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    It was Flight 2933!

    They’re getting blatant now.


    And don’t forget the story broke on 29-11-2016.

    Tom Dalpra

    They’re getting blatant now.

    Yes, it’s perhaps a tribute to the size of the Operation.
    Football is like a religion in South America and as such this story has some real penetration with the masses and is quite likely a ‘runner’. Why waste the mass exposure ? Boldly attach one of your ‘power’ numbers, this is a ‘catchy’ one.

    Talking of blatant, I’d not seen Franz Ferdinand’s predictive number plate until the other day.



    Tom Dalpra



    Eventually ‘dead’ (after a heart rending last phone call to his wife minutes before his death (did that go live across the continent? ) tattooed goalkeeper, Danilo.
    The ‘V’s reminded me of the extraordinary pantomime that went with Aussie/International MH17 victim’, Fatima.
    The Islamic ‘hand of Fatima’ there with the ‘V’s. Sorry, I’m digressing again.


    Anyway, spot the 77 in the sad image of the remaining players…
    Plus, the red Puma bag. That one could certainly be a reference from a recent Op or two…


    The Hebdo offices.

    Subtle appearance with red sports bag at Bastille Day Tragedy mourning on the Rue D’Anglais.

    Messy boys…

    The ‘CP’ seems rather too neatly framed there doesn’t it ?
    Why? I wonder. CP for Chapeco, perhaps?


    Maybe it’s an airline industry nod to a defunct airline ? Probably not!

    That’s the one, ‘they’ say.

    Colombian plane crash: Tragic goalkeeper Danilo made heartbreaking final phone call to his wife from his hospital bed only to die moments later



    The ‘CP’ seems rather too neatly framed there doesn’t it ?
    Why? I wonder. CP for Chapeco, perhaps?

    Crashed Plane, Tom, told you this one was easy.

    Tom Dalpra

    Tom Dalpra wrote:
    The ‘CP’ seems rather too neatly framed there doesn’t it ?
    Why? I wonder. CP for Chapeco, perhaps?
    Crashed Plane, Tom, told you this one was easy.

    Ha, very good. Take your pick. I’ll go Co-Pilot.
    Or maybe – ceteris paribus – “all other things being equal”
    Sounds about right!

    I’m compelled to just mention the numbered seating in this THE ‘Sad dressing room’ photo.
    It could just possibly represent the years, 2016,17,18,19,20,21 as shown.
    There’s someone in 18, someone in 20 and someone in 21. It’s probably nothing, but if this image is subliminally portentous of future events, as experience tells me it may be, this numbering could be ideal for referencing future years, and I can say ”Ah there it is see! told you ” after it’s happened, like we’ve done for the last two major championships. Haha.

    So yes, purely sporting conjecture, but looking at it I’ll call a remarkable rising from the ashes Busby-Babes type win in 2018 followed up by championships in ’20 and ’21. In ’22 they may get ‘taken-down’ by a team in red. This conjecture is probably total bollocks but if they win in 2018 we can start wondering. Winning in 2018 definitely seems a bit soon but you know…that Puma bag…

    I’m comfortable that the Hebdo office ‘money shot’ foreshadowed the Euro final in Paris this last Summer. The photo from the Nice attacks too shows the bag and the green and red of Portugal. It was subtle, but it was there.

    This dressing room shot is another ‘money shot’ from another big Op and there’s the bag again…it may not, of course, but it was compelling to me on first view that this shot may well be foreshadowing future events. The others have.



    Tom Dalpra

    One of the surviving injured players is said to need a leg amputation I just heard on the news.

    How the heck does that work in the psyOp scenario ?

    A known player losing a leg ? Mmm…maybe it’s real…?



    Good analysis, Tom. Let’s also bookmark this one for Russia 2018. We need some training after our balls up this summer.

    Tom Dalpra

    Let’s also bookmark this one for Russia 2018.

    Yeah, worth bearing in mind. Qatar 2022 as well.
    We see the 22 twice in this picture, above and below ( 0122 in graffiti) and the red Puma bag is there too. Pure speculation again, but a red team beating Brazil and winning in 2022 is what I get from that, right now.


    In the picture below I noticed the little boy in the heart-shaped image.
    The hair on the top of his head seems styled to present two little loops.
    This, along with the ‘Mickey Mouse ears’ as perhaps suggested by the top of the heart shaped frame, caught my eye.

    Colombian plane crash: Tragic goalkeeper Danilo made heartbreaking final phone call to his wife from his hospital bed only to die moments later

    I’m not sure what the boys hair might suggest, exactly, but
    Master Mason Homer Simpson has two ‘loops’ on his head.

    The boys hand looks a bit weird to me, too. I thought for a minute he might be subtly flashing the horns like Robbie Parker’s kids from Sandy Hoax.


    On the surviving amputee goalkeeper Jakson Follmann, he seems to have had a pretty undistinguished career. Virtually unknown prior to the crash he now has nice English and Spanish Wikipedia pages.


    In a five year career he’s only played a total of 34 games, the majority of them being in cup competitions rather than league games.
    He only joined Chapecoense Real very recently and hasn’t played for them yet.

    Notably, perhaps, with his previous club URT, who he joined in January of this year and played only 12 times for, he was made the captain of the team that lifted ( and by the nature of these things were fixed to do so ) the 2016 Campeonato Mineiro ( a minor cup competition ) trophy.

    For someone who’d had what looks like a ‘nothing’ career up to that point, his lifting that trophy so recently, as captain, at least gave his profile some kind of substance in time for all the attention he’s now getting.

    The amputation we’re told he’s had is interesting. With all the media attention he’s bound to get, it seems unlikely that at least someone with just one ‘good’ leg will not be doing the media rounds.
    We shall see, I suppose.

    Wild speculation, but how about he ends-up getting a prosthetic leg and returning to goalkeeping duties ? The first transhuman footballer? Haha. Probably not, but…



    Why not involve cricket in a terrorist psy-op, especially since it’s such an important part of life in the Indian sub-continent?
    Here it comes, the fake 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore, Pakistan.


    a variant of the Zal rule – the event is re-heated on BBC radio [here in the Witness i.e. False Witness series
    broadcast February 1 2018

    we have a hero – the team bus driver

    we have bandaged cricketers

    fake blood

    bullet holes

    caring family, Munich air disaster style

    The Australian and English match referees, who just happened to be following in another vehicle, were uninjured, yet their driver was allegedly shot dead and
    . Chris Broad threw himself over and kept his hand on the chest of [Pakistani referee] Ahsan Raza to slow down the profuse bleeding from a bullet injury. [Broad, another hero]



    More red flags –
    they thought it was fireworks at first [a hoary old chestnut]
    The Sri Lankan team was only substituted at the last minute for the Indian team which was scheduled for the tour, but perhaps didn’t want to participate in the terror hoax.
    Chris Broad recites the story of his driver being shot dead through the neck right in front of him, with blood allegedly pouring out of him with no emotion whatsoever, as if were reading a script….
    “I remember seeing the driver being hit in the neck by a bullet, largely because <blood came out of the side of his neck, unfortunately, a couple of minutes later, the driver was hit again by another bullet and you know, he was killed unfortunately”
    Scripted BS.
    The Pakistani official Raza says, in the radio interview that he received 22 bottles [pints] of blood and he still finds it difficult to breath [coughs right on cue!]
    All this four months after the Mumbai bombing hoax attacks. November 26 2008

    From the Guardian link in the previous post,
    The 51-year-old emerged covered in blood after throwing himself on top of a wounded Pakistani colleague….Hours after the attack, Broad was seen walking around in a bloodstained shirt. He was unhurt but clearly shaken by the attack. “From what we understand, he played a significant role in ensuring the fourth umpire was brought out to safety,”
    A hero. But there are apparently no online photos of Broad in the bloodstained shirt. Strange, that – especially when there are ample photos of Ajantha Mendis with his bandaged “head injury” which did not result from a Kalashnikov bullet…


    Star wicket-keeper batsman Kumar Sangakkara and mystery spinner Ajantha Mendis
    , at 9 am.

    Assistant coach Paul Farbrace also sustained minor injuries in the brazen attack, carried out by a dozen masked terrorists armed with rifles, grenades and rocket-launchers.
    Injured players Samaraweera and Paranavitana, who received bullet injuries, were rushed to the
    military hospital
    Lahore police chief Rehman said two Sri Lankan cricketers were hit by bullets, one in the chest another in the leg, but did not elaborate.

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    Star wicket-keeper batsman Kumar Sangakkara and mystery spinner Ajantha Mendis along with Thilan Samaraweera , Tharanga Paranavitana, Suranga Lakmal and Thilina Thushara were injured in the attack at the busy Liberty Chowk traffic roundabout, located less than a kilometre from Gaddafi Stadium [Images], at 9 am.


    Thanks, Xileffilex, will use this.

    Just first thing popping up when I clicked the Wickedpedia link:

    “near Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore”



    “Federal Bureau of Investigation director Robert Mueller arrived in Pakistan the day after these attacks and met with Pakistani officials to discuss security issues and the Mumbai attacks.”

    Right on the (cricket) ball, this Müller…

    “Security officials in Pakistan told The Times that most of the two dozen people arrested in connection with the attacks belonged to Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, outlawed militant groups with close links to Al-Qaeda. Aqeel, who is an activist of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, escaped a police raid on his home in Kahuta on 9 March 2009.”

    They have a Police Academy in Pakistan too, it seems…

    “A secret investigative report has surfaced later prepared by the Additional Inspector General of the Crime Investigation Division, Punjab on 22 January 2009 outlining the potential threat to the Sri Lankan team.”

    So like Wikileaks controlled opp conspiracy narrative…

    “Governor Salmaan Taseer stated that the same people who executed the 2008 Mumbai attacks were responsible for this attack.”

    Finding the target culprit.

    “The Daily Times, blamed Al Qaeda and Lashkar-e Jhangvi in an editorial, stating, “International cricket is no longer possible in Pakistan; therefore we should stop accusing foreign teams of discriminating against Pakistan vis-à-vis India. The question here is of the survival of Pakistan, not of cricket.“”

    Contradicting himself in the same sentence. Schizowiki writing I call that.

    “Prime Minister Gordon Brown, commenting on the attacks, said that Pakistan must clamp down on such perpetrators in its midst and said that a vast majority of Al-Qaeda fighters were in Pakistan, adding the government must make arrests to show it is “fulfilling its role in the world community”. Foreign Secretary David Miliband stated that Pakistan was facing a “mortal threat” from internal militancy. ”'[reference 88]”

    Ah right, if the professional liars, sorry, “politicians”, are moved, then it must be real. After all they rule following “moral standards”…

    “Umpire Simon Taufel also said that the umpire’s minibus was abandoned while the players’ bus was moved to the ground to evacuate the players. ”'[reference 101]”'”

    Simon Taufel, sounds really Australian…

    “Eye witness Habib Akram, bureau chief of SAMAA TV news channel said that the gunmen were very calm as they moved and fired by turns and that there was hardly any fire returned by the police.”

    Convenient, having a major MSM lady (I assume; Habib) as “eye witness”. Hardly any fire returned by the police; more Police Academy graduates I guess…

    But look, there is a purpose behind the psyops:

    Insurance costs for cricket matches in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka rose.”

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    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    Fake football deaths, the racial psy-op continued… great video. great channel
    Cyrille Regis RIP [ahem]


    Anybody here looked into the Hillsborough disaster, taking place on April 15, 1989 at 3:06 PM where 96 people were crushed to death?

    The situation and story certainly look possible/plausible, but in this day and age, we don’t know what’s real anymore…

    Some suspicious parts of the story are both the youngest and oldest victims that were family members of Liverpool players (pretty low probability those odds):
    – Jon-Paul Gilhooley, aged 10, was the youngest person to die. His cousin, Steven Gerrard, then aged 8, went on to become Liverpool F.C.’s captain. Gerrard has said the disaster inspired him to lead the team he supported as a boy and become a top professional football player.
    – The oldest person to die at Hillsborough was 67-year-old Gerard Baron, an older brother of the late Liverpool player Kevin Baron (1926–1971), who had been on the losing side in the 1950 FA Cup Final.

    The photos look real and also the footage taken do:

    crush 1
    Crush 2
    Crush 3
    Crush 4
    Crush 5

    There were of course cameras all around and tens of thousands of witnesses, though not all seeing the drama, especially those behind the crushed people.

    The photos of attending the victims have a bit of a “drill feel” to them, but with so much programming from real drills, it’s hard to determine if this was not one:

    Attention 1
    Attention 2
    Attention 3
    Attention 4
    Attention 5
    Attention 7
    Attention 8
    Attention 9

    The expressions on the faces of the fans and police certainly are convincing of a real tragedy.

    What is strange is that there is no medical personnel present?

    Explained on Wickedpedia:

    The agreed upon protocol for the South Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service, or SYMAS was that ambulances were to queue at the entrance to the gymnasium, termed the casualty reception point, or CRP. Any individuals within the stadium in need of medical attention were to be delivered expeditiously by police and paramedics to the CRP.

    The system of ferrying injured from any location within the stadium to the CRP required a formal declaration to be made by those in charge for it to take effect. As this declaration was not immediately performed, confusion reigned over those attempting to administer aid on the pitch. This confusion migrated to the first responders waiting in ambulances at the CRP, a location which quickly deteriorated into an ambulance parking lot. Some crews were hesitant to leave their vehicles, unsure of whether patients were coming to them, or vice versa. Others who did leave their vehicles were then faced with the obstacles inherent in placing distance between oneself and one’s equipment. As the Panel explained in their report:

    “The equipment was no use on the ambulance vehicle when critical early resuscitation was taking place some distance away on the pitch, behind the Leppings Lane end and in the gymnasium. Some ambulance crew did take equipment when they left their vehicle, but there was no systematic direction to do so, not all did, and none initially had been given any information about the situation inside the stadium.”

    A total of 42 ambulances arrived at the stadium. Out of this number, two managed of their own accord to make their way onto the pitch — while a third ambulance made its way onto the pitch at the direction of DCAO Hopkins, who felt its visibility might allay crowd concerns. The remaining 39 ambulances were collectively able to transport approximately 149 people to either Northern General Hospital, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, or Barnsley Hospital for treatment.

    They didn’t have radios to communicate in 1989? Where were the medical emergency attendants inside the stadium? No support near the pitch?

    Money scam or real support:

    A disaster appeal fund was set up with donations of £500,000 from the Government, £100,000 from Liverpool F.C. and £25,000 each from the cities of Liverpool, Sheffield and Nottingham. Liverpool donated the share of the money they would have received for the game. Within days donations had passed £1 million,[47] swelled by donations from individuals, schools and businesses. Other fund raising activities included a Factory Records benefit concert and several fundraising football matches. Bradford City and Lincoln City, the teams involved in the Bradford City stadium fire, met for the first time since the 1985 disaster in a game which raised £25,000. When the appeal closed the following year, it had raised over £12 million.[56] Much of the money went to victims and relatives of those involved in the disaster and provided funds for a college course to improve the hospital phase of emergency care.

    In May 1989, a charity version of the Gerry and the Pacemakers song “Ferry Cross the Mersey” was released in aid of those affected. The song featured Liverpool musicians Paul McCartney, Gerry Marsden (of the Pacemakers), Holly Johnson, and the Christians, and was produced by Stock Aitken Waterman. It entered the UK Singles Chart at number 1 on 20 May, remaining at the top for a total of three weeks. Although Gerry and the Pacemakers’ earlier hit “You’ll Never Walk Alone” had stronger ties to Liverpool FC, it was not used because it had recently been rerecorded for the Bradford City stadium fire appeal.


    And a case of Final Destination, suspiciously almost 22 years after the tragedy:

    Stephen Whittle is considered by some to be the 97th victim of Hillsborough, as due to work commitments, he had sold his ticket to a friend (whom he and his family chose not to identify), who then died in the disaster; the resulting feeling of survivor guilt is believed to be the main reason for his suicide in February 2011.

    On top of:

    By the disaster’s 10th anniversary in 1999, at least three people who survived were known to have committed suicide.

    Propaganda, real or a sign of psyop? From Russia Today:

    Freemasonry has been linked to allegations of a police cover-up concerning the Hillsborough disaster, as a decades-long battle for justice for the families of 96 people who died that fateful day rolls on.

    Freemasons’ power and influence in Britain and allegations that Scotland Yard ran a “black propaganda unit” are being probed by two separate criminal inquiries due to come to a close by the end of 2016.

    The blame for the disaster has shifted over time which could indicate a “political panic” because the situation was not under control, or the opposite; sign of a psyop:

    [P]olice, seeking to rationalise their loss of control, overestimated the element of drunkenness in the crowd.

    The report dismissed the theory, put forward by South Yorkshire Police, that fans attempting to gain entry without tickets or with forged tickets were contributing factors.

    Importantly, Stuart-Smith’s report supported the coroner’s assertion that evidence after 3.15 pm was inadmissible as “that by 3.15 pm the principal cause of death, that is, the crushing, was over.” This was controversial as the subsequent response of the police and emergency services would not be scrutinised. Announcing the report to the House of Commons, Home Secretary Jack Straw backed Stuart-Smith’s findings and said that “I do not believe that a further inquiry could or would uncover significant new evidence or provide any relief for the distress of those who have been bereaved.” However the determination by Stuart-Smith was heavily criticised by the Justice Minister, Lord Falconer, who stated “I am absolutely sure that Sir Murray Stuart-Smith came completely to the wrong conclusion”. Falconer added: “It made the families in the Hillsborough disaster feel after one establishment cover-up, here was another.”

    The tabloids published they utter garbage:


    Zal rule:

    A television drama film, based on the disaster and subsequent events, titled simply Hillsborough, was produced [in 1996] by Granada Television. It was highly praised and won the BAFTA Award for Best Single Drama in 1997.

    Any ideas about this one? I tend to go for real for a change, because of the signs of panic and the probability such an accident can happen in large crowds.

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    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)

    Tom Dalpra

    I’m not buying this video you posted xileffilex.
    ”There’s Zola flashing the baphomet” No he isn’t. This is nonsense.
    The disingenuous, sarcastic tone seems in keeping with other questionable youtube ‘theorists’ to me, right now.

    Hillsborough Gaia ? Good question.
    (as discussed in chat, just here for the record) Felix and I explored that on this thread.

    BBC Match of the Day – what's all this then?



    It’s all fake, Tom. Anyone who can see through that acting can’t be anything other than cynical. You can laugh at those clowns, or you can be sarcastic. Period. Funny [fake] old game, David.


    Horse Racing

    It’s 100 years exactly since women [over 30…] were guaranteed the right to vote. One of the key forcing acts of change [the usual purpose of any staged event as part of a psy-op] was the reported death of Emily Wilding Davidson in 1913 at the Derby race on Epsom Downs where improbably she picked out the King’s own horse to throw herself under.
    Amazing new techniques have refined the original 1913 quality images [and there did seem to be multiple cameras focussing on the event] to something like this

    It would appear to be near impossible to single out a horse as they thundered round a sharp bend at 35 mph

    Even if the horse was 3rd from last, it would be incredibly difficult to single it out and get in its way, since Anmer was riding off the rails and any person trying to interfere with it would have to get through the bunch of leading horses.
    It’s very difficult to see from the grainy film – has it been modified? – what happens, we know from the Westminster Bridge attack of 2017 that video footage is adapted to show events which didn’t happen [cars moving along the bridge, a woman falling into the water]

    from 2.08 to 2.11 – a horse does fall but the crowd in the foreground seem unintersted in the spectacle unfolding in front of them.

    Blow me, there’s another movie camera providing a different angle
    at 6.08 Emily seems to glide across the track, impossibly moving through several horses to arrive on the outside of Anmer [named after a village near Sandringham] before the pile up occurs.

    It’s a strange event. The winning time [1.5 miles] was 2m 37s
    We’re only a year past the Titanic hoax, so anything is possible. Yes, it is…

    1913: The 6/4 favourite Craganour, owned by Charles B. Ismay, brother of J. Bruce Ismay of the Titanic, was controversially disqualified, and the race was awarded to the 100/1 outsider Aboyeur.


    What happened to the jockey? Herbert Ebsworth Jones was 32 at the time
    and in 1951 he allegedly committed suicide on July 17 while living at 44 Woodlands Park Girton near Cambridge. [probate to Lilian Annie Jones, spinster and Wilfred Edward Jones, chauffeur.
    It seems like the official narrative needs firming up a bit, Channel 4 to the rescue –
    In 2011 the horse-racing historian Michael Tanner argued that as Davison was standing in crowds on the inside of the bend at Tattenham Corner it would have been impossible for her to see the king’s horse.

    But new cross-referencing between the cameras has revealed, say the C4 programme makers, that Davison was closer to the start of Tattenham Corner than thought and so had a better line of sight. In this position she could have seen and singled out Anmer.
    yeah, suuuure

    Historians have suggested that Davison and other suffragettes were seen “practising” at grabbing horses in the park near her mother’s house and that they then drew lots to determine who should go to the Derby.

    In the modern age, the police would have “discovered” that they had been on the internet researching ways of bringing down a horse….

    After colliding with Anmer, Davison collapsed unconscious on the track. The horse went over, but then rose, completing the race without a jockey. Davison died of her injuries four days later in Epsom Cottage Hospital.

    At the funeral of the leading suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst in 1928, the jockey who had ridden Anmer that day, Herbert Jones, laid a wreath “to do honour to the memory of Mrs Pankhurst and Miss Emily Davison”. Jones had suffered a mild concussion in the 1913 collision, but afterwards claimed he was “haunted by that poor woman’s face”.
    In 1951, his son found Jones dead in a gas-filled kitchen. The jockey had killed himself.


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    enhanced images…they get better and better with time

    nobody seems to be taking any notice of the incident

    Davison’s death marked an important and unifying moment in the campaign for women’s suffrage, with huge numbers attending her funeral.


    Nice breakdown, indeed completely ridiculous. That photo, where not even the men standing high up (so not blocked by the audience and very much interested in what happens at the track) are watching a horse that has been fallen for some seconds already.

    I am not into EGI at all, but this “woman” looks very suspicious:


    Looks like a slender man.


    Look at the hands! And the very long neck, is this for real?

    Before 1913

    And here, “before 1913” the neck is short and fattish, while in 1908 “Emily” giraffe Davison had a very lock neck? Also note the “one-seeing eye” hat “she” is wearing.

    – article is featured at Wikipedia, indicative of programming
    – why not use a man to lead the suffrage “movement”, like so many half-blacks are in the so-called black “movement” later in the 20th and now in the 21st century ages?

    “Davison’s death marked a culmination and a turning point of the militant suffragette campaign. The First World War “””broke out””” the following year and, on 10 August 1914, the government released all women hunger strikers and declared an amnesty.”

    “Davison was arrested again in early October 1909, while preparing to throw a stone at the cabinet minister Sir Walter Runciman; she acted in the mistaken belief the car in which he travelled contained Lloyd George. A suffragette colleague—Constance Lytton—threw hers first, before the police managed to intervene. Davison was charged with attempted assault, but released; Lytton was imprisoned for a month. Davison used her court appearances to give speeches; excerpts and quotes from these were published in the newspapers. Two weeks later she threw stones at Runciman at a political meeting in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester; she was arrested and sentenced to a week’s hard labour. She again went on hunger strike, but the government had authorised the use of force-feeding on prisoners.[23][33]

    But of course! Charged but released. Staged courtroom comments used in newspapers.

    This “Con-stance Lytton” is equally suspicious:


    Is this some Adam Lanza MK-Ultra like clown?

    And this one:


    With as caption:

    Lady Constance Lytton dressed as her alias Jane Warton’ for the 1910 Suffragette protest in Liverpool. Probably photographed replicating the pose for the book, after the fact, and after the stroke that paralysed her right side, arm, hand, mouth and eye.

    Clearly, selectively paralysed people can stand like this and give speeches. And again, the hands and face look like that of a man, not a woman.

    “While imprisoned in Holloway during March 1909, Lytton used a piece of broken enamel from a hairpin to carve the letter “V” into the flesh of her breast, placed exactly over the heart. “V” for Votes for Women.”

    But of course!! But later it says:

    “Her plan was to carve ‘Votes for Women’ from her breast to her cheek, so that it would always be visible. But after completing the “V” on her breast and ribs she requested sterile dressings to avoid blood poisoning, and her plan was aborted by the authorities.”

    So what is it, placed “exactly” over the heart by choice, or planning to self-mutilate “from breast to cheek”? Quite a difference…

    In her own words:

    “I had decided to write the words “Votes for Women” on my body, scratching it in my skin with a needle, beginning over the heart and ending it on my face.”

    How does one obtain a needle in prison? Well, in the intro it says she didn’t:

    “Lytton used a piece of broken enamel from a hairpin…”

    This “Lady” has the same background as Mordechai “Karl” Marx:

    “Although born and raised in the privileged ruling class of British society, Lytton rejected this background to join the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), the most militant group of Suffragette activists, campaigning for “Votes for Women”.”


    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)

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