Implementing Agenda21 into Canadian law

Remember the hype in 2022 about a a proposed Global Pandemic Treaty? This was supposed to be an agreement that would give the World Health Organization binding legal authority over elected Governments. That seems to have stalled, at least to the casual observer. Of course, the W.H.O. already has binding legal authority over Member States, which includes Canada. Anyone who’s ever read their Constitution would know that. That said, it doesn’t stop politicians from slipping in their rules in domestic legislat

Source: Private Member’s Bill C-293: Domestic Implementation Of International Pandemic Treaty – Canuck Law

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1 year ago

communitarianism ,is theft ,and instigating the kings laws back on the land ,he can go fuck himself too

can’t you charlie

1 year ago

Acting locally while planning globally is the communitarian methodology. Slipping in local restrictions that supercede all national laws: Communitarian Law is the overriding control mechanism