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    Yet another BS story from the bridge collapse…a drill video faithfully spread by the local Fire Brigade, to the Telegraph and the world….

    The expected Facebook image prepared for the MSM, part of the deal…

    Firefighters carefully extracted businessman Gianluca Ardini, 28, out of his vehicle, which was barely recognisable, and then abseiled him down to the ground.
    Mr Ardini reportedly plunged about 120ft in the vehicle before coming to rest amid the smashed remains of the bridge.
    “We still can’t understand how it was possible for that to happen, but he is alive,” said his girlfriend, Giulia Organo, who is eight months pregnant.
    “He dropped 40 metres and then remained wedged between the rubble, suspended 20 metres above the ground.

    “He held on because he was determined to see the birth of his son. The firemen told him to remain totally still because the slightest movement could have caused another collapse **. Then they pulled him out. It’s a miracle.

    No, it’s a lie.
    Here are the brave firefighters doing what they love to do best – drilling, when #NDNGH

    ** suuuuuure

    File under ideal scripted “stories”.

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    Another give-away for the fake nature of all the announced deaths is the use of at least two standard “new life” types.
    1. The newly married couple.
    2. The whole family with children

    Category 1 & 2 combined
    Andrea Vittone and Claudia Possetti 49 and 48 respectively, fresh from a “honeymoon” in California. Ms Possetti has two children Camilla 12 and Manuele 16 [no awkward problem with orphans…]

    Second category fictims
    Computer technician Roberto Robbiano, 43, and his wife Ersilia Piccinino, 41, came from Voltri in Genoa province…they died along with their son, Samuele… aged eight…
    Hours before setting off, Mr Robbiano had posted a picture of Sardinia from above on his Facebook wall, excited to spend a few days by the sea.

    The rest of the fictims will be the usual gaggle of young anywhere funseekers, those about to retire, recent immigrants…
    A selection is found here or here in this partial list of victims
    The chequerboard has not yet been compliled.


    What’s this? I thought they organised these “state funerals” rather too quickly, even before they’ve agreed a number of “dead”
    Victims’ families shun state funeral

    Perhaps they don’t feel able to grieve appropriately?

    Italian media say just 14 of the known victims will be laid to rest in Saturday’s official proceedings, with seven families yet to decide.
    But some are reportedly staying away because of anger at the government over allegations of negligence.

    Denise Vittone, sister of victim Andrea Cerulli ** who died with his wife and children, told La Stampa: “I no longer have trust in this state.”
    Others say they simply prefer to grieve in private.
    To date, 17 families have opted to hold private funerals for the dead rather than engage in the state funeral, attended by the president, prime minister, and other senior politicians.

    ** aha, the amateur footballer aged 47 !!! I don’t see any other Cerulli names on the “partial list”…

    “Grieving” relatives, as seen on a Sky article

    It’s looking faker by the hour. A psy-op within a psy-op.


    What’s this? I thought they organised these “state funerals” rather too quickly, even before they’ve agreed a number of “dead”
    Victims’ families shun state funeral

    Italian drama hoax management 🙂


    It’s beyond ridiculous


    It’s beyond ridiculous

    LuCIAno GocCIA – Gotcha

    Fictitious names – check

    Blue/white striped shirt – check

    Pictures shot with a potato – check

    Black umbrellas – check


    Dress code for the funeral – fluourescent waterproof boiler suit = rescue casual.

    Heroes to be celebrated..or perhaps there’s a chance that the columns in the city hall might give way…

    And they’re still digging ’em out – allegedly
    Three more bodies found allegedly, but they still can’t make their minds up whether that brings the total up to 41 or 42 [Sky] or 42 [ITV] Another complete family relocated…

    Ansa [news agency] said three bodies were found in a car smashed under a huge block of concrete from the collapse on Tuesday. It said they were three family members, including a nine-year-old girl, who had been travelling for a holiday when their car, with about 30 other vehicles, plunged when the bridge gave way.”

    It’s a media farce.
    Obviously the hospital has to be in on the hoax…
    nothing going on, no stories of anyone injured, nobody fighting for their lives, nobody losing limbs, they just “die”

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    Releasing better quality images and video later on – check

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    As pointed out thrughout this thread, numbers are part of the PsyOp toolbox as the perpetrators invent reality out of a blank slate.

    As the hard-to-master two-digit science of counting dead bodies is slowly reaching accuracy, the final number is now 43 dead – looks like a magic quadruple eleven (44) is no longer far off..

    Romanian trucker is Genoa bridge’s 43rd victim

    Campi Corniglianese soccer team grieving their teammate Marius Djerri
    Some of “players” of the Genoa Bridge Collapse PsyOp – the Campi Corniglianese soccer team grieving “teammate” Marius Djerri and apparently re-enacting their childhood as they sport their outdated soccer outfits in an apparent appeal to popularity in Italy where soccer is religion..


    Yes, UNreal,could we possibly have a modern day hoax without a football connection? In fact it would be difficult for any public leader to state that he or she hates football. Instant death…]

    There seems to be some media confusion, either through sloppy research or deliberate misdirection over one of the pair of Albanian “victims”, the mate of footballer Marius Djerri [see photo in previous post], Edi Bokrina, 28
    Workers for a cleaning company, they had phoned because they were late and they were speeding up [take home message, if only, if only they had been taking it easy…such cruel luck…]
    Easily assimilated elsewhere I’d say.

    “Edy was already married, today was the third anniversary of her marriage, I have no more words since yesterday”, says a couple of friends coming out of the morgue
    source, google trans

    This Australian source turns Edy into a woman, thanks to some sloppy facebook research…

    Edy Bokrina [female]

    Edy Borkina [male]

    And here’s a loving tribute to Roberto Robbiano, his wife Ersilia Piccinino, and their seven-year-old son Samuel [who] all died when their car crashed 150ft to the ground. Suuuure. They’re laughing at us with this specially prepared facebook family photo shortly before their reassignment and relocation….


    The “remembering” Marjus Djerri tribute page is under the name Marius Cornigliano

    backstopped by this “friend”

    There are also two Albanian boys among the victims of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa. They have been identified as Marjus Djerri, 22, originally from Shijaku and Edi Bokrina, 30, from Shkodra. The two were going to work together on a EuroPulizia Qubo van when the viaduct crashed into space. The bodies were extracted from the rubble in front of the family of one of the two. **

    The 22 year-old Marjus Djerri also played as a striker in the Ligurian soccer team of Cornigliano Galaticos. In three years of activity, he scored about 80 goals in Serie C.
    Both very young, they lived and worked in Genoa and like many other emigrant peers cultivated their dreams far from their homeland.

    Italian source, google trans

    …and will cultivate them now far beyond Italy.

    ** suuuuuree


    Possible big money motives for this event here.

    You’re probably right, there are a lot of suspicious things related to this event. I made a quick research and I guess the reason for manufacturing it could be that one or more shareholders want to increase their share in Autostrade Italiane, or someone wants to enter the ownership, and the biggest shareholder does not want to cooperate. In any case, the target here seems to be the billionaire Benetton family (30%). One of the parties that could want to increase its stake for as cheap as possible would be Blackrock (5%). Namely, after the event, the company’s stock plummeted and within four days, while the investigation was still taking place, the Prime Minister decided to revoke a part of their concession. What?! It wouldn’t be the first time for Blackrock to manufacture something like that.


    Andrea nails it in his comments on that blog [Cutting through the Fog] even though he’s less interested in baby hoaxes such as this. [thanks for finding that, Ab]

    As an aside: the bridge in Genova, did not collapse. It was mined and destroyed on purpose. The film showed the explosion. I saw it right away and told a college “I bet they will find a lame excuse for the two flashes of light”. Two hours later a witness said something about a lightning hitting the bridge… I won.
    On the next day, same video, same tv- station, the flashes are gone.

    The houses underneath were probably already empty, the railtracks had been cleaned up a long time earlier. The whole area is a residential speculation.
    This is not interesting *, it is not the big picture, but is not easy to avoid.

    • On the contrary, it’s very interesting for people looking into staged events delivered to us through the media.

    Let’s say the area underneath the bridge used to be full of rail tracks.
    They have been removed. The houses, until recently very noisy, were likely empty, being bought up by an insider. Now the bridge is gone, the owner of the houses gets new houses somewhere else (that was told in the news), Swiss Re refunds the damage, Autostrade spa made huge gains, because they invested little in the past years ( they “milked” the company), now they lose the concession, in other words thay don’t pay for the new bridge, the tax payer does. Shares could have been hedge before the “accident”.
    The government declared Genova in state of emergency, I guess that means laws are not followed for a year, while the bridge, the houses and the new real estate is being built. The rebuilding of the bridge should take 8 months. Apart from the numerology, that is quite quick for Italy. I guess the plans for the new development were already ready.
    I did not research anything **, all I am mentioning was in the news, mostly in the headlines. I am just connecting the dots.
    We will see. As I said, I usually don’t waste time on fakes and focus on – for my taste- more interesting topics. ****

    ** well, we did here
    **** I wonder what they might be?


    Hot on the heels of the bridge collapse, at the other end of Italy, the hoaxers and drillers have been at it again, spicing up some real heavy rainfall with 11 deaths [hoaxed down to 10] and an opportunity for the brave rescue services to carry out a drill with actors/dummies.

    the voice alleges that a Dutch tourist has a broken pelvis. Suuure

    At least 11 hikers have been killed, and 18 others were rescued, including a 10-year-old boy.
    source, BBC

    At least 10 hikers were killed….An earlier death toll was revised down from 11, due to confusion caused by “overlapping reports”, according to officials.


    source BBC again,3 hours later

    Yup, looks like a drill, smells like a drill…

    Another day of national mourning must be on the way.

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    Last word on this expensive C-movie drill, with abysmal actors, from Simon

    As one of the British actors said on facebook before excising it from her memory…
    Lisa Henton Mitchell Aug 16 20:51 Thanks Martyn ** we are trying to for the kids, very hard as constant reminders but we keep telling ourselves how fortunate we are, others weren’t. *** Kids r happy, we r safe so we r trying to. Thank you xx

    ** Martyn Sheriff Aug 16 20:48 I really hope you all can dust yourselves down and enjoy the rest of your holiday xxxx
    probably amazed at the speed of the reply under the circumstances to such a “lucky escape”.

    *** To be the wrong side of that fine either/or dividing line, translated by Simon, between surviving unscathed and being comminuted into hundreds of tiny unidentifiable pieces, would be too awful to contemplate….

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    Such a big hoax as the Morandi bridge collapse seems to get little coverage apart from here and at CF [above] although that thread has petered out.
    Now we read that Swiss Re is going to take a big hit from this controlled demolition.
    Multiple large man-made disasters are expected to generate approximately US$300 million in claims for Q3 2018, the report noted. These man-made disasters ** included the collapse of the Genoa motorway bridge in Italy, a shipyard fire in Germany and the Ituango dam flooding in Colombia.
    “We extend our deepest sympathies to those who have been affected by these catastrophes. We are working very closely with our clients and partners to help rebuild as quickly as possible,” commented Swiss Re group chief underwriting officer Edouard Schmid.

    ** indeed – “man-staged disasters”
    That figure seems on the low side, since the claims from the Bremen Luerssen Schiffswerft fire was said to be in the hundreds of millions itself…

    Could that be a staged event? What have we regarding photographic “evidence” for a large multi-million pound “fire” involving a “superyacht”?
    Firefighters doing nothing – check

    900 firefighters got it under control – suuuuuure

    A few puffs of smoke – check

    That’s quickly under control…

    The money shot from.. Superyacht News!

    and the blog from Superyacht Times

    Looks that way!
    Pay up please, insurers!

    Sorry, the above is slightly off-topic, but we don’t yet have a section for suspicious shipyard fires. Perhaps the bridge collapse would be better filed under staged insurance frauds.


    This character Richard Wagner put out several videos immediately after the phoney Berlin Christmas market “truck attack”

    I notice that within a week of the equally phoney Morandi Bridge attack he issued a diversionary [and solitary] video which seemed to be a vehicle [sic] for his [handlers’] message that people died in the bridge collapse….

    Many of us have been wondering about the details of the Bridge Collapse. Of course, this is a terrible tragedy.May all the victims rest in peace. But there are also many oddities surrounding this incident, which makes us question how it all happened. Today we look at one of the fallen cars – a yellow Opel Corsa.
    Go figure. Another deep cover agent.

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