“Unearthed” new evidence

Another humorous, sim laden hoax story, ending quietly in a fizzle.

Crown prosecutor Kate Wright told Zoom court Monday morning that Condrain’s defence had unearthed new evidence — she didn’t indicate what it is — and shared it with the prosecution.

Source: Crown withdraws charges in Barrie crash that killed six

Condrain/big hole dug/unearthed psyop humor.

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8 months ago

No comment whether it is a hoax or not, though 6am (else early morning) on a Saturday seems to be a favoured fake story time-slot, as the main weekday staff are not around. Also “Officers discovered a single-vehicle crash on McKay Road, near County Road 27, around 2 a.m.” falls into the same category, and I can really see…’let’s, in the middle of the night on a road with no street lighting, go and investigate a big fuck-off hole in the ground to see what’s at the bottom of it’. https://embed.jasperplayer.com?brand=CTV_NEWS&destination=ctvnews_web&language=EN&contentId=2774584 But if it was the Crown purposely placing false… Read more »