Defund the police hoax

Another dialectic whose end purpose is to increase police funding.

So why make it up? Because it is all part of the fake Defund the Police narrative that started several years ago. As I have told you, it was always meant to reverse, since the goal was to fund the police
MORE. Neither the Dems nor the Reps ever wanted to defund the police. Both parties want more military, more police, and more control, so this isn’t hard to figure out. But they cleverly manufactured this four-year project to get you to beg for more police and more funding. First, pretend to lower funding. Second, manufacture a huge amount of chaos with thousands of incidents like this, and worse.
Muggings, beatings, murders, rapes, arsons, the works. Create a huge outcry for more police. Then, finally, expand the police departments by raising your taxes again, arming the police with tanks, machine guns, water cannons, sound cannons, lasers, riot gear, drones, and everything else available.

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