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    A series of FOUR 50 minute video investigations by Richard D Hall [Rich Planet]
    Exit From Brexit, The Jo Cox Departure
    his work is to muddy the waters and point anyone doubting the official narrative in favour of a state murder, to account for the multitude of flaws in the official narrative
    Interim report, having viewed parts 1/2 –
    a curious interlude after 23 mins in video 2: Hall brings up the question of the staging of HRDPARs in broad daylight and points the viewer to Plasma Burns’ “The Boston Unbombing” and the possibility of hoaxed deaths.

    Hall then revers to talking about the “murder”.
    It’s a slick, well researched production, and he’s absorbed pretty much every piece of information in the public domain and has done much more since… which can only have been made possible with assistance from…..[you know whomsee ]

    Is Mair really in prison -I doubt it. See from 8.00 in part IV

    What’s the problem with contacting Tommy? It can only be because he’s not in prison.
    “Reassigned or murdered” Hall asks of Cox…how could she leave her children….no pictures of Jo pregnant… more questions from Hall

    and again at 17.00 in part IV, the discussion of a fake death.

    And at 38.50, when trying to attach Jo Cox to the Panama Papers release, as presaged by Edward Snowden [hmmm] [part iV again] Hall makes a strange and impossible error to make, to ascribe the illustrated comment to the David Icke Website, when in fact it comes from Nick Kollerstrom!

    The Thomas Mair trial

    It’s an interesting series though and a fascinating HRDPAR.
    I need to see part III yet.

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    Ignoring the suspicious timing of the staged Jo Cox event immediately before the UK Referendum on EU membership, one important spin-off was the founding of the curious organisation More In Common in 2017. The birth of which seems to have occurred within the Skol Foundation

    note how at 3.58 in the video, Tim Dixon cites the staged Aylan Kurdi photo as a defining moment…a red flag if ever there were one above these shepherds and shapers

    The funding of this organisation, heavy with personnel, is opaque, and MiC has been packed out with new directors in late 2018 and a bourgening staff roll – hmmmm
    More in Common is a new international initiative, set up in 2017 to build communities and societies that are stronger, more united and more resilient to the increasing threats of polarisation and social division.

    Our approach is to:

    • Develop and deploy positive narratives that tell a new story of ‘us’, celebrating what we all have in common rather than what divides us

    • Connect people on a large scale and across lines of difference, through events and campaigns.

    We are currently running pilot projects in both these areas and look forward to sharing more in the coming months. While we are just getting started, More in Common has already established national hubs in the UK, US, France and Germany and has published early findings from our first stages of work.

    Reading between the lines,it becomes obvious that these intitiatives have the long term goal of planning for assimilating large numbers of “refugees” into developed European countries.

    Prime mover [with private twitter feed…] Gemma Mortensen was in Davos in 2017 just prior to the launch of More in Common –

    Footnote – Skol Foundation financials…
    The Skoll Foundation advances its mission through two separate entities: the Skoll Foundation, a private foundation, and the Skoll Fund, a supporting organization associated with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Through these two entities, the Skoll Foundation advances the work of social entrepreneurs. Additionally, the Skoll Foundation provided financial support to the Skoll Global Threats Fund **, a separate private foundation, from 2009-2017.
    As of December 31, 2018, the Skoll Foundation assets were $564 million and the Skoll Fund assets were $563 million. Combined assets totaled $1,127 million.

    Most Recent Grant Information
    In 2018, the Skoll Foundation and the Skoll Fund awarded a total of $71 million in grants and disbursed $56 million in grant payments.

    ** a repository of our favourite, created hoaxes

    Jeff Skoll was the first president of eBay. Chairman Larry Brilliant is ex-top table of Google.
    Sally R Osberg, President and CEO is also described as Sally Osberg (Chair of More In Commobn board) former President, Skoll Foundation on the More in Common website, but seems to be still a President and CEO of the Skoll Foundation on their website. Hmmmm

    motto of Skoll Foundation –
    “Our vision is to live in a sustainable world of peace & prosperity”

    Meet shepherd Jeff Skoll – note his link-up with MALALA at 0.50

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    Another anniversary, another chance to turn the handle. What comes out? Jo’s sister doing the rounds against phoney hate the kind which allegedly murdered her sister….
    Check the first 40 seconds of this video interview with TV mathematical celeb [always onside these celebs] Rachel Riley who is “of Jewish descent” [although it sounds more like Oirish descent from her name] who can’t stop duping while talking about holocaust denial and anti-semitism.


    Screencapture of Riley from ITV’s Tonight programme teaser

    Rachel Riley lying about the Holocaust

    Check the first 40 seconds of this video interview with TV mathematical celeb Rachel Riley

    That is literally a pretty, good liar.

    Riley – lieyR  (“Riley” is an exact phonetic anagram of “liar”)

    Encoded names are of course quite common, and it is difficult to lend too much weight on these literary “coincidences”.

    The fact is however that the media-hoaxes we currently investigate always have been present in the media and clearly less scrutinized in a less informed/mediated world. How many individuals have to be complicit for the utterly contrived media to exist, and how are new, publicly dishonest individuals recruited?

    As deceiving public opinion clearly is a long lasting tradition, it is plausible this principle is reflected in those who perpetuates the tradition of public deception. As the general population would react poorly if overly dominant nepotism governed media and culture, the families that feed into the deceptive rule we live under have often changed their names (and often location) as to alleviate scrutiny and suspicion.

    With a tradition of changing names, it seems likely that when establishing such new names, that this procedure would be used in favour of the actual reason behind namechange which in these cases would be for deceptive purposes or even for particular planned roles. Hence, it is quite straightforward that such names would be encoded. Over time some of these names might become commonplace – like Riley.

    TV presenter Riley states having “Jewish heritance”, which in her case really means her mother Celia is Jewish – which makes her factually Jewish as family descent in Judaism (and among Jews generally) is matrilineal.

    Celia – Ce lai  (phonetic anagrams of Celia is “lie, lies and see”)


    These celebs need watching – they will be lifetime actors for any cause.

    Mother Celia E Kaye b 1957, father Christopher Riley. Maternal grandmother born Morris

    I don’t see too much interest in Jewish matters on brother Alex’s fun-packed feed

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    Reading your post above, i first thought the photo was a vintage picture* of Celia & Christopher Riley…

    Rachel Riley’s two successive marriages indeed strike as strange, and her second marriage to BBC dance show partner Pasha Kovalev appear as quite purposeful for popularising “Strictly Come Dancing”.

    *the photo above features husband & wife Pasha Kovalev and Rachel Riley, now with child (also Jewish by matrilineality)

    Tom Dalpra

    “interview with TV mathematical celeb Rachel Riley

    That is literally a pretty, good liar.

    Riley – lieyR (“Riley” is an exact phonetic anagram of “liar”)

    Encoded names are of course quite common, and it is difficult to lend too much weight on these literary “coincidences”. “

    Well,I’m glad you said that last bit Unreal. I would say it’s certainly difficult to lend any weight to the ‘fonetic anagram’ Riley-lieyr.
    I would ask, why mention it in the first place?

    Is Rachel Riley really being a liar here, anyway? To be lying about deaths in the holocaust she would have to be fully informed as to the false nature of what she’s talking about and the figures she’s been told to quote.
    Is Rachel Riley clued-in to the con of the Holocaust. I doubt it.

    Her smiling replies that Xillefilex calls ‘Duping’ are also possibly explained to me as simply how Rachel Riley might act when feeling in a slightly uncomfortable situation. In this case being asked by a director to talk about the holocaust and abusive messages.
    She perhaps hasn’t had direct experience of what she’s talking about but she’s been told to talk to us in those terms.
    She’s kind of acting hence the smiling tell.
    But does this make Rachel Riley a liar per se?
    No.Not in my book.
    She’s just being used to put across someone else’s script.



    Oh, I get it now, Jo Cox’s sister Kim Leadbeater coerced Rachel Riley into the studio and onto her programme, thereby fulfilling Rachel’s obigation as a TV Celeb. Of course she’d feel uncomfortable and start smiling her head off while reeling off the six million narrative when caught off-guard [lol!]. However, I get the feeling it wasn’t Kim who sent the discussion off into holocaust territory.

    Oh no, she’s pitched herself once again into “unconfortable territory” Sadly, it’s only radio, so we can’t see the smiling/duping.
    Rachel Riley Verified account @RachelRileyRR

    I had a quick chat with @BBCYork today ahead of speaking about contemporary antisemitism at @HolocaustUK’s #WitnessCon2019 this afternoon.

    Here it is from 1:05:43 if you fancy a few minutes listening. ?

    “the level of knowledge and level of denial in relation to the holocaust is staggering” “so much information, so much witness testimony” ” scary the way the world is going where truth can be turned upside down so quickly… give young people a firm ask the right questions,and to know what happened”

    “conspiracy theories are on the rise … it used to be “a weirdo *** making a little manifeso…now on official looking websites with houseold names advertising brands next to it **…
    “undermining of mainstream media”…”fake news relevant it’s really dangerous, even more important to develop critical thinking skills”
    and to teach kids now historians work….why we know things why we think things.. how you should question things, questioning things is fine but it
    “it’s good to draw the right conclusions at the end of it… you have to use evidence at the end of the day, you can’t have your own facts” [she laughs after this! Must be in uncomfortable territory again….]
    Cheers Tom.

    Essential listening, Unreal. A true gatekeeper.
    ** a nod towards cleaning youtube of channels which reach the wrong conclusions
    *** the mum’s basement/attic theme

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    A Holocaust UK Witness Conference clearly doesn’t incite for optimism about being told anything true, so having Riley speak at the event and doing interviews promoting the conference clearly indicate she’s quite in on the Shoah Business and the fraud of the Holocaust.

    The BBC radio interview with Rachel Riley is cringe-worthy, much like apologetic reasoning about how the Elite are just mindless actors unaware of being thoroughly dishonest and immoral.

    As mentioned above, the amount of Elite individuals who are aware of, and participate in public deception is quite significant. It is difficult to comprehend how so many people (Elite) justify their immoral behavior, but rather easy to determine the number of participant, professional liars is very high.

    As a non-UK citizen, i’m surprised at the extremely violent attacks on Brexit supporters overall as they are unduly vilified as racist and oftentimes “anti-Semites” if not “neo-Nazis”. The link from the Cox “murder” to Holocaust victimization does not appear happenstance either, which does make one wonder about the size of the Jewish lobby in Britain and UK politics.

    Holocaust Educational Trust - a large collection of dishonest, profiteering individuals
    Above the sponsors of the WitnessCon2019, the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET), a large collection of dishonest, profiteering individuals:

    Alberta Strage, Amy Gee, Anna Lloyd, Callum Devine, Catrina Kirkland, Charlotte Agran, Charlotte Richmond, Clementine Smith, Edward Lewin, Ella Rose, Emma Lewins, Hannah Lewis (MBE), Helen Hyde (DBE), Jenny Carson, Joanne Burton, Joe Hayman, Josie Turner, Karen Pollock (MBE), Kirsty McNeill, Kitty Hart-Moxon (OBE), Lady Merlyn-Rees JP, Lauren Clark, Lord Browne of Madingley, Lord Carey of Clifton (Most Rev and Rt Hon), Lord Dholakia (OBE DL), Lord Hunt of Wirral (Rt Hon, MBE), Lord Mackay of Clashfern (Rt Hon), Malka White, Marilyn Ofer, Martin Paisner (CBE), Martin Winstone, Michael Karp, Paul Berlyn, Paul Phillips, R. Stephen Rubin (OBE), Robert Lingard, Shoshana Copeland, Sir Ben Helfgott (MBE), Tom Jackson


    Well, look who’s on the board of the HETKirsty McNeil, best chum of the “late” Jo Cox and a former aide to Gordon Brown PM. [Jo Cox was an adviser to Mrs Gordon Brown, Sarah]

    Her day job is executive director of policy, advocacy and campaigns at Save the Children, from which organisation, Mr Jo Cox, Brendan, was forced to resign over alleged accusation of sexual assualt while working at SCF. aka making mistakes Brendan kept a low profile for a while but is now back in full tweeting mode, as if nothing happened. Perhaps nothing did happen.

    Kirsty told the Guardian in 2016 four days after the phoney phake murder

    Every morning I wake up to a photo of Jo Cox…

    Jo was a guest at McNeil’s wedding.

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