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    So many of these, better to put them together. My new year resolution – to put these together. And bang on cue, we have a SEA plane [nice variant] crash in Sydney on New Year’s Eve in Australia, when news is slow.
    The seaplane, fitted with buoyancy floats, naturally, SANK quickly WITHOUT TRACE.
    Almost immediately the press knew exactly how many people had “died” their nationalities
    Key hoax give-aways – “understood” “believed” “feared” “consular assistance” police “requesting footage” from witnesses [there won’t be any]

    All SIX bodies were “quickly recovered” but no sign of any plane yet, no doubt a large floating crane will find one submerge and winch it up high for the waiting cameras.

    Can I get a witness? Sure can.
    Here he is – A witness, Myles Baptiste, told the broadcaster he saw the plane flying towards him about 500 metres away when it hit the water.
    “It made a tight right-hand turn and as it actually turned around, the wings dipped and it nosedived straight into the water,” he added.
    “We have spoken to a number of witnesses,” acting police superintendent Michael Gorman said. “It’s too early in the investigation so we don’t know why the plane crashed.”

    I see promotion to full Superintendent for Michael if he handles this one well.

    “piece of debris” shot

    “body recovery” shot [or what is “believed” to be a body, though not by me]

    So who are the “at least 4” UK victims?
    Police have named the victims as Gareth Morgan, a 44-year-old experienced seaplane pilot; Emma Bowden, aged 48 and her daughter Heather Bowden, aged 11; Ms Bowden’s fiance Richard Cousins, 58, and his sons Edward and William Cousins, aged 23 and 25 respectively.
    Mr Cousins was the chief executive of one of the world’s largest catering companies, the Compass Group. In 2017, he was ranked number 11 of the 100 best performing chief executive officers in the world by Harvard Business Review. He was due to retire this year.

    Press photo quickly released of the “fiancee”

    the tour… is popular with the rich and famous and which was used by Pippa Middleton and husband James on their honeymoon,

    According to the Financial Times.

    SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

    Compass, which is the world’s biggest catering company by revenues, said on Thursday that Mr Cousins, 58, would leave his role next March and retire from the group the following September.

    Mr Cousins offered no reasons for his resignation.
    In January, he unexpectedly quit as senior independent director of Tesco after helping Britain’s biggest retailer through its 2014 accounting scandal

    Richard John Cousins dob March 1959–dlMBhBvuy_18/appointments

    A great story to start 2018. Just starting over…
    Mrs Cousins died in 2015

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    The daughter’s birth was also registered as Heather Olivia Bowden-Page
    as reported in Australia
    and who had attended Fircroft Primary School in Tooting

    Neighbours of the couple in Tooting, south west London, described their shock on Monday morning.
    Terry Spry, 71, said the family were “lovely, charming” people.
    Another neighbour said they “seemed very nice people”, adding: “When he saw us, every time he’d say hello and talk with us. She added that Ms Bowden was a “very nice lady”.
    Detective Superintendent Mark Hutchings, head of the New South Wales marine area command, told a press conference the crash “can only be described as a tragic accident”.
    according to the firm’s annual report, he took home £5.8m in salary, bonus, share options and pension in 2016.

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    It’s really quite astonishing how these “victims” have not been formally identified by the coroner yet photographs have been “emerging” of them, tributes paid and even slipped out on twitter by insiders for the MSM to parrot later.


    Antonia Dawson? @DawsonAntonia
    RIP dear Emma Bowden and her daughter Heather. Sydney seaplane tragedy yesterday. I knew Emma when she was a prefect in Thurstan House, Sherborne Girls’ School in 1985. She was one of the very few decent people in that bloody place. Love and prayers to her family xx
    2:13 AM – 1 Jan 2018 [10:18 AM UTC/GMT]

    The photo which appeared in the Telegraph and Huffpo was not attributed to anyone….perhaps it “emerged” through Antonia?

    or this PR tribute…
    Lisa Byrne? @LisaByrnePR
    Words cannot express my utter sadness and devastation. Emma Bowden was one of the loveliest people I have ever worked with @OK_Magazine & her daughter Heather was adorable. In total shock when I heard her name on the news. Can’t stop crying. My heart goes out to all the family

    12:19 AM – 1 Jan 2018 [8:18 AM GMT]
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    Lisa Byrne

    @LisaByrnePR [11:05 AM GMT Jan 1 2018]
    I used to call Emma Bowden the Grace Kelly of @OK_Magazine Always serene, smiling & never got involved in office politics. Tried (& failed) to get me into healthy eating. Heather was her pride and joy. A star shining bright over us. RIP Emma & all the victims. Love & prayers

    which the Australian press immediately seized upon and copied….
    Open Britain confirmed their employee Will Cousins died in the seaplane crash
    google cache 11.02 AM GMT Jan 1 2018
    Did it now? “Open Britain” obviously has more information than the Sydney coroner.
    At 3.27 AM…
    Police named the victims of the tragic flight as Mr Cousins, 58, William Cousins, 25, Edward Cousins, 23, Emma Bowden, 48, Heather Bowden, 11, and Gareth Morgan, 44, an experienced pilot originally from Canada.
    Family members of the victims are travelling to Sydney from Britain

    And who might they be? Perhaps the boys’ uncle Ian Thorpe, who doesn’t sound very cut up and obviously is not in the “can’t stop crying” bracket..“It’s a huge shock” he says, with big smile on his face. Hmmmmm So not a big shock for him?

    How can we believe this New Year media story?


    There’s even a Canadian connection to spread the interest around the world…

    Jessica Ridley @jessicaridleytv
    4:14 AM GMT Jan 1 2018
    We’re hearing from @SydneySeaplanes CEO Aaron Shaw. He’s spoken to his Gareth Morgan’s parents in Canada to offer condolences @7NewsSydney

    Jessica of News7 was also very quick to identify the 11 year old Heather Bowden P

    Jessica Ridley? @jessicaridleytv
    An 11 year old girl Heather Bowden was on board with her family. They were all tourists from the UK @7NewsSydney
    5:41 pm – 31 Dec 2017 [1:41 AM GMT Jan 1 2017 12:41 PM local time ]

    all nicely wrapped for the 6pm news in Sydney on New Year’s Eve…..
    Jessicia was quickly retweeting this report

    Marine Rescue NSW?Verified account @MarineRescueNSW
    Search and rescue vessels from three@MarineRescueNSW units are responding to a report of a seaplane crash at Jerusalem Bay on the Hawkesbury. Aircraft reported to be upside down.
    9:04 pm – 30 Dec 2017 [5:04 AM GMT Dec 31 2017 4:04 PM local time] From Brooklyn, New South Wales

    really? Later “reports” said it went in nose first and sank.

    Jessica Ridley @jessicaridleytv
    30 Dec 2017 [5:10 AM GMT 31 DEC 2017 4:10 PM local time]
    Breaking: @SydneySeaplanes has confirmed the aircraft down in the Hawkesbury River is theirs. We are hearing there are six people on board. Marine police trying to locate now off Jerusalem Bay @7NewsSydney

    Jessica Ridley? @jessicaridleytv
    Police divers about to enter the water to search for submerged plane. Command post set up at Apple Tree Bay Boat Ramp @7NewsSydney #sydneyseaplane
    9:47 pm – 30 Dec 2017 [5:47 am GMT Dec 31 2017 4:47 PM local time]

    Seems like the police divers were already waiting, in the know….you know.

    The Airline CEO doesn’t look too cut up either [posted 4:08 AM GMT Jan 1 2018]
    as he reads his prepared script…

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    The Daily Mail is always the best though for providing the nuts and bones of the story/hoax
    A neighbour at Mr Cousins’ £1.7million country home in the Chilterns, which he shared with first wife Caroline until her death, told MailOnline: ‘She had told him to find somebody else. The family had gone through the dreadful loss of Caroline. He was getting his life back together and we heard this dreadful news.’

    Richard and Emma were due to marry in June and had been living together with Heather in Tooting, south-west London, where neighbours described them as a ‘happy go lucky’ couple looking forward to their 2018 wedding.

    Lata Maisuria, who lives two doors away from the family’s terraced house, said: ‘It was a holiday, you’re expecting them to come back, you’re not expecting them to be brought back in this way’.

    [Hyde Heath] Neighbour Christine Franklin, 78…..said that although Richard had moved away, he had not sold the large 5 bed detached family home, which had been on the market for £1.7 million.


    This might seem a baby hoax, but it’s revealing how they are put together and why.
    Mr Cousins’ shares might have been worth £10m, having seen their price dramatically increase over his tenure at Compass. Yet he chooses to leave a large country mansion and shack up in the 1900 terraces of South West London… it makes no sense whatsoever. We need not believe any of the neighbour witnesses dredged up by the MSM, either in Tooting or in leafy Hyde Heath.

    The two had been living together in a relatively modest 1930s terrace in a suburban street in Tooting in London’s south western suburbs and a short walk away from 11-year-old Heather’s school.
    like you do when sitting on millions….

    Caroline, his wife may have died in 2015, August 24 actually,
    Lane Gate Cottage, The Common, Hyde Heath, Amersham, Buckinghamshire HP6 5RW ***
    but she had packed in teaching 3 years previously in 2012.

    Scaling the (Chalfont) Heights

    Obviously there was no need to work. Then she suddenly dies of cancer in 2015, so we’re told, emerging four weeks later…
    another suspicious “death”?
    Jan 2 2018
    The CEO had just announced his retirement after 11 years in charge of the listed catering giant and had told friends that he was looking forward to a new chapter in his professional and personal life.
    details not given

    According to The Sun, Mr Cousins wife urged him to “find someone else”.
    like you do when you’re allegedly dying…
    A neighbour, who asked not to be named but lives in Hyde Heath, near Amersham, Bucks., where Mr Cousins owned a large property, revealed he had received invitations for his friend’s upcoming wedding and engagement party in the post just days before the tragedy.
    “It’s a total tragedy. It’s not true that [his ex-wife] Caroline told him to go and find someone else. She would have just wanted him to be happy. They were a lovely couple.

    photograph of said invitation not produced, but that would be all part of the preparation. Yet, Caroline’s brother, Ian J Thorpe, for whom, allegedly, Caroline and Richard bought him his house in in East Goscote near Leicester for £215K in Summer 2014, told the Telegraph…
    “They were getting married in July … even if we had not been invited, me and my daughter would have gate crashed the wedding because I’d have wanted to give him my support.
    but he doesn’t say he’s received an invite….hmmmm. Sounds like gatekeeping to me.
    The “neighbours” in multicultural Tooting don’t seem to have been in on the forthcoming wedding.

    I’m not buying a word of this New Year “tragedy”. And I hope Fakeologist’s Australian members aren’t either.
    How’s the wreckage of this buoyant seaplane doing in the shallow river?

    Cue the ever safe hoaxing hands of the air safety organisations, in this case…
    “The full sequence of events leading up to the accident is not fully understood at this stage,” said Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) executive director Nat Nagy on Tuesday…..Mr Nagy said investigators planned to use airbags or a crane to recover the De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver from the Hawkesbury River, about 50km north of Sydney, sometime this week…”The key goal for us is to keep the aircraft as intact as possible so we’re able to investigate,” he said.
    I guess they’ve not planted the plane yet. Let’s wait and see if they can hook a whopped from the deep.

    The plane remained largely intact and was lying upside down and nose-first on the river bed under 13 meters (43 feet) of water, Nagy said. Police divers retrieved the bodies within hours of the crash.

    or perhaps just use the seaplane’s floats….
    It’s amazing how they found and whipped out all those bodies so quickly.

    Any more paid/unpaid liars, sorry “witnesses” to that ridiculous sinking story? Sure are…
    Witness Will McGovern told Australian Broadcasting Corp. that only the plane’s tail was protruding from the water when he reached the scene by boat. Several men dived into a fuel slick in attempts to free the victims, McGovern said.
    Kurt Bratby, another witness on the river, estimated the plane sank in five minutes and would-be rescuers repeatedly dived under the water in vain
    Witness Todd Sellars was on a houseboat only 50 metres away and about to go wake-boarding with his friends when the seaplane “nosedived” into the water.
    He told ABC Radio Melbourne he jumped into the water and tried to open the door of the submerged plane.
    “I just thought it was coming in low doing a flyby, but when we looked out on the corner it just nosedived,” he said.
    Mr Sellars said he swam out to try and rescue the passengers but the plane sank too quickly.
    “I ran my hands down through the windows but I couldn’t open the door, it was sinking too fast,” he said.

    “The plane was pretty long so it was probably three or four metres under the water by the time we got down to the door.”

    Sure he did. The whole story’s bananas. Nobody died in any seaplane crash in the Hawkesbury River.

    *** however a slightly different address crops up in this 2009 planning application for yet another extension to the secluded house in the woods….

    First floor side extension, front roof extension, front porch extension and single storey rear extension
    Location: Lane Gate Cottagage, Weedon Hill Past The Green Hyde Heath HP6 5RP
    Applicant: Mr Richard Cousins

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    From the Mail, here’s the house bought for £794K in late 2000

    And here’s the sale
    Lane Gate End is an attractive detached property, the original parts believed to be farm workers cottages from the early 17th century extended and much improved over the years to create a charming and characterful family home.
    Price £1.7m – Check

    Lane Gate The Common, Hyde Heath, Buckinghamshire, HP6 5RW, the address supplied by Cousins to companies house specifies neither “end” nor “cottage”.
    For sale dated March 13 2015 – which is before Caroline allegedly died or was even reportedly diagnosed with cancer….[July 2015 by interpretation]
    and still not sold?? Perhaps it really wasn’t for sale? Archivied on March 31 2015


    Great work, xileffilex, and a happy New Year to you. I have included this latest BBS plane crash in the list of psyops at Fakeopedia. Would be nice to have an article page about this story, linking to your work done here on the forum.

    That Emma Bowden doesn’t look like 48 tbh…

    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    And…60 hours after the major UK and Australian news story over the new year breaking, the father and ex-partner of the dead females suddenly emerges
    Her father, Alex Page, 49, who separated from Miss Bowden several years ago, is said to be in a state of profound shock. who says? Alexander M Page?
    nope, sister and “financial regulator” Kathryn Samantha who married [briefly?] one Daniel Edelman in 1996
    His sister, Sam **, told the Daily Mail her brother “is unable to physically speak” because he is so grief-stricken.

    ** Sam Page manages a team within the Wholesale Banking Supervision at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In May 2015 Sam joined the board of Aquila, Diocese of Canterbury Academy Trust, as a non-executive director.

    There seems to have been no marriage between Emma and Alex
    more from the Mirror….
    Today arrangements are being made to return the bodies of Mr Cousins and Miss Bowden, and that of their children.
    A relative of Mr Cousins has been to the house he was renting in Tooting, south-west London, with Miss Bowden, to pick up necessary documentation to take to Australia.
    ‘Emma had been unhappy in her relationship with Alex and they’d split up,’ says her friend.
    ‘She and Richard hit it off straight away. Richard was besotted.
    The relationship developed quickly and Mr Cousins moved in with her at her house in Tooting, south London, which she had shared with Mr Page.

    A few months later, Mr Cousins, Miss Bowden and Heather rented another property about a mile away. Last September, Heather started at a nearby secondary school, where neighbours say she had settled in well.
    A large car which came to collect Mr Cousins every morning to take him to his office was the only sign that he was a man of power and influence.

    Suurre. it’s a ridiculous story. Why didn’t he install Emma in his 5 bedroom secluded pad in the hills? It must have been the talk of Compass. And those facebook pictures from Amalfi show now sign of a mature lover.

    Fortunately, deliberately or otherwise, the Telegraph points the compass [sic] needle further in the direction of “hoax” by mentioning a similar “seaplane” “fatal” accident but on dry land in Quebec, Canada in 2015, involving yet more holidaying Brits!
    “after stalling during a steel turn on a sightseeing trip”
    Yeah, suuuuure.
    Here it is….
    Fiona and Richard Hewitt, their 17-year-old daughter Felicity and 14-year-old son Harry, along with two other people on board, died when their light aircraft crashed into a mountainside in the Bergeronnes area of Quebec on Sunday.

    The Hewitt family, from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, had rented a car in Ontario, and had been due to check out of the Hotel Sous La Croix in Tadoussac on Monday, according to the Journal of Quebec.
    Mrs Hewitt worked as a Shiatsu therapist, a Japanese ‘finger pressure’ technique, similar to acupuncture.

    Also “killed” [funny how everyone always dies instantaly in these “crashes” nobody survives with serious injuries…..]
    The Canadian pilot, Romain Desrosiers, and a French passenger, Emilie Delaitre, 28, from Mandelieu-la Napoule on the French Riviera,

    Here’s the dumped “wreckage” for reference

    The Foreign Office is “urgently working” ** with Canadian authorities to establish whether Britons were among the six people who died in the crash.
    ** = urgently plotting

    the impact was so violent that nobody could have survived.
    Just another routing recycling/news generating plane crash hoax from Canada.

    The Sydney job looks like a carbon copy of Quebec 2015. These disaster / human relocation organisers show little originality.
    More from 2015

    source – ITV Unforunately the “neighbour” video no longer works.

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    Great work, xileffilex, and a happy New Year to you. I have included this latest BBS plane crash in the list of psyops at Fakeopedia. Would be nice to have an article page about this story, linking to your work done here on the forum.

    That Emma Bowden doesn’t look like 48 tbh…

    Cheers, Gaia. Tfb, I’m looking for quality and originality, rather than quantity in 2018’s hoaxes, drills and staged events.
    Yes, the family of Emma Bowden [who would have lost a daughter and grand-daughter seem unconcerned, certainly they have not been prodded into the media spotlight by their handlers so far.

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    No sign of Alex yet. +++ He would have still been paying child maintenance [we don’t know the arrangements for visits and exchanges and don’t need to] even after Heather’s mom married the multi millionaire with an annual income in the millions rather than the thousands.. perhaps he thought it odd that his ex-partner was living with the CEO of the Compass group in a suburban street in SW17. Perhaps not. Perhaps he didn’t know. Perhaps he did.

    +++ hot off the press [Telegraph, paywall]
    Alex is living in Prague, Czech Republic…..allegedly

    Now the good news….
    from the Daily Telegraph..
    20 mins ago – AIR crash investigators will today get their first look at the wreckage of the tragic seaplane that crashed in the Hawkesbury River on New Year’s Eve, killing five UK tourists and a Canadian pilot. In what’s expected to be a six-hour recovery operation starting at 6am today

    Bring on the heroic people who tried to save the passengers [as if…..]
    Kurt Bratby and his three friends repeatedly dived 7ft underwater through fuel and debris to get to the wreckage in a bid to pull the six passengers to safety.

    However, despite being underwater for three minutes they couldn’t pull open the door and saw no signs of life inside the plane after it nosedived into the Hawkesbury River, just north of Sydney.
    Pearl divers…LOL!! [who’s taking this photo btw?]

    The whole silly rescue story is there. It’s beyond absurd. There was no plane crash.
    Despite onlookers warning them the fuel could spark, Kurt said he and his friends did not give up hope despite being unable to wrench the door of the plane open.
    The group then tied the tail of the doomed plane to their dingy and tried in vain to drag the aircraft to the shoreline, but were unable to save its passengers.
    Kurt added: “In the end we tried a buoy to the end of the rope and waited for the rescuers to come.
    “I thought there would only be about three people because of the size. We watched them dive and recover the bodies. To hear it was six there was very disappointing. It’s a very tragic time.”

    Tributes have also been paid today to hero pilot Gareth Morgan, with friends saying he would have done everything in his power to prevent a crash.
    Yep, another hero, NOT a kamikaze pilot, obviously. A true professional….

    Stop press…..Even if Alex has laid low, Emma’s dad has “emerged” but requests “privacy”. He appears to have married a Heather [a clue there] E Hill in 1968 but I daughters Emma Jane Bowden, **a former Conservative MP, spoke of the family’s devastation at losing his daughter and granddaughter.
    Well well well!
    What else is missing?
    The “last photos” taken by unknown people [since all in the party allegedly died]

    and the familiar lucky escape stories of the last passengers before the fake crash.
    And where might they have come from, taking the all-important photo of the pilot?
    From England, naturally.

    The woman, who did not wish to be named, said: ‘We were on the same aircraft that flew at 11am that morning – it was definitely the same one because it had the same ID number.

    I haven’t seen any ID numbers emerge from the deep, sorry, the shallow so far….so how does the anonymous woman from Yorkshire know?

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    RRRRRight…raise the seaplane.
    “The operation is due to begin at 6am and the wreckage is expected to be recovered from the water about 12pm,” NSW Police said in a statement on Wednesday.
    Water police including specialist divers will conduct the operation.

    having had several nights to plant any wreckage. That’s 7pm GMT minus one day.
    Should look convincing after all that time. Amazing how they got all the “bodies” out so quickly though…
    ATSB investigators say it’s too early to speculate on the cause of the Hawkesbury River crash

    However, it’s always time to speculate that it’s just another big media hoax.–spt.html

    Here’s Alex -Alex Page
    European Commission [adviser to the Czech Minister of Agriculture]

    and messenger Sam
    Works at Bank of America
    Went to Roedean School
    [the most exclusive girl’s school in the UK]


    The unwrenchable door…with the trade mark psy-op blue gloved handler nicely presented for the waiting cameras…

    and apparently floating in the water eaerlier at 0.33 in the Sun Video

    perhaps it just floated up?

    The Sun told yesterday how the family paid £310 each to fly from Rose Bay, Sydney, 20 miles north to a posh meal at Cottage Point Inn.

    So, that’s £1240 shelled out by the mysterious family from Yorkshire…they must be multi-millionaires also!
    Here’s the rented Tooting abode of love, in which allegedly a man taking home £5.8 million per annum, including share options, bonuses and pension pots…was picked up by his chauffeur each day and no doubt dropped off afterwards….

    and here it is on Google street, 81 Crowborough Road, SW17 9QD which was sold for £670,000 on August 28 2015, having nearly doubled in price in 6 years, but obviously not to “shortly to wed” renting couple Emma and multi-millionaire Richard, perhaps bought as a speculative investment by someone. I wonder if the owner/s knew…..


    While inspecting the closing down of information on the Wiki page of the Sydney seaplane “crash” [names of the “dead” removed
    I note that this event occluded a similar “accident” involving a light Cessna plane carrying 10 US tourists in the main in Costa Rica, who also all died on New Year’s Eve along with two pilots.
    The event occurred shortly after takeoff from Punta Islita Airport, in Nandayure, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica.
    Five members of one family perished [check]
    The victims included New Yorkers Bruce and Irene Steinberg and their sons, Matthew, 13, William, 18, and Zachary, 19…..Susan Adler, a Scarsdale neighbor, called it “a very sad situation . . . unbelievable.”

    yes, it is un-be-lieve-able

    Another US family that perished in the crash was identified as Mitchell and Leslie Weiss — both doctors from Florida — and their daughter, Hannah, a 19-year-old student at Columbia University.

    Mitchell, 52, was a radiology specialist in Clearwater who went to medical school in Philadelphia. Leslie, 50, was a pediatrician who practiced in Tampa.

    The other Americans killed were Amanda Rae Geissler and Gene Wing Szeto. Their hometowns were not immediately available.

    The plane’s crew members were identified as Juan Manuel Retana and Emma Ramos Calderon.

    Former Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla, who held office from 2010 to 2014, tweeted that Retana was her cousin.

    Video on (Costa Rica Today) shows burning wreckage next to what appears to be the tail section of the plane.

    That’s always the problem with these spare parts “crashes” – not enough wreckage.
    Family photos readily available, but poor quality “potato” video
    A poor show by the Costa Ricans but everyone off to Israel safely.

    Verdict – an obvious staged fake death crash.
    Back to Sydney for the big lift…..


    What a whole seaplane looks like when emerging from the “shallow” in this psy-op

    The seaplane’s pontoon’s or “floats” which allow the plane to land on water were the first pieces to be salvaged.
    One of the plane’s wings has also been pulled from the water.

    [not shown]

    A better photo of Alex has “emerged” from 2009,when living in Brussels…later in Czech Republic, when on a Nuffield Farming Scholarship, travelling around several countries, thanking Anna Vejvodová, ** ” for everything you have done, none of the last 18 months would have been possible without you.”

    Alex Page
    Co Vejvodová

    Czech Republic

    ** who is a fb friend of Alex and Sam
    Listens to Pink Floyd

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    Just wrapping up this fascinating psy-op – the complete raising of the wrecked plane after 3.5 days gestation in the “deep”. In fact it resembles a maritime version of the Clutha helicopter crash hoax from Glasgow in late 2013.

    We’ve had the floats [act 1] Here comes act 2 the wing [there only seems to be one of them, perhaps that’s why it “crashed into the river”?

    Three key parts — one wing, the floats and the fuselage of the single-engine aircraft — were removed from the river and divers were working to recover the rest amid very poor underwater visibility.

    source –

    Must be terrible down there….

    Here comes the heavy bit, which the divers didn’t have too much trouble finding and roping up in the murky deep…

    Here she comes – they’ve caught a whopper

    And the original plane which took 5 minutes to disappear from the surface [allegedly] and none of any of the six people on board could open any door. [allegedly] Suuuuuure

    Investigators have spent the last three days scoping out the crash site and formulating a plan to raise the plane from its resting place under 13 metres of water.

    Detective Superintendent Mark Hutchings from the Marine Area Command, said the fuselage, or body of the plane, looked to have suffered extensive damage on impact when it was raised from the water this morning.

    “From the time the wreckage was brought on the barge we saw there was severe damage to the plane and it appeared there had been quite an impact on hitting the water,” Det Sup Hutchings said.

    The pre-wrecked seaplane

    Of course, the psy-op narrative had to suggest a nose=dive into the river, otherwise a sea plane crash would end up something like this….

    The Cousins family released a statement shortly after the plane was lifted from the water saying they are “deeply touched” by tributes from around the world.
    Simon and Andrew Cousins, brothers to Richard Cousins, said: “We are fortunate and thankful for the outpouring of love and support we’ve received from across the world.
    “We are deeply touched by the tributes to Richard, William, Edward, Emma and Heather in the media and throughout the community.

    “We have now arrived in Australia and as the investigation continues, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved for their dedication and commitment, in particular the Sydney Water Police and those members of the public who helped on the day of the accident.

    “We are also thankful for the tremendous support received from Compass Group, Richard’s employer, the British Consulate General in Sydney and all those in Australia who have expressed their condolences.

    “On behalf of our extended families we thank you for allowing us to grieve privately during this difficult time and respect our decision to not participate in any media interviews.
    Your privacy guaranteed

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    There is ample scope for “plane doubles” in this psy-op, VH-AAM being an identical seaplane. There is no evidence that the Yorkshire family took the flight, there’s no evience that NOO took off or was the plane videod near the crash location 90 minutes before by….another UK tourist from Yorkshire!

    suuuure – an undated photo of anonymous people beside the correct float plane….and some other fliers on the bigger Cessna, complete with immaculate boarding pass believe they saw the Compass group….

    sooooo convincing [not]

    and don’t you just love the upside down submerged Sydney Seaplanes floatplane in previous livery style under water in this clip to suggest the crash…go to 0.50

    also amusing is the concealed “recovery of the bodies” behind the curtain.
    Your psy-op confirmed in one video clip.


    It’s a wrap. [unless it’s a burnt out tower block]

    I guess some pathologist is having their arm twisted [perhaps quite easily] to produce causes of “death” at this very moment.
    We await the closed casket funerals, wherever they might be.


    Compared with the “no publicity” UK contingent in this “baby hoax”, the family of the Canadian pilot are the stars of the show.

    That’s the MD of Sydney Seaplanes, Aaron Shw giving the family the guided tour.

    Today they and their son Dallas and daughter Cydane face the gruelling task of identifying his body and will in the forthcoming days finalise plans for his funeral at Waverley’s Jubilee Church on Wednesday.
    Seems like someone has already identified it long ago….else it wouldn’t have been all over the world’s news.

    The pilot has also uniquely had his own special autopsy [Jan 3 2018] to establish his cause of “death”. Unlike the “UK five” who don’t appear to have had any cause of death announced.

    The brothers of a Surrey businessman, who died in a tragic seaplane crash on New Year’s Eve, say they are “thankful for the outpouring of love” following his death

    Richard Cousins’s brothers are a golf playing accountant and, much more interestingly, a career police officer who rose to become involved in Royal Protection, Anti corruption, police complaints and “Witness protection”, giving people new identities….
    now lecturing on cruise ships and running a security firm.

    I like the term enrichment:

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    Any other staged seaplane crashes? Certainly – Shanghai, July 2016
    Brand new allegedly £3m Cessna, straight into a bridge on its inaugural flight, hinting as the Seattle inaugural train crash in late 2017

    5 dead. Suuuuure. 5 survivors, including pilot. Suuuuure, perhaps it was an empty plane stunt.
    We were certainly treated to the big crane lift for the MSM

    A perfect media story.

    Back in Sydney another amazing coincidence…the brother [see above] of Richard Cousins tells us that he also likes to travel abroad to follow the England cricket team playing e.g. in the West Indies
    Where were the England cricket team playing at the time of the “crash”? Sydney, of course.
    And in the Daily Mail we see that Ian, brother of Richard’s deceased wife, has been eagerly sharing his scrap book of wedding photos of Richard Cousins and Richard’s brothers….
    Heartbroken Ian Thorpe told how widower Richard Cousins, 58, had decided to quit his £5.6million job as boss of a catering giant to spend quality time with his new fiancée, magazine editor Emma Bowden, 48, and ‘be a dad again’

    ‘I hadn’t realised my nephews were going on the trip I thought maybe Rich was going with just his fiancée and daughter, so it was an awful shock.

    [nephews aged 23 and 25, a nice and generous touch to invite them along with your new lover and her 11 year old daughter, but doesn’t exactly sound like the best “quality time” to me]

    Ian, who rented his house from Richard and Caroline….
    … told how he received a Christmas card from his ex brother-in-law saying: ‘We’re off to Australia for the cricket and Christmas’, sending best wishes from the five of them.

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