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    Check that link Banazir. It is doubled.

    It is so obvious from watching TV that this whole thing is being used as a psy-op.
    Yes, I plugged my TV back in just to see the BS propaganda on TV.

    However I have to point out that I now have heard from at least 5 different people that the person I spoke about earlier, Ingrid van der Meer and her kids, have really died.

    And of course I can’t prove any of this. I didn’t even know her.

    From what i watch on the TV last week, it is all about the team of Dutch investigators that just can’t reach the crash site. Day 5 now of the ‘investigators’ not being able to get there.
    Oh man. I just saw on the news video of these ‘investigators’ being stopped by ‘pro-russian separatists’ on some road. And they STILL CAN’T REACH THE CRASH SITE.

    I just can not believe that a team of ‘official’ ‘investigators’ can’t get there but we have seen all these photos and videos of the crash site.
    So who took these photos/video of the crash site then?
    Yeah yeah we know it’s all staged but why is NOONE asking these simple (imo) questions?

    That brings me to the so called cooling train for the bodies, of wich i am 100% convinced that what we see is not the real train. If there even was a real train with bodies.
    Who shot those photos/videos of the train then? Heh we even see the train driver make a comment on Dutch TV on how he just get orders and the train can’t leave… yet…., but who filmed this? It is shown as if the Dutch news filmed this but..
    How far from the crash could that be? And why can’t the ‘investigators’ get even there?

    I am just so much convinced that at least this one person is dead. People close to me knew her…and they really start to hate me for not believing this whole story….
    So could it be that people died (= real event, but all planned ahead) and it is being used to create a psy-opera?


    So what you’re trying to say is that this is a hoax, a completely staged event. AND that people died. 😯

    Terrible tragedy when the hoaxsters are trying to pull off a harmless little prank and disaster strikes and it wipes them (and their family members) out.

    What a world.


    The monkey meme chatters on:

    Fukushima Monkeys Show Signs of Radiation Exposure

    Tal Shiar

    The symbol is interesting, because it has a 33 in it!


    Meanwhile, in Holland the number of casualties keeps increasing by the day:

    154, 173, 189, 192, 193, 194, 195, 196

    It’s like a Dutch auction in reverse.

    Cheap, but I’m still not buying.


    So, who is the real Mevrouw van der Meer?

    Is it Ingrid van der Meer,
    Profiel niet gevonden

    Ingrid van der Meer-Meijer

    or is it Ingrid Meijer?

    Click to access MH17PassengerManifest.pdf

    Ingrid Meijer en dochters Sophie, Fleur en Bente

    Ingrid Meijer was penningmeester bij de Gooische Hockeyclub in Bussum. ‘Niet te bevatten dat hun jonge levens zo abrupt zijn geëindigd’, schrijft de Hockeyclub. ‘Onze gevoelens gaan uit naar Peter, Hans en Maja Meijer, de familieleden, vrienden en alle trim- en teamgenoten van Ingrid, Sophie, Fleur en Bente.’ Sophie van der Meer zat op het Sint-Vituscollege in Naarden. Ze zou volgend schooljaar naar de tweede klas gaan.

    Ingrid Meijer was traveling with her three young daughters: Sophie, 12; Fleur, 10; and Bente, 7. Mrs. Meijer was chief financial officer at energy company Nuon, part of the Vattenfall group. She was also the treasurer at local field-hockey club Gooische Hockeyclub, where all her daughters played. Their father, Peter van der Meer wasn’t on the flight.

    It is hard to imagine without her continue. our thoughts go out to everyone around her, “responds Henjo Groenewegen CEO Feenstra Group.

    and Peter?

    Peter went through the youth teams Drachtster Boys late 70s and early 80s. With the second team he once finished second in Dutch reserve championship. Around 1986 he Drachtster Boys leave and go play football. At The Knickerbockers in Groningen

    NAARDEN / BUSSUM – Naarden mourns the loss of mother Ingrid Meijer (43) and her daughters Sophie van der Meer (12), Fleur van der Meer (10) and Bente van der Meer (7) who were killed when their plane was above the Ukraine shot. They were on their way to Bali. In both the town of Naarden and Bussum, where father Peter van der Meer lives, everyone can leave a message in the condolence register.


    Mrs. Meijer was chief financial officer at energy company Nuon, part of the Vattenfall group.

    Ah, let me guess. She and the kids are being re-located in Sweden. The father will follow later.

    Daar kraait geen haan naar…

    Tom Dalpra

    2 hrs ago – Daily Mail – MH17 crash site investigation under threat after 14 Ukrainians are killed in pro-Russian ambush near route to plane wreckage

    14 people killed, 15 miles from the MH17 site?…

    And so the big drama is played-out.


    Number 17

    I’ve talked before about seeing the numbers 14 -19 specifically referenced in contemporary psyOp propaganda subliminals. Remembering clearly the 17 on the red shirt of Nani who duly scored right at the start of his next game against the USA. The 17 and 18 photographs being among the more prominent of the images presented in the UK at the time of the ISIS ‘mass-execution’ press-release early on in the Soccer World Cup.



    Nani was clear here as was the 18 shirt in the next picture, but was this ( picture below) subtle foreshadowing, I asked? The taller player in white in the number 19 shirt overshadowing the smaller (Messi) guy in blue?

    Well, it certainly worked like that with no 19 in the white of Germany scoring the dramatic winner in the World Cup Final.

    Presenting some sort of continuity with these numbers makes some sense in a psychological-operational-planning sense, at this time, as we’re currently in (20) 14. We now have some sense of foreboding surrounding the number 17. Flight MH17 being specifically different from the old MH370 saga, we’re perhaps naturally more inclined to remember this simpler 17 reference with this one, in order to specify between the two MH events.

    Remember MH 17 ( a 777) was ‘blown out of the sky’ on the17th (of the 7th month of (20) 14.).
    [For a lesson in ‘linking numbers in your head’ recall Christine Lagarde’s ”and remember 2 x 7 =14 ” ?? 😕 ]

    17 again. Following this, directly afterwards in fact, as it ‘rained-planes’ for a day, Flight 50 17 also went down in Mali ( this time with a large French contingent, apparently).

    With 2017 approaching, a sense of foreboding and a reference to ‘terrorist’ bombing attached to that number would seem to make sense as a broad psychological technique of subliminal referencing , regardless of any other numerological link.

    The referencing with the ISIS football propaganda led from 17 to 18 and 19.
    I’ll be interested to see if these numbers are used going forward in the teens
    of this century, perhaps suggestive of ‘progressive’ military activity.

    Because, for once in 100 years, we’re all teenagers really… and they’re special years.


    Tom Dalpra

    Daily Mail – MH17 victim Fatima Dyczynski’s parents ready to sue anyone who claims their daughter is dead…and they want space agencies involved in the search.

    STOP IT! They’re having a laugh aren’t they?’

    ‘Yes they are, I think’.

    Meet the Fuckers, or should I say, ‘Perth based’ Dr George and Angela Dyczynski.
    A pair of comedians who are selling MH17 to the Aussies.


    Brace yourselves (if no one’s said it, I haven’t looked!) but I think they’re supposed to be a weird eastern european Spike Milligan and Dame Edna Everage! Ha. Kind of Australian export brit/aus thing mixed in with eastern-european-islamic(?) for the 21st century?
    Haha. Just get the way Dame Edna raps her mouth round the word ‘Calibre’ in this Australian report.

    So these barely disguised herberts are supposedly the parents of MH 17 victim Aerospace engineer Fatima Dyczynski ( herself a familiar fake victim profile of a young successful company owner) 25 who was moving to Perth for a new job. I’m a bit confused about the exact details there at the moment, but I don’t really care.

    We read:
    ” George and Angela Dyczynski arrived back in the Netherlands on Tuesday after a five-day trip, during which they achieved something no Australian government-backed humanitarian mission has done, reach the crash site in rebel-controlled eastern Ukraine.”

    Isn’t that terrific? No ‘Australian government-backed humanitarian mission’ had EVER made it to the MH17 crash site. They were the first – in the category of Australian government-backed humanitarian missions, that is.

    Part of their act is to pretend they think she was on the plane, but she’s still alive; an idea barely credible coming from any sane human being, let alone coming from a pair with such obviously hammed-up accents.
    Let us be clear here. The only Australian government-backed humanitarian mission to the MH17 crash site was effectively a Special-Needs outing – if we are to believe what we’re seeing and hearing.

    We see them, looking around the wreckage. Under the wing! Ha! It’s ridiculous but at the same time it’s affirming to the majority.

    This play, of course, drags out their silly story a bit longer and keeps them as an Australian (cover-a-few-bases) connection.

    ”Indeed, Mrs Dyczynski later threatened to sue anyone who suggested – without evidence – that Fatima was dead.” Haha.
    It makes people who say the victims didn’t die, seem foolish by association.
    We see what they’re doing there.

    Fatima is a common Islamic name. We see the ‘daft’ couple are progressive european -islamists? Still stuck ‘between science and faith’- as the Mail suggests – a bit in 1967 or something, judging by the hippy get-up and the Nana Mouskouri glasses.

    Considering the negative attachments with the couple it’s of note that they call for space agencies to be involved.

    Now here see image below the two-fingered gesture on the shirt is an insult in England. I know she’s not English but…Australian people might get the joke? I dunno. I do…even if it was an accident. The hand does look a bit detached…male? Maybe?


    Then the colours. PERHAPS a yellow man in the kneeling position to the right with his arms out.
    JUST PERHAPS in harmony with this yellowman from an ‘Islamic’ flashpoint:

    source: ISIS – mass-execution psyOp press release.

    Maybe. Maybe not. There’s a green man lying down maybe too…and the purples…it may be a stretch that one, but I have been following some colour-coded figures in referencing, that’s all. Particularly the yellowman subliminals. The idea is that these flashpoint images are the ones that ‘burn an imprint in the retina of our third eye’. These powerful, ‘graphic’, staged pictures.

    That T-shirt could be just another version. A subliminal version. So vague you’d not believe it could have an effect…that it could refer to the other…I don’t know. It’s a quirky fit if it isn’t.

    On further looking, I come back and make this edit. I think it is. I think it’s a representation of that same image, amazingly. Can I chalk that up as a ‘miner’ little bit of ‘gold’?

    The blue is the imagined shot and the blood is above. Wow. It’s the follow-up shot. The purples are just so distinctive and I like the turquoise. You can’t make it exact, but that’s green…


    Meanwhile the human story can be dragged-out as so many suspend their disbelief and lap-up the daft soap-opera of the deluded ‘Dame Edna Everage and Spike Milligan’ – the ‘DIEchinskis’ .

    ”They have received support from back home and from Foreign Minister Julie Bishop who wrote to them after the crash.
    In return, the Dyczynskis left Ms Bishop, who’s currently in Kiev, one of four sunflowers they took from the crash site.
    The remaining three flowers are destined for the Netherlands’ Princess Beatrix and Fatima’s two grandmothers.”

    ‘Say it with flowers’


    Here’s a bit more hilarity :-))



    What a pair of weirdos – they had a clinic in Bad Elster, Vogtland, East Germany.
    strange comment at the xoterra site

    Jacqui Decker says:
    July 23, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    What a amazingly talented young woman. My prayers go out to the family and friends that love and adore you most. My husband had the opportunity to mentor Fatima in his IBM Extreme Blue team right before she killed away on flight #MH17. He is at the office right now mourning with the team.

    her linked-in was inspected by

    Clara Bieler
    Extreme Blue Intern at IBM

    IT Consulting/ IBM Benelux Centre for Advanced Studies

    Public Company; 10,001+ employees; IBM; Informatietechnologie en services industry

    June 2014 – Present (3 months) Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

    Technology Consulting idea generation for the customer.

    The aim is to develop an innovative IT solution for a big client.
    It is the analyis and implementation of an entire consultancy project with focus on innovation and creation of a prototype product that will enable the customer in an unprecedented way.
    Optimization processes by IT solutions and data analytics are key to the solution creation.

    that’s not very long is it?

    Tibetan monk Wangchuk’s lonely hearts club band in 1996 in Bad Elster – Fatima in red, front right. The old gentleman with the tie is Otto Scheuch, a painter who died the following year aged 81.


    Classic case of Duper’s Delight at the 2.02 and 2.14 mark:

    A surplus of tears?

    Tom Dalpra

    xilef posted:

    ”Tibetan monk Wangchuk’s lonely hearts club band in 1996 in Bad Elster”


    Mum looks a little different. She looks too tall at first glance. Maybe the thick glasses are a distraction and it was a different woman , maybe not!

    Classic case of Duper’s Delight at the 2.02 and 2.14 mark:

    Oh yes, that’s an absolute prime example of Duper’s Joy or Delight as you say. Very good indeed. Near hysteria. He can’t keep the smile off his face.

    The son was ‘among AIDS experts and campaigners on board’ – was he an expert? Probably not. He was also an election monitor. He had a few nice jobs.


    Tom Dalpra








    OF COURSE THERE WAS THAT ONE DOLL WHO APPEARED TO BE ANIMATED WITH THE BLURRED HAND AND THE SMILE… Perhaps it’s the Islamic ‘Hand of Fatima’ warding-off the evil eye? Just perhaps…

    SADLY THEY FOUND NOTHING…”This place is a dump, George, get me out of here, I thought we were going on holiday somewhere nice.’


    Tom Dalpra

    More Duper’s Delight.

    This time from Anthony Maslin. He and his wife lost three children on MH17 apparently. The PERTH connection- we remember how the search for MH370 looked off the coast of Perth. A bit of referencing/foreshadowing there, I feel.

    The Mailonline link at the bottom is perhaps worth a look. There’s a ‘poignant last video message’ from the children. Very contrived. There’s a load of crap.

    Anyway, for now, some DUPERS DELIGHT

    Rin Norris and Anthony Maslin parents of Mo, Evie and Otis seen during a tribute to their children prior to the start of the Round 19 AFL match between the Fremantle Dockers and Carlton.” ( Sports reference Rollo, where are you? )

    This performance to a ‘packed’ Perth crowd.

    The Mail on Line presents these images loud and clear.




    shame we’ve lost that YouTube PErth crowd video, Tom. Pork pie hat man seems very happy in the still photo. This is my favourite photo from the site – Malaysian “air crash investigators” with their Lumix cameras, or whatever.


    “Air” also seems to be a central theme in this operetta. Air in the story of MH17, air in the comical convoy of black cars in the Netherlands, and now air in the comical convoy of white trucks from Russia.

    It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
    Signifying nothing.


    The Malaysian “crash investigators” seem to have got lost. Here they are again…

    pretty cool and relaxed aren’t they?
    I wonder how long ago these MH17 hi-viz vests were made?


    How MH17 may affect Canadians:
    (I cant find a direct link but give this link a minute and it will change over to this article:

    Aviation officials ‘trying to close safety gaps’30 July 2014 Last updated at 05:06 BST

    Following the shooting down of flight MH17, aviation officials have been meeting in Montreal in Canada to discuss air safety.

    They have agreed to set up a task force to look at airspace risks, and to push for laws on the use of anti-aircraft weapons. Thousands of flights travel over volatile regions every day.

    Eleven countries have current, ongoing conflicts, including Ukraine, Iraq, South Sudan and Mali.

    The BBC’s Michelle Fleury reports from the aviation security conference in Montreal.


    It’s become a Whodunnit. Any fakeologists interested in collecting 23 million cold hard euros? Witness protection plan included. New identity guaranteed.

    Wifka is German for Whiffy Capital.

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