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    I am astonished that this blatant psy-op, with all its accompanying limited hangout “exposes” isn’t a topic here. I picked up the book Terror on the Tube and it leaves me as unsatsfied as does the similar Dunblane work.There is no index and astonshingly barely touches the bios of the alleged dead. Much research was done before the inquest – 6 years to get all the ducks lined up in a row – including at Reality Shack. But reading the inquest transcripts, with barristers leading the witnesses over the jumps, the overall message is that, certainly from the “exploding bus” in Tavistock Square, nothing much happened.
    I was an occasional visitor to the Islington Bank where one of the cashiers allegedly died and I remember vividly the table of cards in the centre of the floor, more normally filled with paying-in forms, etc.
    So I thought I would investigate – are these people sims or not? It would seem difficult to fake the existence of someone with an allegedly high customer profile. But with the help of the inquest transcript, one immediately sees the whole story to be a contrived nonsense in this tiny area of the event.

    Two Co-op bank employees, going to work, from completely different directions: Walton-on-Thames and London E13. One has only just joined the bank: they had only worked together for 4 months. However, they meet up, amazingly, in the melee at Euston and end up travelling on the same ill-fated 30 bus driven by the mysterious George Psaradakis. And sitting next to each other, as one can imagine. One dies, one survives by extraordinary luck, hurled from the top deck under a taxi, if you please.

    Mr Patrick O’Connor QC of Doughty Street chambers asks Emma Plunkett about being straned at Euston…she rings up work…”your colleague gave you sime suggestions of buses you might take”
    “yes, he gave me four buses” (including the 30, of course). It is a farce. Every bus shelter in London is plastered with information about where buses go. And why would a colleague necessarily know which buses came to Angel from Euston?
    The allegedly deceased colleague was Shahara Islam, whose family were from Bangladesh and who, since 7/7, seem to have moved out to Barking. [The bus driver also moved shortly afterwards]

    And of course, Emma was assisted by Richmal Oates-Whitehead whose “death” at 175 The Grampians in Hammersmith,[sold only once on 25 July 2001 in recent time] without inquest a few months later is totally unbelievable. I am not persuaded Richmal existed, despite her name appearing on some distnctly odd looking online academic publications. [more on that later]

    If part of the narrative is a lie, the whole of it is.

    The rehearsed stories of the inquest are laughable in places. 10-15 minutes under a taxi and we don’t know who was driving it.

    GP Andrena Claire Heath aka Andrena Hulyer [m.2002] conveniently arrived for a “course” at the BMA wearing dull “grey corduroy trousers” [remembered 17 months later in a police statement – why this is introduced becomes clear later on,to disguish her from “Dr Richmal” who was wearing eye-catching pink and purple for the event]

    ,,,and then I saw a gentleman walking up away from BMA House with a bandage around his head and bleeding But when I saw him I thought — I realised that something extreme had happened, whether it was an accident or whatever. So at that point, I went up to the policeman that was on the cordon to see if I could help

    Mmmmmmm, the familiar theme of the bandaged [by whom?] “walking wounded” being left to wander off home after a drill but not before a photo op I’m sure…
    and started attending to the dying. A key inquest witness who allegedly tended Mrs Wundowa.

    Click to access 7_july_inquests_2011-01-25_am-session.pdf

    These are fascinating witnesses.


    With the 10th Anniversary of the event, several partcipants have been pushed into the media spotlight. I want to examine the story of one of these,

    Danny Biddle

    Daniel’s story provoked some curiosity at CF

    Straight away the narrative is full of those 9/11 coincidences, changes to routine and incredible yet convenient stories which make one immediately suspicious. Biddle is also the star witness, having stood “next to” “6 feet” or “10 feet” [quite some distance in an allegedly packed subway train] from plot mastermind Mohammad Sidique Khan aka Mohammed Sidique Khan.
    The most recent version of his story is dated July 7 2015

    Biddle has provided us with a mountain of material which is worth sifting through…..

    The story immediately falls down for normal subway users. They get on to packed trains and eventually sit down when a seat becomes available. With Biddle, he gets on three stations before Khan, and yet Khan has secured a seat and Biddle is still standing, such that for the narrative he can look at Khan and see him put his hand into a rucksack on his lap.
    This is how Nick Kollerstom dismantles the inquest story:
    Earlier versions of the story as told to the press and related by Kollerstrom have Khan standing. The 2015 story stays loyal to the inquest narrative. In fact the very first we hear of Biddle in relation to 7/7 is 2.5 months afterwards when he gives this interview to the Daily Mirror:
    September 24 2005

    There is much, much more to analyse. Here’s the latest photo.

    A couple of videos

    and, one of a series of 4:

    [At 1:15 the travelcard ticket Biddle used. For some reason, the scan cuts off before the price is shown. In fact the style of ticket looks a few years older than 2005, because “From” was changed to “Between” on the tickets.

    old style “from” ticket, smaller style lettering

    I have my travel card dated July 7
    and it’s an immaculate travel card.

    After his bus to the train station got stuck in traffic, and with Romford station’s ticket machines down, he was running over an hour late. After queuing for his ticket, Dan ran to the platform.

    The day London stood still

    12 Sep, 2012

    Now, I might be wrong here [help needed] but Danny’s ticket has a square validating hole pre-punched in it, which I suspect tells one that it has been issued from a machine. [which wasn’t working…] Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Notice in this video, he is described as being now “less than a metre away” which is a dramatic reduction from 10 feet.



    Before we regress in time, here’s is Danny’s Version 2015 in audio form.
    BBC Radio Wales
    February 26 2015

    “I was laying there screaming my head off, er, for help, honestly believeing I was going to die. I didn’t…
    I had a good idea of how badly hurt I was, er, when I hit the floor. I was on fire, my arms and hands were alight so that I could see the flames coming off me. That went out pretty quickly. Erm, I had quite a lot of metalwork across my body so I tried to put my arms underneth it.”

    Jason Mohammad [BBC Radio Wales] “Do you remember seeing your arms on fire?”
    [my comment – I think he’s already answered this, Jason]

    “Yeh, as I hit the floor I lifted my arms up to try and move and I had, er, a very kind of orangey-blue flame running along my arms from the chemicals where they’d ignited, erm, and it burnt the skin away on my hands so as I flexed my fingers I could see the bones in my fingers. That was kind of pretty scary
    I tried to move the metalwork. I wasn’t in any pain – I mean that’s the weird thing, – I wasn’t in any pain. Erm, I tried to move the metalwork that was on top of me so as I pushed my arms underneath it I went to push down and instead of putting my hand on my left thigh, I was touching the floor. So my left leg had been taken off quite high, er at the point of the explosion.
    My right leg had been severed at the knee joint and had been blown round 180 degrees and shattered the bones in the leg. Erm, the pole that I had been holding, standing up, I was lying on my back and I could see something sticking up in the air and I thought, kind of thought, what was that and as I tugged on it it didn’t move and I tugged on it a bit more and I realised that it was actually in me. So it had speared through my stomach and had gone into me by about four inches Erm and then I got a big scar on my forehead. I reached up to touch my head as you in shock, kind of what’s just happened and then I tried to move my hand and couldn’t and where my head had been cut open so badly I’d actually placed my hand under the scalp and had my hand on top of my skull.”

    He seems pretty lucid through the “bombing”, excellent recall…

    Tom-DalpraTom Dalpra

    Good stuff xilef. These characters seem well worth a review as they go forward resiliently with the rest of their lives. His arms were on fire…then he was impaled on the entire train, or something.

    As a double amputee, he gets my sympathy, anyway. Regardless of the fact he’s sold-out for a lie. It works.

    Funny enough, I’ve never really delved into 7/7 since I realised it wasn’t ‘real’ in any way, in 2010/11.

    Before that I was with Nick Kollerstrom, ahem, slightly embarrassing. I was fascinated with the dramatic story he put in my head of Khan’s last known movements.
    From memory, the night before the bombing, his wife was pregnant and had gone into labour but he had then gone AWOL.
    He then left a message with another bomber, Lyndsey, at 3am on the morning of the 7th ( we remember Lyndsey was apparently in a relationship with The White Widow before she graduated to coordinating Ops in Kenya!) to the effect of ‘go ahead without me, I got troubleS here’.

    Kollestrom tells us that Khan’s wife hadn’t seen him since the previous evening and was distraught. It was so unlike her husband to have not been there at such a crucial time.

    The kicker was that she finally lost the baby on 7/7.

    Now, I used to believe all that bullshit.
    I thought these guys were genuine dupes on a drill gone real.
    Nice innocent guys, blown up.
    I thought they’d been murdered and I thought she’d lost the baby.

    Losing a baby was a pretty easy and tidy trick to pull off. It certainly had my heart strings going there for a while.

    ‘It’s a balloon’

    ‘No it’s a baby’

    ‘Balloon ‘






    As a double amputee, he gets my sympathy, anyway. Regardless of the fact he’s sold-out for a lie. It works.

    Indeed, Tom. But he’s the linchpin to the whole fabrication.

    Talking of which..
    Danny was apparently a GBP33K pa building projectss manager – he was 26 at the time – and was allegedly en route to a meeting at Wembley.

    The firm was previously named as TH Kenyon, which is a group of companies based in Bishops Stortford.
    The company’s website features a somewhat disconnected article about Danny which was first cached in 2012:
    “the company I work for didn’t write me off and put me on the scrap heap”

    where Danny is posing at the company HQ

    Having a look at his linkedin resume, there is a void before May 2005 when he commenced working or Kenyon, ceasing to do so in 2007.

    Access consultant
    FOUR Group Limited
    May 2007 – December 2009 (2 years 8 months)
    Lead access consultant on wide range of construction projects, primarily in the retail sector.

    Project Manager
    TH Kenyon and Sons Plc
    May 2005 – October 2007
    (2 years 6 months)

    FE College
    CIOB *Diploma, Construction
    2005 – 2008

    BSC Building Surveying
    I have just started this degree as a distant learning degree from the College of Estate Management.
    Honors & Awards
    Additional Honors & Awards

    Winner of the CIOB Paul Andree Award 2008
    *Chartered Institute of Building

    The interesting thing is that Danny’s elder brother is a successful Building Project Manager in California.
    October 22 2003

    Antony John Biddle, 30, has joined the New York office of international construction consultancy Gardiner & Theobald Inc as a senior project manager, announces Andrew Mann, FRICS, principal.
    Mr. Biddle has been assigned to Burberry’s and Clifford Chance US LLP as a Project Manager. The Gardiner & Theobald director on both projects is Jonathan Andrew.
    The Burberry project includes a national rollout of its New York flagship store and several mall stores.
    Prior to joining Gardiner & Theobald, Mr. Biddle was a director at HLW Design/ Build in New York. Mr. Biddle attended the University of Greenwich, London, and Barking college of Technology, also in London. He holds degrees in architecture and a diploma in construction technology.
    Vice President
    AMA Project Management
    April 2007 – Present (8 years 4 months)
    Greater Los Angeles Area

    The CIOB has a slightly different slant on the story:

    Click to access 2007_Annual_Review.pdf

    He wasn’t managing a project, he was on an education course:

    Danny Biddle was travelling on the London Underground to his site
    management course
    when he was involved in the 7 July 2005 London
    bombings. He suffered serious injuries. Throughout Danny’s recovery period he continued his studies on a Site Management, Education and Training (SMET) course.
    anny now works for the Four Group, managing his own project – Access Four.
    He is using his construction experience and disability to consult, design and project manage access issues. His client portfolio now includes Marks & Spencer and Transport for London

    We’ll come on to the story of how he missed his stop on the way to his course in “due course”.

    Just to remind ourselves how he was described in one of the earliest interviews in January 2006

    On 7 July 2005, the 26-year-old building projects manager took the full force of the terrorist bomb which was detonated on a Tube carriage at Edgware Road. Barely recognisable as a human being, he was stretchered into St Mary’s Hospital in west London. He is now trying to express his gratitude towards an extraordinary group of people who have painstakingly rebuilt him over the past six months.

    That article in its entirety needs revisiting since it namechecks many professionals.


    If I may, I’d like to digress for one moment – another witness whom the BBC has dug up and suddenly remembers 10 years later that she was caught up in the Kings Cross explosion and now suffers from hearing problems. She was already blind…
    Elena Piras shares her experiences of the 7/7 bombings and her journey since.
    The usual story devoid of precise detail which genuine stories have.

    But if you go to her website, there is no mention of this event anywhere.
    2006 – nothing:

    Click to access Sunday_Herald_Magazine_20082006.pdf

    2013 – nothing

    2015 – oh dear

    Elena Piras, who was born in Sardinia, was travelling on the tube in London in July 2005 when terrorists detonated bombs on three underground trains and on a bus at Tavistock Square.

    Ms Piras initially moved to Edinburgh in 2006 after her hearing was affected by one of the suicide bomber blasts. She later spent time in Glasgow and Pitlochry before being attracted to the popular folk music scene in Shetland.

    Piras says she left to escape stalker

    July 12 2015
    Now she has left Shetland because of a stalker, allegedly. Hence the publicity.

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    Another re-release of survivor stories is provided on this BBC page
    Steven aka Steve Desborough [a trained first aider from Witham, Essex**] goes through his inquest story of Carrie Taylor [who worked at the Royal Society of Arts ***] who died while he was cradling her… reported here
    although he omits to mention her being “bent around a pole”
    However, he also doesn’t touch on this bizarre sentence:
    “I saw a set of legs standing upright that appeared to be just cut off below the knee.”
    Like a pair of Wellingtons?
    [2011 video for comparison]

    Speaking to Channel 4 News, Carrie Taylor’s father, John, said Mr Desborough had been “fabulous” in helping his daughter.

    Desborough also gave evidence about Richard Ellery of Jessops in Ipswich:

    The inquest heard how Mr Ellery, originally from Southampton, had been looking forward to spending a rare day in London on July 7, 2005.

    Mr Ellery was on his way to a training course at the firm’s Kensington branch when he was caught in the Aldgate blast.

    Mr Ellery, who moved in with friends in Ipswich shortly before he died, had woken up late on the morning of July 7 and only just made the train to London

    ….more 9/11 style coincidences etc etc

    ** Story July 9 2005
    July 10 2005

    Steven guesses that she is in her early twenties; she has shoulder-length hair, but he can’t tell what colour it is, or the colour of her eyes, because of the soot. Most of her clothes are tattered or gone. The

    Another star witness for the official narrative.

    *** Now, here’s a funny thing…
    July 10 2015

    A Tale of Two Cities

    Matthew Taylor [chief executive at the Royal Society for the Arts (RSA)] suggested that London society is becoming increasingly fragmented. There is little solidarity between social classes, and short of another disaster similar in impact to the 7/7 bombings, we may not ever become unified again.


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    Here’s another [same BBC link
    – Firefighter Stavros Marangos, “Harley Man”
    “It was just a scene of carnage, like something out of a war film, it was really a surreal moment…an oriental gentleman ** who was sat [sic] just behind where the rear doors would have been [er, what is he talking about, it was a front and central entrance/exit bus….] his right hand side had sustained some severe blast injuries. There weren’t enough stretchers so he was taken off the bus on a desk top which sounds quite weird but that was all we had at the time, it made a good makeshift stretcher….the other casuaties that were inside the BMA courtyard, they were very stoical there wasn’t any sort of wailing or screaming ….all the emergency services and the doctors and nurses at the BMA Headquarters building did a fantastic job...”

    ** oh yes, “Oriental Gentleman” “Sam Ly 28, who was born in Vietnam, died from his injuries a week after the bus bombing.”
    But he was Australian “on a working holiday” in the UK with girlfriend Mandy Ha
    The usual fuzzy photo, for reference…


    The series of Steve Thornhill photos is here on the Eyevine site
    00178139 – 00178143 [inc] and 00221568 / 00221570
    [search Steve Thornhill]

    “Steve” may have sold the images to the agency, but as a key witness he vanishes. Inquest? Certainly not.

    Another photographer with two photos at Eyevine is Jiri Rezac. He took several more peripheral photos of 7/7, including “missing” posters and the recovery vehicles, including D&G Cars of Upminster towing away the suspicious and anonymous blue box van which just happened to be parked nearby and appeared completely undamaged.
    D&G’s video shows some real crashes

    note at 0:16 a shot of recovery from behind the sheet at Tavistock Square.Hmmmm – smart recovery driver, he’s wearing a white shirt,collar and tie! At 0:21 we see a screen cap of the wrapped 30 bus being taken away.

    Our Mr Thornhill was quoted in the Daily Mail [no longer online] which must have reproduced three of the seven images

    Steve Thornhill, 45, an interior designer from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, who was walking to a meeting, also captured some of the horror with the tiny camera in his electronic personal organiser. He described the explosion as a ‘gigantic firecracker’. He added: ‘You could smell and taste it. My ears were ringing and I was deafened. But the scene in those few minutes was incredibly calm, no screaming and no panic. ‘I then saw the shocking sight of half-a-dozen people standing up on the top deck. I felt such a huge relief and thought, “They made it, how good is that?”.’

    cited here:×47906

    Perhaps this is Steve?

    Interior Design
    Phone 01462 440 569 and speak to Stephen Thornhill

    But there are other Steves…
    Steve Gregory – 01462 440 569
    and they’re based in Cirencester now, but back in 2005
    Director : SDS Gregory RIBA
    Director : PC Thacker MRICS, MaPS
    Interior Design : S Thornhill BA (hons) MCSD
    Graphic Design : 0778 948 7294 – JE Thornhill BA (hons) [Jean]
    4 Bancroft Court,
    Hitchin, SG5 1LH
    Their main interest seems to be in refurbishing gas stations. And here’s a mighty fine coincidence – Both Thornhill and Kingstar [who supplied the van prop] were based in the small town of Hitchin, near to Stevenage at the time!! Well fancy that!!
    Unit 1 Cooks Way, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG4 0JE
    [it is now the national office, rather than the Midlands office, as it was in 2005]
    Our silent witnesses seem to have moved out to rural Herefordshire

    But wait, Steve was quoted elsewhere…
    July 17 2005

    Stephen Thornhill, an interior designer, was walking through a London square at about 9:45 a.m. when he noticed that the driver of a double-decker bus, idling a few yards away, seemed to be lost.

    Suddenly, the bus exploded. The upper deck seemed to slowly peel forward, when debris–metal, glass, body parts–blew up and out the rear end. As a wave of heat washed over him, Thornhill felt lucky that his coat was heavy enough to shield him from the shrapnel flying about. Stunned, Thornhill looked for survivors.

    no mention of photos there…

    Probably the name’s a cover for “official” photos – there’s no way to ascertain the time the photos were taken. They could even have been mocked up behind the white screen with added smoke. The pavement is empty.
    Notice the silver hatchback car next to the bus in Steve’s photos [2nd and third below which were made available to the BBC the next day –]

    Martin Bailey, 54, had dropped his daughter off at work near Holborn station ** and was returning home when he pulled up alongside the Number 30 bus at 0947. His abandoned car is a wreck.Photos of the scene show the windows shattered and a large chunk of debris across the roof

    Er, no, it’s not, it’s immaculate apart from the staging, as is the Kingstar van.

    ..there were bodies lying everywhere. I was shaking a bit, and I tried to make a call but couldn’t get through.
    I remember seeing a body laying between my car and the bus. The side streets had lumps of body in it….

    ** like one does, public transport being non-existent in London…
    [Mr Bailey’s last appearance, one year later

    Mr Bailey drives his daughter Collette, 22, to work in her car most days.
    He does not usually take that route back to their home in Primrose Hill, north London, but Collette had jumped out early and he decided to go back via Tavistock Square, he says.

    ah, another unusual occurrence to justify being there

    “I jumped out the other door of the car and ran up a side street.

    I don’t see any side streets…

    I phoned my wife and told her what had happened. Her office was about a five minute walk away so I went there.

    Well, you might as well drop her off at the same time…

    The car was taken away by forensics experts, and kept for six weeks.
    “They brought it to a garage near where we live, and when I went to collect the stuff from it the roof was dented, the back window was gone and the front screen cracked.
    “My daughter got a new car when the insurance paid out. It took ages, it was months. It was strange for her, knowing her car had been involved like that.”

    It’s an insurance write-off because someone has smashed the windows and laid something on the roof. An absurd story from top to bottom. Remember it was “his” car in 2005, not hers.

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    Here’s another photo from the BBC – whose output consists mainly of fake news.

    [notice: no sign of any bus]

    The white truck may or may not have been involved in blocking – certainly the silver SUV and the vehicle with hazard lights on seem to be so doing.
    The truck was operated by Rhys Davies of Cardiff, probably from their depot in Barking, East London, hence the apparent “cross” logo

    There were no independent photographers anywhere the 30 bus event.

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    This post at Cluesforum caught my eye
    because member Critical Mass said of alleged Edgware Road victim Colin William Morley b 1953

    As far as I can tell his Wife & 3 Son’s (Ros, Jake, Gavin & Oliver) don’t exist & no-one has bothered posting a tribute at ‘Be the Change’ since early 2006.

    The family history is here
    and it all checks out, wife Rosalind D nee Gilmore b 1951
    Parents William F and Hilary nee Baldock married 1949, West Suffolk.
    siblings Gillian A and Brian D b 1957 and `1960 resp.
    Children Gavin William, Oliver Lawrence, and Jake Gavin b 1978, 1980 and 1983 resp.
    Or are all these records faked.
    I’d put greater emphasis on the the odd clue in the BBC report…

    The couple met when he was just 19

    [and she 21]

    In recent years he had followed more spiritual path [sic], including meditating and an interest in Buddhism. “Having worked so very hard all his life, providing well for his family, he was looking forward to building on his recent achievements and developing these further,” Mrs Morley said.

    My take on that is that they had been together for 33 years and were drifting apart as empty nesters. A prime candidate for re-assignment.
    In September 2007 the remaining family downsized in the neighborhood with a cash gain of GBP 320K. The will was proven in February 2006.

    Ros also changed direction afterwards

    One genuine looking tribute on the Be the Change tribute page

    Julia Elliott
    Fri 15 Jul ’05, 08:42 pm
    Colin and Ros were neighbours of ours 10 years ago in Brampton, Cambridgeshire. Ollie and our son Tom were mates at school. On July 7th 1995, 10 years since [sic] the bombing, my dad died and Colin and Ros invited us to dinner: an evening I’ll never forget. Such generosity of spirit, so typically Colin. Such very special friends. We are so shocked to hear this terrible news. I couldn’t wish to meet a more compassionate, gentle caring person. Colin. we’ll miss you.

    I’m pretty sure Colin and all his family exist.


    A quick note on the mysterious Be The Change organisation of Colin
    June 18 2004 capture

    Founded in 1988, Gazeley Properties is a stand alone development company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Walmart, the world’s leading retailer. We develop warehouse and industrial space throughout Europe. We have 13 sites under development and a land bank of around 1,000 acres (650 Ha).

    no change there!


    Nemesis has pointed out the dramatic blowing up of a London bus half way between the MI6 building and the Houses of Parliament in London

    Suspicious bus crashes

    Predictably, this has allowed an opportunity for the official narrative of 7/7 to enter the public domain again.

    Londoners’ terror as double-decker bus EXPLODES on Lambeth Bridge in ‘sickening’ stunt

    There’s quite a nice video embedded in the Express article, “kindly” put into the public domain by Nigel Huddleston MP at 10.31 AM on his twitter feed, minutes after the event.,AAACT2hWexE~,QV-ElXQT89XYeDzzv2EI-sNTr1XyPZ3F&bctid=4743051796001
    which shows the pyrotechnic explosion and fluttering debris, with flocks of seagulls.

    Terrified Londoners thought they were witnessing a terror attack that was chillingly similar to those that took place across the capital on July 7 2005, killing 52 people.
    The incident provoked memories of the bombing the a number 30 bus in Tavistock Square, killing 12 passengers.
    John Taylor, whose 24-year-old daughter Carrie was killed at Aldgate Station on 7/7, said the stunt was “insensitive” and more care should have been taken to inform Londoners of the explosion

    Mr Taylor, who works at the Tate Gallery just 300 yards from Lambeth Bridge, said he had been told about the filming but there was no mention of the dramatic explosion.

    He added: “Obviously the London attacks were 10 years ago but if people didn’t know about it then of course they would be concerned.

    “When planning this kind of event in the centre of London, near to where MI5 and MI6 are close by, you can understand that if people didn’t know about it, it certainly would give great concern to some.

    Cue images of the 7/7 bus, which were taken after the emergency services had done their cutting…

    A similar stunt was carried out by Jeremy Clarkson in 2008

    on bus JJD 513D
    source –

    source –

    I call BS on this tweet – of course they would have known about it beforehand.
    National Police Service Helicopter…

    NPAS Redhill @NPAS_Redhill
    Noticed this on Lambeth bridge as we passed. Got v worried until we realised they were filming! #theforeigner
    4:12 a.m. – 7 Feb 2016

    [12:16 PM UTC]


    Paul Dadge emerged at the time of this bus explosion…

    [brief Revision to remind us who Paul Dadge is…]

    Paul Dadge @Dadgey
    Principal Technologist @pc_paramedics. Comments on 7/7 & Terrorism. Chair @burntwoodcfr
    Joined April 2009

    Paul Dadge
    ?@Dadgey Paul Dadge Retweeted Evening Standard
    Would have been nice for those inv in 7/7 to get heads up this was happening. Also were @LondonFire paid for cover? Paul Dadge added,

    Evening Standard @standardnews
    Double-decker bus blown up on Lambeth Bridge in stunt for Hollywood blockbuster
    10:59 a.m. – 7 Feb 2016

    Paul Dadge @Dadgey
    Paul Dadge Retweeted Daily Express
    Too true! Would have been VERY easy to inform those involved in 7/7 this was going to happen. Paul Dadge added,
    Daily Express @Daily_Express
    Family of 7/7 bombing victim slams London bus explosion stunt on Lambeth Bridge

    2:28 p.m. – 7 Feb 2016

    Who was doing the slamming?
    John Taylor, whose 24-year-old daughter Carrie was killed at Aldgate Station on 7/7 [see above]

    Paul Dadge talked to the media at Kings Cross station the day after the attacks

    ..he became a media figure, had his phone hacked, and is now married with two children ..
    Whereas Dadge became accustomed to the press attention that followed the atrocity, the woman he helped that day – Davina Turrell – shied away from the media and has avoided giving interviews and discussing the tragic events which shook London

    [which further signals to me that the whole phone hacking affair was one big media, legal and police hoax]

    But the 10th anniversary was an occasion for a good photo-op involving that 7/7 favorite Gill Hicks

    Another story to emerge was that of Vicki Hillyard

    ‘I was 29 at the time, living in Crouch End and commuting to Holborn where I worked for a publishing house. I was racing to work that day, in fact, because I was on a massive deadline. In the end, I never went back again.

    ‘There were problems on the Victoria line, so everybody was crowded on to the Piccadilly. I was jammed into the corner by the door, smelling somebody’s armpit. At King’s Cross I could see a seat available, and nobody was taking it – I couldn’t understand why. I decided to push through, and thank God I did, because I had been standing just a metre away from the bomber. The bomb went off 20 seconds later.

    ‘I had no sense of what it was, but I knew something really bad had happened – obviously. People were flung against windows, poles were bent, windows smashed. I could see, but was choosing not to see. It was surreal, being sat there in a carriage full of smoke and screaming people and wondering: Am I going to get out of here, because soon I won’t be able to breathe?

    Vicki Hillyard ?@Vicki_Moonshine
    7/7 survivor’s guilt: ‘It felt taboo to admit that the attack broke me’ – via @Telegraph
    11:09 p.m. – 11 Jul 2015

    The above story concerns the then 14 year old Emma Craig, seen in a hug with the Duke of Cambridge

    Freelance editor and project manager
    London, Greater London, United KingdomPublishing
    Senior Editor LexisNexis UK
    August 2000 – October 2006 (6 years 3 months)London, United Kingdom


    I’m confused correct me if I’m wrong. I thought Beverli Rhodes was the woman behind the mask.
    Having re visited the link I posted on Clues Forum, I see it does contain a news paper article with a Davinia Douglass (now I presume Turrell) being the woman behind the mask.

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    There’s a good video interview of Dadge here, from last July
    He says he had a “job share” in London because he had only just set up a company in Cannock.
    Incorporation date 17 Mar 2005
    The two directors were Paul and his father, Ronald, who resigned in 2012, but the company is still active.

    Mr Dadge, who runs an IT firm in Norton Canes, says the memories of the carnage of the streets of London are still so vivid it could have been yesterday

    The 38-year-old, formerly of Heath Hayes was on his way to a new job in IT at AOL on the morning of July 7. 2005, but was ejected from a Tube train at Baker Street due to a ‘power fault’.

    Paul was at Edgware Road whereas Beverli Rhodes, who was also allegedly facially burned, was at Russell Square.
    Beverli herself has company changes around the same time.
    17 Brill Place Bradwell Common Milton Keynes MK13 8LS
    Beverli Rhodes
    Director (Closed), Consultant
    14 Sep 2001 ? Close

    Ms Cristina Helen Karadimitriadis
    Company Secretary (Closed)
    16 Oct 2001 ? Close

    Mr Jeremy Solnick
    Company Secretary (Retired)
    14 Sep 2001 ? 16 Oct 2001

    Hmm, set up just after 9/11 and apparently closed in 2003.
    She was also director of Skyberry Ltd based in Northampton 2001-3.
    The next company spanned 7/7, dissolved March 2006
    <Ms Tina Pitcher
    LLP Designated Member (Closed)
    09 Mar 2004 ? Close

    Beverli Rhodes
    LLP Designated Member (Closed)
    09 Mar 2004 ? Close

    Trading Address 13 Ward Road Dundee Tayside Dd1 1LU

    Followed by one set up shortly after 7/7
    04 October 2005 – 25 October 2011
    based in Ashford Kent.
    Incorporation date 04 Oct 2005
    Dissolution Date: 2011
    with co-director a Ms Tina Beckham
    Beverli was another who gave credence to the phone hacking psy-op

    From the Express article

    It was when the [Marks and Spencer] store [being used for triage, 250 people…] was evacuated following a further security alert that the iconic image was snapped as Paul held the surgical gel pack to the face of Davinia as he helped her across the road.

    i.e. a photo-op.

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    Coming soon to a live news report near you 😉

    Emergency crews are taking part in Europe’s largest disaster training exercise to test their response to mass casualties.

    More than 1,000 volunteer “victims” covered with fake blood and injuries are part of the drill based around a tower block collapsing on to Waterloo tube station in London.

    Four separate venues in London as well as a disused power station in Dartford, Kent, are being used for the exercise.

    It runs for four days.


    Coming soon to a live news report near you ?

    Emergency crews are taking part in Europe’s largest disaster training exercise to test their response to mass casualties.

    More than 1,000 volunteer “victims” covered with fake blood and injuries are part of the drill based around a tower block collapsing on to Waterloo tube station in London.

    Four separate venues in London as well as a disused power station in Dartford, Kent, are being used for the exercise.

    It runs for four days.

    Why the publicity? It’s out of sight. Participants would have signed non-disclosure contracts. My suspicious is it’s a media distraction and in reality we don’t know what’s going on in Dartford, if anything.
    Railway disasters and railway carriages are a recurring theme in European drills, rather than shootings.

    Looks a lot like those past “real” events, doesn’t it. We can be sure that the next planned “event” passed off as real in the UK will be nothing like this.


    A couple of videos of the drill. The fire commander can hardly control his excitement at being part of [another] drill. The British Transport policewoman more wooden.

    Some of the crisis actors seem very camera shy.


    Bizarre stuff, that’s the second drill in London in a few months…

    “Training: A police officer uses a dummy to practice administering a breathing aid at the scene of the staged emergency”

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