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    Avatar photoTom Dalpra

    So is this how the occultist controllers rationalize their psyops? The Creator gave the game of media hoaxes to humanity as an alternative to actual bloodshed/sacrifice? As silly as it may sound to some of you, this is something I’ve been seriously considering when thinking more deeply about the possible “whys” of media fakery.

    Yeh, it does sound a bit silly Terran because it’s a fairly straightforward example from an old civilisation of how sports, in general, grew. Those in power, control and promote sports to this day for the reasons you suggest. It’s better than actual fighting. That’s messy and a nightmare to control.

    As a far as who created sports go it’s got to be ‘us’, hasn’t it ? The people.
    Leave people around in groups long enough and they’ll come up with games to amuse themselves. The power comes along, sees the game and thinks ”Ah, that’s popular and seems to be holding people’s attention, we’ll use that.” Games are good and they were born naturally.

    In the case of stickgame, the people were told it was God given to help them get behind it. Of course in that old society that’s what you’d say if you wanted to promote the game. i’m sure quite a lot of things came from the Creator, in that society.

    As far as ‘media fakery’ goes, if you’re still having to think deeply about the possible ”whys” of it, I’m amazed.
    You’ve been around this scene a while. I thought you understood certain things,
    i.e. all the media fakery and ‘play’ we see is devised and employed by those in power to control us. To shape the way people think and to manage outcomes. And faking bloodshed is part of it – far better than actually killing people which again is incredibly messy and likely to become unmanageable.

    The motives are purely practical and ultimately, it seems,The better way, is the least murderous way. This is good news and perhaps something we can have some kind of faith in.

    We should have faith in ourselves. We created sport and we created psyOps.
    Well, ok, not exactly you and I, but you get me ? People, human beings.

    You speculate that a Creator may have given us media fakery as an alternative to bloodshed.
    You’re kind of saying – ”God gave us PsyOps”, aren’t you ?
    You could possibly sell that idea to military intelligence, Terran. I
    reckon it’s a money maker.
    ‘Power’ has,for some time, of course, aimed to be Godlike.

    The truth is, though it’s us. Have faith, in human beings, that’s my advice.





    In the Talkbox June 2016 show with K Hammad and Roch3llo (here), there is a detail that culturally strike me as unusual. K Hammad stated during the Talkbox show that she was at The Galaxy Club (FB) for a Bachelorette Party (wiki).

    From the Clues Chronicle 23 interview with Hoi Polloi and the California Bar Shooting post, we also learn how K Hammad was at the Club Galaxy with her daughter.

    Maybe Bachelorette Parties are organised very differently in the US than in Europe where such festivities are held by a brides close friends and involvolving no family as part of the intention is to act out one last time before bonding to marriage. In the event of a bachelorette party being held without alcohol or debauchery it is usual this exclude visiting nightclubs and more often would be an event in the form of a dinner or lunch.

    In the case of K Hammad it is therfore unusual for me that she would be out that late at a club whose special deal these days* seems to be “Make It a Double” if the Bachelor party was family friendly at 1:09 a.m.

    Not only is it unusual to bring your children to a party to honour the bride-to-be, it is even moreso curious if the event is held at a Night Club that by nature is conceived for casual encounters and wild behaviour. Not quite Hallal…

    ”   Cheap drinks but every time I’ve come here, the experience has gotten less and less stellar. This crowd is sleazy as hell (…)   ”
    Yelp 2018 review

    *club Galaxy’s current special “Make it a Double” deal here

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    *club Galaxy’s current special “Make it a Double” deal here

    LOL! Check out the link on the right of that same page for another featured Muckleshoot activity. A virtual reality shooting game!


    I need to respond to Tom’s comment because as we see time and time again, when you look close enough, these routine psyops appear to involve depths of intricate design that hint at something like a grand “Creator.” I have some ideas about that, but this is where these things become incredibly complicated, extending far beyond mundane motivations like “money” and “control.”

    EDIT: I haven’t read this yet but this should be good.

    Discover how VRcade came to be on our blog.


    Unreal wrote…
    Had me in a fit of hysterics. What a [muckle]hoot…. Best post for a long time.

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    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    Not to get too weird on y’all but does anyone one know if Kham might happen have some Swiss/German heritage? Time Zombies, indeed.

    FULL-SIZE version

    I urge you to read Muckleshoot’s blog post about the VRCade virtual reality platform with the idea that there may be more going on here (in general) than just media fakery and psyops motivated by money, power and control.

    Note the “two-player setup” featuring a male and female:

    Just as seen here with Kham and Hoi’s male/female “binary system”:

    And then maybe take another look at my comments on the “JLB’s 9/11 Initiation” post here about the symbolic male/female duality division/destruction/merging ritual theory (Comment 1 & Comment 2).

    Once again, this male/female division can be seen at 20:55 in the “Twin Towers” episode of The Simpsons here.

    Think about what’s going on right now with “Hurricane Harvey” (aka the Weinstein scandal and its #MeToo aftermath) and EGI with its exemplification of male/female duality “Freedom Tower” merging. Then think, “What exactly is Creation and who/what is The Creator?” Could life essentially be a “virtual reality platform” experience based on “duality?” And could the “Apocalypse” be a revelation of this being told to us through allegorical occult ritual mass-media psyop stories?

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    Not to get too weird on y’all but does anyone know if Kham might happen to have some Swiss/German heritage? Time Zombies, indeed.

    Just to be clear, I was not trying to say that K looks like a zombie in general or anything nasty or insulting like that. Just that the image of the particular female zombie featured in the banner for the Muckleshoot Casino’s VRcade post struck me as similar in a number of ways and that it could be another inside joke, similar to a person named “Kham” just happening to be the $9K winner of Mucklelshoot’s “No Limit Hold’em Shootout” poker competition in September. If these things are just coincidences then we do indeed live in a very strange reality. And if not, and these are an intentional part of the script, it seems clear these elements were meant to be found, which puts everything on a whole other level of Fakeologist-targetted psyopery!

    Avatar photoTom Dalpra

    Hey, Terran. Remember it was you and I that found the Golden Triangle via the union of Isis and Thoth and discovered the idea of an etheric Temple before witnessing the Grenfell Tower fire right smack dab in the eye of said triangle ?

    So, you understand I appreciate that there’s more things going on with that fire beyond a mere Health and Safety Op.

    Really, it’s just the idea that God (or The Creator as you put it ) gave us PsyOps, that I’m not buying there.

    This, on the other hand, is a spitting image for kham! Well found!
    What with finding Paolo Waolo was Abirato last week (not), you’re on a roll, I reckon! ”Several similarities” indeed ! The blonde hair for one and the…erm…well she’s female! Kham is the Zombie!

    Sorry, for the sarcasm, but you’ve got to admit that idea (true or false!) is worth a smile, in passing.


    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    Sorry, for the sarcasm, but you’ve got to admit that idea is worth a smile in passing.

    Well, with “Kham’s” synchronistic $9K (9/11) win at the poker Shootout, would you agree she likely has an “in” with the Muckleshoot Casino? And that her role in the “real life” shootout there was very important? Well, why not honor her with a video game zombie wench doppelganger at the first ever casino to host the VRcade virtual shootout experience?

    But back to Paolo. What I’m not buying is that with your pro musician’s ear, you seriously don’t find any similarity to the distinctively-voiced Ab Irato. But I’ll leave that one alone since we won’t get anywhere with it and it’s obviously a very touchy subject. And for the record, it was not I who originally noticed the strikingly similar voices. That was a certain Swiss-German lady who may very well now be a zombie for all I know. I do know she has quite a good ear since she also independently and immediately identified Bobby #1 as Chris Kendall, the most boldly and intentionally undisguised “voice morph” in all of Controlled Opposition Land. But there was nothing to hear there either, I know, as Ab quickly and firmly stated from the start of FAK202. I’d really rather not retread the Paolo fiasco, so if you’re cool with never bringing it up again, I’ll gladly abide.

    EDIT: Also, it’s not that I believe God gave us psyops, just that a powerful motivator for the tight-knit participants other than money may be their honest belief that they are doing “God’s work” by heading off real-life tragedies before they happen and teaching the common folk the necessarily lessons without having to endure any actual loss of life. Not that I agree with it, of course!


    Check out the link on the right of that same page for another featured Muckleshoot activity. A virtual reality shooting game!

    VRcade shoot em up

    It is rather macabre to stage VR shooting games on the scene of a crime. Not only is this a blatant monetizing of a grotesque past – but it also shows an immense lack of respect for supposed victims by staff and direction at the Muckleshoot Casino for even going through with such a sinister plan : fun shooting at a location many were traumatized for life and injured, possibly taking place on a floor still somewhat bloodstained as mopping is cheaper than replacing flooring.

    On the other hand – if there were no real shooting that took place in 2011, it would make sense that the video the Police and legal case relied upon could in fact have been filmed on location and that using the very set-up from the hoaxed event later again could stem from commercial incentive.

    It would be quite cheap to keep all the camera setup and technical equipment from the 2011 shooting and re-use it all for the 2014 introduction of VRcade wireless virtual shooter game.

    Muckleshoot Casino was the first casino in the United States to offer a permanent VRcade installation. There are now 55 others around the world.
    Muckleshoot Casino General Manager, Conrad Granito

    infrared cameras create immersive VR experience at Muckleshoot Casino
    High above, infrared cameras have replaced the security cameras that were set up to film the 2011 Muckleshooter, and today create an immersive VR experience.

    All in all, the Muckleshoot Casino seems to be all about shooting contests and a Mexican/Indian media-hoax would in this case would benefit several outcomes. Financing a new attraction like the Muckleshoot Casino VRcade virtual reality shooting games seems beneficial for both the Casino, the Gaming company and Intelligence/Press. Not to forget K Hammad of course, who seems to at least have won a 9K award before misfiring her trained vocal cords.

    Avatar photoTom Dalpra

    Thanks Terran, we’re not so far apart in our thinking. Yes, it’s exactly how I see psyops would be set up: to benefit several practical outcomes.
    It was the idea of The Creator having given us them that I had issue with.
    They’re practical, and at the end of the day, they’re all about control.
    It’s a control system, is how I see it.
    The details here are potentially fascinating, but it still doesn’t mean it came from God, is my point.

    I certainly haven’t fully absorbed this story yet and was just mildly alarmed in passing as I started reading the thread, here. I welcome the chance to try and express myself and clear up your position in my mind, a little.

    Quickly, on Paolo. Yes, yes, I get it. Particularly right from the start of that Staveley audio. ”Hi Brian!”, it sounds like Ab doing a voice. Yes, it does to me too. But it’s simply like staring at visual imagery of people. We can look similar.
    I took the time to listen to 15 minutes or so , of Paolo talking on that audio and with my ‘professional musicians ear’ I really didn’t have the impression it was ab. I wonder how many people actually listened to minutes of the guy talking?

    Now, the whole idea made some sense of course, but it’s a BIG accusation and Johnny Clues, for one, seemed to pick up and run with the idea to the point of effectively banning himself from the site having ranted about prosecuting Ab for fraud! It appeared you triggered that, Terran. Are you comfortable with that ?

    It reminds me of the EGI thread here at Fakeologist, you quoted earlier, which is replete with utterly spurious speculation that x is y.

    Staring at pictures, imagining people are ‘gender inverted’ or intently listening to voices, imagining it’s someone pretending to be someone else, are not healthy past times, in my opinion. They seem like good traps in alternative research that we repeatedly see people falling for.

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    It reminds me of the EGI thread here at Fakeologist, you quoted earlier, which is replete with utterly spurious speculation that x is y.

    Doing research in the FAK Forums should normally be all about contributing topically, which for some reason seems to escape Tom Dalpra who does his outmost to circumvent meaningful contributions with proposing no relevant topical research of his own and yet voices contradicting opinions on the uphill research effort shedding light on the 2011 Muckleshoot Casino shooting and subsequent K Hammad witness testimony analysis.

    It is no surprise that a continuosly negative, disruptive commenter like Tom Dalpra comes into a thread where my research figures, and Tom has already well proven his questionnable endeavors on my account as he in this “K Shooting” discussion does no proper research on the case at hand and rather adds insult to sophistry by bringing up one of his favorite appeal to ridicule arguments : that EGI is BS*.

    I have responded to Tom Dalpra in no unexact terms in dedicated EGI discussion repeatedly, and it seems that despite TD’s lack of arguments on the topic of Elite Gender Inversion that he’s just as fine with repeating empty hearsay in an ongoing effort to slander research that is in fact unique (EGI) to Fakeologist in that it actually analyses both the public agenda of gender politics as well as the hidden motives of gender propaganda as well as EGI research also describes what we know of the Elite’s sectret practices of gender bending and related deceptions about their public personas.

    With the limited amount of new research presented on this site and forum, it is quite unproductive that any researcher would consider themselves commissionned to interuptongoing research on any topic. Conspiracy theory is, beyond any other field, a work in progress and easily disrupted.

    Although i personally see many faults in the interpretation Tom Dalpra makes of his favorite Sports topic, i still find it valuable he does engage in such research, and find it inapropriate for me to discourage his efforts by merely posting negative opinion and throw in off topic blanket statements. Critique shpould be respectful of the research conducted and properly references and argued with factual support and on topic.

    One of the reasons a naysayer like Tom Dalpra comes onto topic threads they do not support is of course that they hope to disrupt discussion and derail attention. Naturally, such intentions will result in vivid reaction with much emotion and anger when their obvious behavior is pointed out. This cast of characters use such reactions as “opportunities” to persue their negative efforts in long posts asking for much evidence and justification to come to their deaf ears and disinterest. Reality is of course these individuals propose no referenced research of their own anyhow and initiated word-battle and derailing in the first place, using known topics of controversy and belittling insinuations.

    In these days of advanced online deception it seems necessary to emphasize that such behavior as Tom Dalpra demonstrates repeatedly is a targeted discrediting effort of both the topics themselves and here Terran Downvale and myself as researchers. In other words, Tom Dalpra behaves exactly as an intelligence operator tasked with sidelining both research effort and those behind the research.

    The fact Tom Dalpra behaves exactly like a “shill” does not of course mean he necesserily is one. And by “shill” i mean a paid shill, an intelligence field operator. What is curious however is that Tom Dalpra does not seem intellectually challenged or personally related to either the topics he propagandises nor the researchers (here me & Terran) he targets in his disrupting and derailing (gatekeeping) efforts. And i do know Tom Dalpra does not mind blatantly lying to make a “valid point” on “personal experience” much like K Hammad.

    “If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end: if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth—only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin with and, in the end, despair.”
    CS Lewis

    Just by responding to Tom Dalpra with this post i’m sure response will be longwinded and cover a wide range of non-related arguments in order to defend the alternative honour of poor Tom, who will feel unreasonably “attacked” by coming into this thread about Kham offering no personal research and faulting at nitpicking on myself (here) and thereafter goes onto the next best victim – Terran*. Very constructive and supportive indeed…

    Responding to someone as duplicious and false as Tom Dalpra will yield much dialogue to follow, nevertheless it should be as clear to Tom as anyone else that such discussion has nothing to do in this particular topic about K Hammad’s false testimony of the Muckleshoot Casino 2011 shooting. However such polemics as raised by Tom Dalpra’s disruptive efforts could nevertheless merit further discussion – at least in Tom Dalpra’s world of sports.

    To the effect of intellibly hold derailing discussion in a different forum or format than inside any specific research subject – there is now a dedicated forum thread that hopefully can help keep topical discussion topical, not derailing or repeatedly dismissive of other members efforts and initiative

    FAK super skeptic scrutiny

    Hopefully, super skeptics like Tom, QOR, Typo, Zal, and others can bring the scope of their factual arguments supportive of their repetetive critique into its dedicated space, rather than regurgitating their one-liners and un-referenced hearsay and/or opinions incessantly out of context.

    *topical discussion about EGI being real or not has taken place in length before, and is once again best adressed in the proper FAK subsite and forum (as here, or here)

    *transcript of the public discussion where Tom Dalpra openly lies about knowing British porn star Jasmine Jae can be found on Discord (#EGI thread dated 10/10/2017) or downloaded here or discussed in the FAK super skeptic scrutiny Forum thread here

    [ in essence Tom Dalpra much like K Hammad gives “personal testimony”, in this case of being a private friend of an adult movie actress whose private name is verifiable (business record & press) but that Tom Dalpra missed completly – unless Jennifer sounds like Lorraine to you… “Opinion” may vary, facts less so.. ]

    *despite Terran Downvale’s style of contribution that for some may appear extravagant, he does have the merit of bringing in information in a constructive manner to the topics he participate in. And Terran Downvale also is aware of going on tangents himself as he mostly will specify when he goes after hard-to-determine points of convergence/coincidence


    What does the evidence of K Hammad lying about her witness testimony of the 2011 Muckleshoot Casino shooting further imply – other than K Hammad being a paid operative ?

    If anyone take the time to really listen to the interviews she did with Roch3llo and Hoi Polloi, there is little doubt that both these individuals played knowingly along with K Hammad as she gave her false account of the Club Galaxy shooting.

    While some might like to wishfully think both these individuals (Hoi & Roch3llo) were leading the interview in any type of genuine way – listen back anew. The blatant foreknowledge, leading questions and supportive commentary*. So it is clear we do not deal with only one outed agent in this case – but three. Hoi Polloi, Roch3llo and K Hammad – all lying their teeth off and degrading both this site and its members by their false witness.

    It would be a relief to see genuine researchers react and be repulsed, even angry. But the reality is worse. Most “genuine” Truthers seems to not care much and continue discussing other more important topics of which there are very and no written record.

    The worst case here is undoubtedly Clues Forum who have nurtured K Hammad into their inner circle, yet ask her no answers and mentions not how K Hammad on this site (that they do follow) has been proven to lie in a very clear issue of major importance – Khams unmistakeable claim that two people died in the Muckleshoot Casino media hoax of 2011.

    This is verifiably a case of outright false testimony to a media hoax where a Clues Forum Administrator has participated. The cold fact is the Clues Forum brand of Truthers are complicit in the cover up of a media hoax – not to mention their rufsal to inquire.

    If anyone just read his unbelievable Norwegian Woods tale of “supportive evidence” delivered by none other that Shack himself and match that with his silence that protect K Hammad…

    “All of a sudden, a “bang” echoes in the air – and almost instantly, I see some tiny object splashing in the water right next to me – no more than a couple of meters away from the boat. In fact, I simultaneously heard a faint “whoosh” next to me – that is, pretty damn close to my ear! The three of us kind of freezed – and after a few seconds staring at each other, we all said – almost in unison – “whaat the HECK was THAT?!” I told my friends about the splash and the whoosh – and we concluded to our horror that it must have been a bullet. My first thought was that perhaps some duck hunters had mistakenly shot at us. The problem was that…there was not a single duck in sight! As we looked around us – someone caught a glimpse of something moving in the tall grass on a little mound by the lakeside. So we started rowing towards that spot (don’t ask me why were such fearless daredevils!) and as we landed there, we walked up the small “grassy knoll”. There we almost stumbled over two old drunkards sitting in the grass, surrounded by empty beer cans. One of them was still holding a revolver (I’m no gun expert, but it had that typical barrel) – and smiling meekly, like a child caught stealing cookies…”
    Simon Shack CF 14 Nov 2018

    All so fun and light*, Simon’s story sound quite a bit like Roch3llos 7mph car accident or Chris Kendalls one block away car crash following the Annette Carrion debackle. Sure thing, these seem to be on the same paid page by their own silent admission and absence of attention and investigation.

    And yet, all is quiet and peaceful in the land of no shills & no paid agents.

    *Roch3lle’s 7mph car accident is just as false as K Hammads two dead bodies falling to the floor bang-bang-bang VRcade style…

    *noteable here is Simon Shack’s conscious NLP use of the word “bang” that coincides with K Hammads ridicule bang-bang-bang. Oh and by the way, in Norway arms are forbidden and anyone with a firearm would have a licenced rifle, but a gun fits better with Khams Muckleshooter i guess,,


    Curious use there ^^ of the rare and non-standard word freezed instead of froze. Simon’s use of English is usually not only perfect but his command of the wonderfully varied vocabulary of the English language is second to none.

    I don’t expect Kham to clear up the mess she left in a pile at Cluesforum, just as hoi.polloi never admitted that Brian S Staveley was indeed a real person before h.p left quietly for pastures new.

    Avatar photoTom Dalpra

    *transcript of the public discussion where Tom Dalpra openly lies about knowing British porn star Jasmine Jae can be found on Discord (#EGI thread dated 10/10/2017) or downloaded here or discussed in the FAK super skeptic scrutiny Forum thread here

    [ in essence Tom Dalpra much like K Hammad gives “personal testimony”, in this case of being a private friend of an adult movie actress whose private name is verifiable (business record & press) but that Tom Dalpra missed completly – unless Jennifer sounds like Lorraine to you… “Opinion” may vary, facts less so.. ]

    UNreal, you’re wrong. You accuse me of ‘openly lying’. I’m not.
    What this accusation does expose though, is that you’re not a very good researcher who is quite capable of conjuring up spurious allegations if it suits your world view.

    To be clear. One time again. In my clearest English.
    For three years from 1999 – 2002, a close friend of mine called Charlie who was Best Man at my wedding and who I saw at the pub virtually every night, was going out with a girl called Lorraine.
    During that period, I saw Lorraine every weekend and during holidays and spent many hours in her company happily chatting away.
    We got quite close and I’d definitely say that we were fond of eachother and good friends.

    Charlie split up with Lorraine around 2002. Right at the end of their relationship
    Lorraine, who had been dabbling with singing and modelling as a possible vocation, began Stripping at the Spearmint Rhino Club in London. This was one of the reasons Charlie split with her. He’s not a fuddy duddy, but he does ultimately prefer what you might call a ‘wholesome girl’. Lorraine was lovely but in the end they weren’t exactly right together.

    The very last conversation I ever had with Lorraine was about her new job being a stripper. I was interested. She told me that the club she was at called Spearmint Rhino was a ‘high class’ strip club and the environment was very protective of the strippers. She was making fantastic money and that’s what she was going to do now.

    Roll on 16 years and I happened to click on a video on Pornhub (i was doing research i think 🙂 and there was this girl, Jasmine Jae. It’s an interesting thing when you haven’t seen someone for 16 years and they turn up as a porn star.
    I couldn’t quite believe it. It was a case of ”naaah, it’s not her is it?” at first and I didn’t linger on it. But when I came back to look again, it seemed like it had to be her, it was uncanny, otherwise. And actually, it made some sense.

    To confirm this, I spoke to Charlie, who now lives in Brooklyn, New York, and he confirmed my definite hunch. Yes, it is Lorraine, his ex girlfriend.

    Now, when I playfully posted a picture of Jasmine Jae on your EGI thread, I was intrigued as to what might say. She’s a pornstar and she looks a little quirky.
    You duly claimed she was likely gender inverted. ”Tom Dalpra is coming round to my thinking”, you said. Ha!

    Then, when I said, ”Ermmm, no, she’s a girl I know called Lorraine” you instantly called ”liar” and produced a newspaper article where Jasmine Jae, was pictured at home with her husband. Her name, as given in the article, was not Lorraine, it was Jennifer.

    Now, UNreal this is quite a simple concept that you might do well to take-in and understand. Sometimes, people, particularly in showbiz, change their names.
    Yeah ? You understand that, yeah ?
    Because if you don’t, then I can’t really help you.

    I am not a liar, but unless you apologise for falsely accusing me of being one, you will certainly prove yourself to be not only a poor researcher but one without any humility.

    Come on. This is a test UNreal. This is your opportunity to, at least, show some class.

    You owe me an apology.



    Not surprised Tom Dalpra do bring his off-topic emotion and hurt feelings into the wrong forum – again. More confirmation of Tom Dalpra’s disruptive stance and navelgazing as predicted in previous post (here)

    The proper forum is here, illustrated as well.

    Thanks for keeping to contributing topically only here about the “K Shooting” and related matters in this thread. For any other matters you should address these concerns and ideas where they belong.

    FAK super skeptic scrutiny (post answering EGI blanket statements)

    FAK super skeptic scrutiny (topic)


    I don’t expect Kham to clear up the mess she left in a pile at Cluesforum

    K Hammad is still active and doing well on Cluesforum as an Admin. She posted about her shooting expertise not later than yesterday.

    ”   If guns were pointed at me in such a scenario my first reaction would be to look behind me and see if the guns were pointed at someone else, such as a dangerous perp in the background, as the use of such ridiculous force against unarmed civilians is extreme and logically not intended for me. Neither of the couple looked behind them. A plain clothes police person could have easily and quietly escorted the pair into a conference room on the first floor when the pair entered the hotel where a few officers with handcuffs could be waiting.   ”
    K Hammad CF – 2 Dec 2018

    There is no doubt K Hammad continue to pretend with her “friends” at Clues Forum that nobody has noticed she’s a fraud and a paid media hoax participant as early as 2011. I would imagine being part of Clues Forum is a step up from her poor Muckleshoot Casino crisis actor performance. And by standing so tight together, the majority of Clues Forum admins and active posters confirm being OK to be identified with “K” thus backing K Hammad’s version of the hoaxed Muckleshoot Casino shooting facts.


    Looking closer at the thread and referenced incident K Hammad commented December 2nd (above) with her crisis actor shooting experience, it is in fact rather intriguing it concerned a supposed “real” body cam police shooting that took place in Granbury, Texas (18 Jan 2016, wiki).

    The Daniel Shaver shooting is an incident that occurred in Texas prior to the significant mass shootings of Sutherland Springs church shooting (26 dead and 20 injured) and later Santa Fe High School shooting (7 deaths and 17 injuries).

    As of now i’m not aware of any media fakery research on the 2016 Daniel Shaver shooting, but from the video* referenced by Patrix at Clues Forum, it looks pretty groce and real – and Patrix comments and question really doesn’t help the casual reader (here me…lol) to be much wiser.

    Psychological terror. How would you feel if an officer pointed a gun at you, if you had watched this believing it was real?
    Patrix CF, 1 Dec 2018

    There is no research on the Shaver police shooting on Clues Forum as far as i can see, nor here on FAK or on YT for that matter. So as it is, Patrix rejoins the ranks of supportive evidence for “realness” in the press and for gun violence. Sound familiar ?

    Intel modus operandi seems to be clear, when doubt is cast on one of their field operators, other agents comes to help with their plausible denial insinuations made to cast doubt on the realness of violence – or not. Why did Patrix never question this event before, and howcome he mentions it now that it effectively shows yet another close gunshot scene much like the Muckleshooter narrative ?

    *Body-Cam Video Of Daniel Shaver Shooting (approx @ 04:20)
    Los Angeles Times – 8 Dec 2017 – 05:02 (mm:ss) – 2.246K views

    Justice For Daniel Shaver


    No blood, T-shirt intact after 5 close range semi-automatic assault rifle shots…

    Video still taken 4 seconds after Daniel Shaver was shot 5 times BY police officer Phillip Brailsford
    Video still taken 4 seconds after Daniel Shaver was shot 5 times with police officer Phillip Brailsford’s AR-15 rifle.

    Avatar photoTom Dalpra

    Just by responding to Tom Dalpra with this post i’m sure response will be longwinded and cover a wide range of non-related arguments in order to defend the alternative honour of poor Tom, who will feel unreasonably “attacked” by coming into this thread about Kham offering no personal research and faulting at nitpicking on

    The thing is, UNreal, you called me a liar. You brought it up. There’s no need for a long winded reply, here. It’s really simple.

    You’ve got something provably wrong, that you’re stubbornly not backing down from and that you’re still trying to use against me.

    Oh dear. Not very good.

    Fill your boots with your weirdly titled ‘K Shooting’ thread. I’ll gladly not post here again.
    I’m not here to disrupt, I’m here to try and have an intelligent conversation.

    Clearly you’re not capable of that.



    Clearly you’re not capable of that.

    I’ve already explained in detail where to take your grief and falsehoods – yet you still continue derailing in this topic, thrice*.

    FAK super skeptic scrutinydirect response to Tom Dalpra here

    *would be good Admin could direct discussion where it belongs

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