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    As of now i’m not aware of any media fakery research on the 2016 Daniel Shaver shooting, but from the video* referenced by Patrix at Clues Forum, it looks pretty groce and real – and Patrix comments and question really doesn’t help the casual reader (here me…lol) to be much wiser.

    Justice For Daniel Shaver

    Hmmmm I thought that would have been the ideal post to re-ignite the currently dormant “Minor psy-ops and hoaxes” thread at Cf, last post by KHam on November 13. I watched the video and it looks and sounds scripted, as KHam says [take home message, perhaps, Muggleshoot was real….]
    Yes, a curious time to bring it up, it’s not even quite a year since the “verdict” from the staged trial, immediately post hoc the “distressing” head-cam video being released ***
    Is there anything in the above event which looks or sounds real?
    The managed, scripted Justice forDaniel Shaver facebook page is here

    *** it is fascinating to observe how sometimes such “distressing” scripted or acted videos [e.g. here, which show nothing] are released in full, high definition, non-potato lens form whereas at other times, we have pixellation of psy-op scenes to suggest that something has happened when in fact nothing has happened other than a hoax being acted out [as here in Mesa]
    A covering “distressing” note to accompany ‘release’ or ’emergence’ of a video usually confirms the hoax

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    I watched the video and it looks and sounds scripted, as KHam says [take home message, perhaps, Muggleshoot was real….]

    Very good point on the “take home message”.

    Indeed, when we combine Patrix’ short post and K Hammads “expert” response casting doubts (from her own experience – lol), the dialogue seems very much like a set-up.

    So not only is Simon Shack dressing up a pig here – so is Patrix, habitually all over diet and space in no short way or form. The fact so much hard work is done to cover up an evident fraud is slowly making everyone at Clues Forum complicit in K Hammad’s false testimony and (paid) participation in a media hoax.

    Dissappointing and very telling of how PsyOps equally include the aftermath in the conspiracy theory realm – here CF, habitually selfproclaimed champions of scrutiny and no-nonsense research… Who better suited to “investigate” and bring forth interesting details than those with inside knowledge ?

    Hereunder the Laney Sweet, the wife and high school Sweet heart of Daniel Leetin Shaver giving her best to bring forth the tears for a heartbreaking, fundworthy performance,,,

    Widow of man shot & killed by ex-Mesa police officer talks about acquittal, family
    AZ family – 12 Dec 2017 – 01:59 (mm:ss) – 3K views

    Tom Dalpra

    I’ve already explained in detail where to take your grief and falsehoods – yet you still continue derailing in this topic, thrice*.

    Fuck that. I helped build these forums here at Fakeologist, I don’t need your
    suggested censorship.

    You accuse me of openly lying. I’m not.

    If you want a highly motivated person on your case pulling apart your crap, then just keep winding me up and I’ll just keep saying how I see it.

    This is your last warning here, from me, UNreal.
    Shut the fuck up with your false accusations that I am a liar or I’ll actually really start getting on your case. I really don’t like that sort of false accusation.

    Don’t mention me again on this thread and I’ll leave it alone.
    Is that clear ?

    I repeat, don’t mention me again on this thread and I’ll leave it alone.

    You have falsely accused me of lying and then shown no sign of any value at all, as a real honest researcher, by completely ignoring the fact you’re wrong about something.

    You failed the test UNreal.

    Now, as I said. Shut the fuck up about me being a liar, and I’ll leave it alone. This will be my last word on this thread unless
    you wanna drag this out. If you want to, fine, I’m highly motivated and I’ll be all over you like a rash.

    Your choice, fool.



    Fuck that. I helped build these forums here at Fakeologist

    Again – you continue derailing this topic, now systematically.

    Your nasty attitude really shine through above, and you (Tom Dalpra) behave directly opposite of how anyone innocent would.

    Direct response to Tom here

    Tom Dalpra

    Did you read my post properly ?

    If you want to continue to reference me in this thread, I shall continue to answer you.

    I’m defending my honour.

    As I said, to be clear. If you genuinely want me to stop posting on this thread.




    I’m sorry Tom, i didn’t read your insightful contribution to this Forum topic in it’s entirety.

    Again, your insistance on posting your bully-like behaviour to this topic discussion is quite direspectful, not only to me, but also to other Fakeologists who might not care much about how I or you “feel”, but rather hope to read factual research and discussion in an orderly manner and on topic.

    You are served, Tom Dalpra, with my direct response to your predictable behavior here

    Tom Dalpra

    And I answered you there

    On bully-like behaviour, all I can say is that in these areas of research, I think it’s our duty to call bullshit when we see it.

    I apologise for anything personal I’ve said, fair point, text bickering can be so catty, however, in the main, what I’ve been calling bullshit on is the information and latterly what I’ve been doing is defending my honour.
    You are directly calling me a liar.

    Let’s meet in audiochat and talk it out? Anytime.

    I’ll certainly be civil and merely want to defend my honour and make, what I think, is a valid point and perhaps a worthwhile lesson for us all, in this field of research.


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