What is the job of Kirsch and Malone in their “antivax” roles?


Katherine Watt explains their roles in this complex, multi layered psyop kill box military operation.

What Malone, Steve Kirsch and other DoD spokesmen are doing is a distraction maneuver to keep attention away from the intentional toxicity of the biochemical weapons, the DoD/WHO control of the programs, and the fact that “biodefense” is camouflage for straight-up State-sponsored biowarfare, conducted by bringing pharmaceutical companies into the military-industrial-Congressional complex, calling bioweapons “vaccines,” and terrifying people into taking them under “public health emergency” and “pandemic” narratives.

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5 months ago

Yes they are there to bring one up to a point and then that one will be left hanging in the wind in the end.

Then that one will glom onto the very next thing that comes along for the most part.

Sometimes “beaver” learn his lesson