweets about dead reindeer in Norway, but not earthquakes in Italy.

    Peter, Roberta and family
    August 30 2016

    Roberta Bonometti
    24 August at 23:46 · London ·
    #Earthquake so far and so close. Dearest friends parties from London to spend the holidays in Abruzzo. Buried under the rubble in added together. Two families that will never be the same. I pray for the two boys that they escaped. They lost their mom, dad, friends. I pray for all victims and survivors, trying to make myself useful

    Will and Maria Henniker-Gotley

    Janine Gladstone-Thompson Roberta, I saw Maria and Will on television and I was shocked… So Sad as we knew them very well. Was her sister with them? Hope not! How dreadful! They went to France in our house for their holidays and I will remember all the nice memories we have …I really am very sad… We feel so hopeless and the only thing is to pray! xxx
    26 August at 17:19

    Roberta Bonometti A terrible calamity. Fortunately Giulia had just come back from there, so now she is taking care of Jack and Francesca
    26 August at 19:18

    Janine Gladstone-Thompson I thought for a moment that Marcos was Giulia’s son.. I dont remember if she is married…I am still under the shock…
    26 August at 19:30

    Janine Gladstone-Thompson I hope it will be stabilised when we are there in october…
    26 August at 19:30

    Roberta Bonometti The boy is Jack’s friend
    26 August at 19:33

    Janine Gladstone-Thompson Poor them I really feel for everybody and their loss!xxx
    26 August at 19:34

    Roberta Bonometti It’s utterly awful
    26 August at 19:35


    Look who we’ve got here! If that isn’t our Springing Nun sporting some rather futuristic looking accessories.

    ‘The future is finished’.

    Nah, I think it has only just begun.


    I came in like a wrecking ball
    All I wanted was to break your wall


    WetherbySeniorSport ?@WetherbySSports
    Player of the term: Year 7 – Cricket (April – July 2016) – Luca Grinceri
    Year 9 – Cricket (April – July 2016) –Jack Henniker-Gotley
    8:48 am – 1 Jul 2016 [5:48 PM CEST]
    The fees for the 2015-2016 academic year are £6900 per term.
    No comment from Nick,the headmaster there [vide infra]

    I ought to add,the Bonometti tweet ^^ is a translation of the original Italian
    #Terremoto così lontano e così vicino. Carissimi amici partiti da Londra a passare le vacanze in Abruzzo. Sepolti sotto le macerie a Sommati. Due famiglie che non saranno mai più le stesse. Prego per i due ragazzi che sono scampati. Hanno perso la mamma, il papà, amici. Prego per tutti, vittime e sopravvissuti cercando di rendermi utile

    Maria H-G nee Taliani worked in an arts project in Bethnal Green, East London
    August 26th, 2016
    We are sad to confirm that our beloved colleague, Maria, tragically died in the Italian earthquake on Wednesday.
    Maria worked as our Finance Manager throughout the past 8 and a half years. She was totally dedicated, meticulous and professional and worked tirelessly to support the work of the charity. Our work in helping disadvantaged children to engage with the arts is something she passionately believed in and her determination to see the charity’s work continue and grow was second to none.
    The whole Children & the Arts team is shocked and saddened by the news of her death, and that of her husband Will, who was also a staunch supporter of our work. We have lost a valued colleague, of course, but, above all, two very dear friends.

    i am not sure how the project can “confirm” anything, since it originated with that safe pair of hands, the UK Foreign & Commonwealth OFfice.

    Also reportedly killed was Jack’s friend Marcos Burnett

    Marcos’s parents, Anne-Louise and Simon Burnett, were badly injured in the quake. The family are believed to be from Bayswater in London.
    “The husband has a broken leg and the wife has a broken nose with other injuries to her face,” a hospital official told The Telegraph.
    Both are being treated in the town of Rieti, about 50 miles from the epicentre of the earthquake. The Burnetts have a daughter ** who survived the quake without injury, it is understood.

    “Maria’s father, a UK-based chef, was from Sommati. He worked all his life in the UK [address in Basingstoke] but returned to buy the villa with his children several years ago.
    “They did splendid things in this villa, typically English, with a lovely garden, a lovely green lawn, really beautiful; They would come back every holiday with friends and family.

    “Maria’s sister Giulia was staying in Rieti at the time. She came afterwards and took her sisters’ children into her care.”

    Neighbours rushed to the scene when they heard screams for help in English coming from under the rubble coming from Simon and Anna Louise Burnett, asking to be freed and trying to speak to their trapped children.

    The Foreign Office has sent three extra consular officials to the region to assist the British families.

    Nick Barker, headmaster at Wetherby Senior School in Marylebone, said the school was “bereft” at the loss of Marcos.
    “Marcos attended all three Wetherby schools and was always utterly charming, personable and engaging company”, he said……
    …a neighbour told the Daily Telegraph how he rushed out in the middle of the night to attempt to rescue people trapped under the rubble using the light from his mobile phone.
    Bruno Formicola, 50, said he “heard cries for help in English from underneath” and managed to rescue two teenagers from the rubble.

    [an anonymous female neighbour said] the couple had bought the house when he [Maria’s father] became ill.

    He died in March 2012 –

    Sister Giulia Taliani another resident of Stockwell.[events management]

    Finally the creative writing bit, not unexpectedly
    August 28 2016
    The British couple killed during the Italian earthquake were found lying in bed in each other’s arms, friends have revealed.
    ~Friends again…
    Barbara Digiacomo, 43 only “heard it” – and she’s a friend. Perhaps revealed by a friend of a friend?

    … they must have been sleeping deeply.’
    ‘They were hugging each other in the bed. For me they just heard a big bang (and that was it),’ she added.

    If that’s how the script goes, I can’t argue with it. And they the bad luck story from an insider…

    Diana Grigore, 32, who helped the family around the house, had two days before the earthquake made up the bedrooms for the guests due to join the Henniker-Gotleys.
    She told of how Marcos had decided to swap rooms at the last minute and would otherwise have been sleeping on the top floor – where the only survivors had been sleeping.

    When Mrs Grigore asked Jack if he was ok, he said: ‘If my mum is not ok, I’m not ok.’
    cool boy in an earthquake

    [Angelo] Bonanni said: ‘Jack helped tell them where everyone was sleeping. He explained the layout of the house to them, telling them how many people were in the house.’
    very very cool
    [ Davide Perrone, 26], added…’The kids came out very quickly and were covered in dust. They wanted to get their parents out and were really worried.’
    The children returned to their home in London last week, accompanied by their aunt Giulia. Earlier, a family friend Roberto Casale had driven them to Rome to meet embassy officials.
    Speaking yesterday from the village of Sommati, Mr Casale told of how the children had been silent in the car.
    He said: ‘I tried to distract them by talking about other things just to keep their minds of what happened.
    ‘They were so sad – I can’t believe this has happened. The day before everyone was happy and laughing and enjoying themselves in the pool.
    ‘They spent the night in a hotel then left for London they stopped by my house in Rome and the news was on with the earthquake but they looked away, it was too upsetting for them.’
    ‘Only last week were talking about going over there to stay with them at Christmas or them coming here,’ he added.
    This week, both families were due to return to Britain for the children to start school.

    ** The Burnetts’ daugher, Adriana, 12, appears in one version of the Telegraph story, but is later written out


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    Finally the creative writing bit, not unexpectedly

    ‘Authorities said earthquake was equivalent of 20,000 atomic bombs’

    Highly creative.


    Jack Henniker-Gotley by the way, is John Sante H-G, named after his grandfather.

    No word from Will’s [aka Richard William Anthony H-G] younger brother, John who also has two children, but of post-university age.

    Both brothers attended the exclusive Rendcomb College not far from the younger brother’s house.
    where, we read, Kofi Annan sent a son.
    From Will’s academic record there he seemed to deserve his place at Brasenose College, Oxford.

    Click to access Magazine_May1979.pdf

    Jill Morris ?@JillMorrisFCO [British Ambassador to Italy and San Marino]
    My thoughts are with the Burnett & Henniker-Gotley families at this very difficult time. Our staff continue to support them #ItalyEarthquake
    6:36 am – 26 Aug 2016 [3:36 PM CEST]

    Appointed July 2016
    She also awarded the prestigious CMG, Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George, for her services to British Foreign Policy in June 2015.

    Also she was head of “Counter-proliferation” at the Foreign Office in 2011, which takes us very close to Dr David Kelly territory who in 2003 was “Special Adviser to the Director, Counter-proliferation and arms control, Ministry of Defence” before his “death”.
    Hmmm…sounds very spooky.
    Perhaps her gong was for this stunning silent role in the House of Commons in 2012?

    Get the bottled water in

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    Tom Dalpra

    This article from August 25th talks of ‘more than 500 aftershocks’ in the region at that point.
    How long do they go on for, I wonder? And 500 ? That’s quite a few. If you did want to do a bit more demolishing you’d have plenty of chance to, then. During all the ‘aftershocks’. A little rumble here or there wouldn’t be too conspicuous, hey you could just pull your house down and blame it on one, you might get away with it. ”Aftershocks, see”.
    In fact, regardless of the good excuse of the ‘aftershocks’ I can imagine it being a practical case of ”Come on lads. Let’s pull down the rest of the evacuated old village, best thing for it, now ”. Job done.

    The way the old buildings mostly fell. A Classic move in PsyOpery. Knock down the old, to bring in your new.
    Like The City of London in 1666, or Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. A way of getting rid of the old buildings and of keeping the masonry going round.
    By being there, ready to rebuild, you then ‘cement’ your power once more in the same spot. Re-born and revitalised.

    ”Looks like a bomb’s hit it” as they say.



    ^^ more suspicious images in the Al Jazeera video, Tom – [original below]

    14s – what looks like fly tipping, and at 54s the girl emerging after 17 hours….
    Another familiar scriptwriter’s trope at the start of this Al Jaz video…the selfless sacrifice.

    Looks more and more like a drill

    @55s “..other people have been taken for private burials

    I bet they have.

    Those diggers and bulldozers certainly got into those villages unhindered by the earthquake and its 500 after shocks…


    PErhaps the witness is Angelo Bonanni?

    This seems to be the Henniker-Gotley villa video, from which stills were taken by the UK media, where the young man is supplying the official narrative.

    Rescuers told of arriving to find three distraught teenagers – including Marcos’s younger sister Adriana – trapped on a shattered wall, with the stairs destroyed.

    I think the section around 25:00 below shows how it could be done

    Cut at 0.12 as the crisis actor wants to start kissing. Smiling director at 0.51

    Staged staged staged.


    When we look for how earthquakes could be artificially induced, most alternative research direct us towards HAARP technology. This might be deliberate misinformation as there actually exist proven methods of inducing earthquakes by high-power electromagnetic pulses by MHD (magneto-hydrodynamic) generators.

    In science texts these experiments are already taking place (since 1967 and onwards), with a stated intention of earth quake “prevention”. If such tests are conducted since so long ago, it would be apparent that these MHD generators provide reliable results and constitute a proven technology by now. If by any chance the military would conduct similar research, their ambition would probably not be only preventive, and with the budget they dispose it is quite likely they already have the equipment to conduct their own experiments, or even test them in real life scenarios. Haïti earthquake come to mind with military presence on the ground all to fast.

    research paper from 2006:

    MHD Northern Tien Shan

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    Interesting. We’re still waiting for some trusted Clues members living around Rome to pick this one up and tell us if they felt the rumble . For now, Ab’s contention that the earthquake machine is strictly media manipulation and controlled demolition is the best conclusion.



    Agree, the most plausible explanation as of now is planned demolition and staged media-content.

    What i find interesting however is that “mechanic” earthquake technology actually exist and has been thoroughly tested. In addition all Nuclear power plants are supposed to be located close to earthquake prone zones. As i’m not convinced of the earths “geology” or tectonic plates, there could be a connection between powerplants, earthquakes and MHD generator’s high-power electromagnetic pulses.

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