Vax attack

Many stories of vax injuries coming out. Link

Is the purpose just to irk the non vax community? Is the jab me community the target or are they “immune” to such negative propaganda?

If you can’t convince, confuse. Is this the purpose of this atrocity propaganda?

It could be as simple as selling the preferred vaccine, Moderna or whatever other flavor of poison the big boys are invested in.

It could also be about advertising revenue for Big Harma. Maybe revenue is down now that they’re getting all this free promotion, in this, the biggest marketing campaign in the history of the world.

Still More Dangerous (Nearly Deadly?) Reactions to the FDA’s EUA Pfizer Vaccine (Not Approved)
As has already been reported. The FDA DID NOT “APPROVE” The Pfizer Vaccine, They AUTHORIZED it For Use. EUA = Emergency Use Authorization

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3 years ago

It is suspicious that these vaccine injury stories are getting the amount of mainstream media / social media coverage they’re getting at the exact time that politicians and unelected health officials across the West are pushing hard for mass immunization and threatening that ‘restrictions’ will be placed on those who refuse the Covaids vax – a vax openly touted as fast-tracked and experimental! It’s a real 1984, 2+2=5 moment, seemingly designed to entrench the true believers in an intractable state of cognitive dissonance – the masses are being told, essentially, that this demonstrably unsafe vaccine with all these ‘side effects’… Read more »